The Delectable Anita – Young Tease




Anita was the hot teenage girl in Jack’s neighborhood.  She was hot, sexy, an accomplished young tease; she would have been the hot girl in anyone’s neighborhood.  She was going to be a Junior in the fall at Brookline High School, a year ahead of him.  Standing 5’8″, she was tall and slinky, much like Taylor Swift.  She moved with a natural grace and allure.  Addicted to the sun, she sported a flawless golden tan.  As a sophomore she had excelled on the girls rowing team.  Consequently, her upper torso was exceptional.  Buff shoulders, trick chest with long, sensitive upward pointing nipples and a wicked muscular back to die for.  Still growing, her 34″ chest did not interfere with her active life style.  Below that her abs were finely cut; whenever possible she wore a crop top and low cut jeans to show them to their best advantage.  Her sexy back tapered to an almost non-existent waist where it flared out to the narrowest of hips.  Her buttock was a marvel of creation.  Rowing, swimming, running and yoga combined with the assets she was born with gave her small, hard, well formed glutes.  The number of drooling boys who dreamed of burying their face between her buns were legion.  Viewed from the back, there was no extra flesh to obscure the fine lines of her body.  So not Kardashian.

She, like Jack, was a blonde.  She loved her blonde hair.  Long and wavy, she merely had to run a brush through it to bring out its luster.  The young tease even loved the little blonde hairs on her arms; her boyfriend inevitably gave her breath-taking goose bumps when he gently ran his finger tips through them.  To please him further, during a recent bikini wax she left a trim, blonde strip over her pussy.

Deep playful blue eyes set in a classic Nordic face held hints of promise and mystery.  High cheek bones gave her distinction while a finely chiseled nose gave her the look of the European elite.  Sensuous, full lips could transform her face in an instant form fresh innocence to wanton sexuality.  For hours she had practiced in the mirror suggestive, sexual looks and became very good at it.  She was a teen cock tease, taking great pleasure in giving her male classmates boners with a simple combination of piercing gaze, naughty smile and a smoky, Demi Moore style rasp.  Even the most confident of boys became tongue-tied and twitchy when she had them in her sights.

Her legs.  Whomever said ‘form follows function’ probably was not thinking in terms of a pair of long, sculpted female legs.  But when an active teen enthusiastically works out, function must be smooth and effortless, so the perfection of form inevitably follows.  Long, slim muscles provided coltish detail.  The quad and santorus muscles of her thighs were beautifully defined, tapering to a sleek knee.  Her calves, more defined than most girls her age, in turn tapered to strong, slim ankles.  He feet were flawless.  They were finely arched and petite with slim, tapered toes.  When she wiggled them at the pervey clerk at Mortimer’s Shoes, he would inevitably blush and sweat.  Once she let him pick toe jam out from between her toes.  She could have sworn she saw his erection quivering inside his dress pants as his trembling fingers gently probed.  Much to her surprise he put it in a plastic baggie, saving it for later.  What he actually did with it, she had no idea.

While Anita’s body was incredibly sexy, it was nothing compared to her perverted mind, a real cock tease.  While sports kept her in top shape, they also acted to turbocharge her sexually.  She was constantly thinking about sex; living, dreaming and googling sex, wishing to experience the kinks and perversions in all of its disgusting glory.

Then there was her boyfriend, Allen.   Allen was an athlete as well, a respected guard on Brookline High’s football team.  He was great, sexy, and fun to be with.  He even had a car.  On the down side, he had a disappointingly small dick.  Often Anita would disparagingly compare it to a bratwurst.  On top of that he was a poor lover, being able to perform only once on those rare occasions when they where able to be alone.  And then he was usually so anxious and so horny that the act itself was short lived.  She lived in a world of sexual frustration relieved only by her frequent liaisons with her best friend, Nadine.  They did everything together.  Nadine had the same issues with her boyfriend, Joe.  In fact, his prick was actually smaller than Allen’s.  Desperate for relief, they played between each others legs every morning before school, the snap of climax chilling them out ’til noon.  The horny teen cockteasers prowled the halls of the school like two sailors on twenty-four hour leave, isolating cute boys into corners and sexually intimidating them.  It was very arousing for the girls to brush against the bulge that would inevitably develop in the boys’ jeans.  But with two bulky jealous footballers as boyfriends, they were given wide berth which only increased the frustration they felt.  After school, as before, their only recourse was each other.

That is, until they found Jack.  Jack, one year younger.  Jack, keeper of a long, thick rod.  Jack, as horny as they were and willing to prove it seven hours a day, four days a week.

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