The Virile Ajay – Indian Teen Sex Adventure

Virgin Indian Teen American Sex Adventure

The Virile Ajay 

An Indian Teen’s Wild American Sex Adventure 

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The two following books introduce the Ajay character:

Let’s Play with the Horny Teen

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The Ties That Bind (click)


Let’s Play with the Horny Teen,

the first book in which the Ajay character appears, is a sly, witty, madcap novel that is written from the point of view of both the aggressive, experienced women and innocent, virginal Ajay. 

So for those readers who love reading about what aggressive women are thinking while they strip, seduce and use a young man sitting between them for fourteen hours on a plane, this is it.  

And if you are a reader who would like to read about what a modest Indian Hindu boy is thinking while he loses his virginity to western women in about the most spectacular way possible, this, too, is it. 

In fact, if you would simply like to read an extremely erotic yet amusing story about what can happen to a hot, buff, hung boy thrust into hours of steamy, covert sexual abuse, this is definitely it.   

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Ajay was a driven teenager.  He did not know why; he was born that way.  He needed to excel in all things.  And excel he did.  Ajay was the darling of his teachers, routinely exceeding their loftiest expectations for him.  Scholastically, he was at the top of his class.  English studies was one of his strong points.  He was fascinated by the language, had a vocabulary better than most Americans, and could speak, read and write on a college level.

He also excelled at sports.  Taking up football (soccer in America) at an early age, he gained an intuitive expertise that not only endeared him to his team mates but melted the baby fat off of his already thin physique.  Three years earlier his concerned parents had bought him a weight lifting set so that he could add some muscle to his 120 pound, five-five body.  Three years of constant use put thirty-five pounds of hard, sculpted, popping muscle on his frame, now grown to a height of five-eight. 

He was also quite good looking.  Possessing regular features in an oval face, he had avoided the scourge of measles that had so pocked his brother.  A clear dusky complexion, a thin aristocratic nose, a sensuous expressive mouth and black eyes that his indiscrete Auntie Bela, in a shocking moment, called “bedroom” eyes completed the picture.  He was the poster child for the ideal Indian youth.

He had it all yet, from his perspective, he had nothing.  He was still, hopelessly and frustratingly, a virgin.  A virgin with a secret kink.  He liked, loved and lusted after blondes.  Not Indian girls who died their hair blonde.  Oh no!  He lusted after natural blondes, European blondes, American blondes.  What was it about blonde hair that got him so worked up?  And then there were so many different kinds of blondes.  But he especially liked platinum headed blondes.  Those incredible girls from Scandinavia who had hair so fine and light that it looked unreal.

In the first book of the series, Let’s Play with the Horny Teen, Jack, his long time American friend and long distance chess partner, had invited him to visit his Brookline, Massachusetts home at the very end of summer vacation, the last two weeks in August.  As far as his parents were concerned, the visit was to help him acclimate to the shock of a different country and culture ahead of college.  But he could not have cared less.  His real goal, his single minded mission while in America, was to get laid.  Intellectually, he thought it ridiculous.  Stupid.  Flying over fourteen hours to a foreign country for the single minded purpose of bedding a blonde girl?  Yet it was an utterly serious mission.  He felt he had no other choice.  His sizable prick would not stop screaming at him.  It pulsed nonstop.  It wanted a girl!  And not just any girl. His first had, simply had to be a blonde.  A hot blonde.  A beautiful, nubile, oversexed blonde.  In fact, exactly the one that Jack had been regularly boffing.  

The best part about the trip was that Jack’s blonde, Anita, would be handed to him on a platter.  She wanted him, too!  She had never screwed a Hindu boy and she had a self-proclaimed desire to screw “a dusky skinned Punjab,” Jack had said.  Throwing caution to the wind, Ajay sent Anita a couple of well posed nude selfies, one of them complete with his throbbing eight inch erection.  Three days later Anita called him on Skype, they have incredible phone sex and, to his utter disbelief, she pledges that he can have his way with her whenever he visits America.



Let’s Play with the Horny Teen documents the first leg of this Indian teen American sex adventure: Ajay’s fourteen hour jet ride to America.  He did not have to wait to get to the States before he lost his hated virginity.  Seated between two horny and attractive American women, they quickly become attracted to him.  When early in the flight Ajay falls asleep and pops a woody, the women poke and prod it through his slacks until he unexpectedly shoots off for his first of five mile-high orgasms.  The completely embarrassed boy’s hefty load not only ruins his shorts and slacks but also wicks up his silk shirt.  Forced to change clothes in the miniscule toilet, he returns to his seat wearing only a pair of very revealing ‘Japanese party-boy’ jeans and his blazer.  The nasty western women see their chance.  They get him drunk, strip him, and play with his hot muscular body throughout the long trip.  When Ajay leaves the plane, sore and used, he is in longer a virgin.  What a trip! 

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The novel:

The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind continue where Let’s Play with the Horny Teen leaves off.  Ajay is finally in the Boston area (Brookline Massachusetts) and first thing he encounters one of Jack’s friends-with-benefits, Nadine Tiberius.  Not a morning person, she takes it upon herself the teach the virgin Ajay the finer points of oral sex.  Why?  A man is no good until he knows how to please a woman.  Nadine subjects Ajay to four hours of sadistic non-stop sex under the guise of teaching him to pleasure her.  He is challenged again and again, and finally comes away not just educated but much wiser.  And all this before lunch.  So begins Ajay’s first trying day as the groups newest member.


from the chapter

Jack and Bert Please Anita and Cleopatra…and Visa Versa


While the sadistic Nadine is on the trampoline in another part of the yard abusing Ajay; Jack, Bert, Anita and Cleopatra are screwing next to the pool.  Not that sexually experienced, this is the first time Cleopatra has joined one of the group’s sexual marathons.

Jack was in his element. He had two horny girls to please and he was doing his best to please them. Having left the pool’s cool refreshing water, they now occupied one of the sun lounges that were grouped here and there around it. They had chosen one with dappling sunlight filtered through a large elm. Jack lay on his back with Anita enthusiastically riding him reverse cowgirl. Cleo was on her knees at the foot of the lounge but with her torso extended on top of it. Her face was wedged in between Jack’s legs, presently sucking on his left nut. Shortly it would be her turn to ride him again.

Cleopatra was having the time of her life. She had accompanied Anita to the Yard of Iniquity because she had been so desperately horny. She had simply figured on scoring a quick fuck to relieve some of it and then get back on the street to run some more. She had no idea recreational fucking could be so much fun! That naughty Jack and the unexpectedly sensuous Anita ate her to a blasting orgasm in the kitchen and she had another nice one a few minutes ago as she struggled to get the last five inches of Jack’s prick into her itchy pussy. Before she had to get off her vag stretched enough to claim only two of those five inches. She didn’t cum again as she rode him but she knew she would again once she climbed back on board.

What a cock Jack had! So different from that of her crummy ex-boyfriend.   Not saying Phil’s cock was small at seven inches because it wasn’t. It was simply that Jack’s cock was so, well, majestic. At over ten inches in length, it surpassed Phil’s by more than three. Sure, as she rode it, she was only able to get the first seven inches in, but what an incredible seven inches! Jack’s prick got progressively thicker the closer to the base of it. Phil’s was the same thickness from one end to the other. So his cock simply slipped right in. Jack’s had to be forced in. And that was where the extraordinary pleasure lay. Every time she powered herself down onto his prick she could feel the mouth of her vag stretch to accommodate it. It was such an incredibly wonderful feeling! Anita told her that the very base was as thick as a wine bottle. She had to prove that to herself. So as she shook her head with Jack’s nut in her mouth and while Anita rode above, she circled the fingers of both hands around it to check. If anything, it was wider! Spitting out Jack’s left ball, she sucked up the right. Mmmmmm. It tasted like girl. No doubt because Anita’s pussy was so wetly slurping up and down Jack’s cock. She giggled to herself. If she was really desperate again, all she needed to do was find herself a wine bottle and go to town. But in the mean time she had Jack. Her new goal in life was to eventually bury that entire shaft deep inside of herself. She shivered excitedly. Stretched to the max by ten long inches? Now what would that feel like?

Suddenly Cleo heard a splash from the pool behind her. Someone had jumped in. Reluctant to release her lip-lock on Jack’s ball, she concentrated on the task at hand.

“Hey Bert!” called Anita. She could, at least, see him. “How’s it going with Ajay and Nadine?”

“Ha!” Bert barked. “Ajay passed Pussy Eating 101. Now Nadine is tied arched and spread-eagled to the tramp. After torturing Ajay with a whole lot of cock abuse, she’s now got him marathon fucking her. So, about what you’d expect.”

Both Jack and Anita burst out laughing. “Better him than me,” said Jack.

“What’d she do to his prick,” Anita asked.

“You know that thing we do on Monday mornings sometimes? You and Nad’s have that suck off competiton? Well, she did that to him. While tied to the tramp yet.” Bert swam to the edge of the pool closest to the fuckers and boosted himself out. “Anita, you’ll never beat her new world record. She sucked him off in nineteen seconds.”

Jack and Anita laughed their asses off. “Good thing Nadine has a short attention span,” Jack sputtered.

“You couldn’t even use him to time an egg,” Cleo added, grinning.

“A pair of squirrels was watching from a tree,” claimed Bert. “They booed.” Laughter echoed around the pool. Smirking, he tried another. “Nadine told him he was a lousy lover. Ajay said, ‘How can you possibly tell after only nineteen seconds?’” The laughter redoubled.

Anything takes longer than nineteen seconds,” Anita said, winding down into giggles. “What happened?”

“Extenuating circumstances. Before that he was skull fucking her but doing such a poor job of it I had to show him how. So he was already most of the way there. He had to last one minute. That was the bet. He never got close.”

“What was my record?” Anita asked, watching Bert walk up to her, “I forgot.”

“Forty-three seconds,” Bert said, picking up the Wet lube. “Nad’s was thirty-nine.”

“So where does the abuse come in?” Anita asked, watching Bert stroke his cock into a fine erection.

“Well, since he had just blown his load, I told him that I held the record for withstanding intense oral post-climax abuse. With a little prompting, trying to redeem himself, he was game to try and break it. The only thing that got broke was his sore cock after she got done with him.”

“Whoa, I know what that’s like,” Jack shuddered. “No thanks. So what was the bet?”

Bert went to his knees behind the kneeling Cleo. “Fisting. If Ajay would have won, he would have got the chance to fist Nadine’s vag. But since she won, she gets to fist his ass.” Cleo started when Bert grasp her hips and lightly kissed her rump.

Cleo spit out Jack’s ball and looked over her shoulder. “So she’s going to shove her fist up his ass? Wow! That I gotta see.” She caught Bert’s eye. “What are you going to do back there?”

“Why, eat you out, of course,” he said as he dropped to the concrete Indian fashion between her legs. She gasped in horny pleasure as he snuffled up into her crack. Another new boy eating her out. Mmmmm. The pleasure was absolutely divine. And Anita said that Bert was the best. She resumed sucking Jack’s balls, for the first time in her life taking pleasure at both ends of her body.

“So when is she going to fist him?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know,” Bert said, his voice muffled by puffy pussy. “But you know she’ll want to make a production out of it.”

Again, Cleo spit out Jack’s nut. She looked up at the bouncing Anita, meeting her eye. She grinned, then chuckled. “You’ve got a fucking free-for-all going on here, don’t you.”

Anita grinned back, grinding on Jack’s deeply imbedded prick. “Don’t you know it. Has been since June 4th.”

“Bert and I shoot so much jizz,” Jack bragged, “That you’d think we had diarrhea of the penis.”

“Eeeewww,” Cleo groaned, chuckling. “Gross pig.”   Bert was a fine cunt sucker. His lips and tongue were everywhere. He caressed just the right spots at just the right times. Then the way he would quickly diddle her clit with his tongue for just a short moment had her holding her breath until she was dizzy. What a fantastic tease.   And she thought she was aroused before! Now she could even feel her juices flowing. She needed Jack’s cock back inside of her.

Bert’s bone hard prick was throbbing mightily between his legs. It was always a pleasure to eat out a new box. However, it would be an even greater pleasure to pierce the now dripping cunt he was feasting on with it. As Bert ate out Cleo, he caught the eye of Anita, no small accomplishment considering Jack’s thrusting prick had them rolling up into her head. Anita grinned at him knowingly as he communicated his wishes with his eyes. He watched as she slowly pulled herself off of Jack’s wanger. True to form, Cleo lunged forward at the newly exposed prick, popping his helmet into her mouth.

This was the opportunity Bert had been hoping for. When she lunged forward the unyielding edge of the lounge made her raise her ass just so. To Bert, it was a visual masterpiece. Her long sleek legs, the hard bunched buns, her elegant arched back. But the focus of the visual feast was the begging open mouth of her vag. It was pulsing, fluttering, beckoning him to explore. He rose to his knees, his hard cock sliding against her thigh. Taking cock in hand, he bent it down, aligning his helmet with that impossibly beguiling hole. He grinned to himself. With these horny girls, first you tease then you please.

Bert slipped just the head of his cock into Cleo. He grinned again as her head popped off Jack’s prick, gasping loudly. He rotated his helmet just inside, taking the measure of her as she took the measure of him. Cleo thrust backward, trying to impale herself, but Bert wasn’t having any. He moved back with her, just that helmet, just inside, rubbing, stretching, poking, driving Cleo crazy. He then took it from her. Mouth full of fat cock, unable to speak, she whimpered at the loss like a bitch in heat. Which, come to think of it, she was. Bert watched the mouth of her vag searching for his wayward prick; it twitched, it clasped, it threw kisses at him. Now she was teasing him!

Cleo again pulled her mouth off of Jack. “My god, Bert. What are you waiting for?”

Ah, the magic words! He again popped the head of his lube slicked cock into Cleo’s vag but instead of merely teasing her with it, ever so slowly and deliciously for them both, slipped it in until all of his eight inches had disappeared inside. Bert reeled in the heady overpowering sensations that Cleo’s body was so willing to provide. He held his cock steady in that hot liquid sleeve, the erotic joy of one thousand soft fingertips thrumming against its sides.

Cleo was totally immersed in the dual sensations of sucking one cock while fucking another. Another first for her.   She wondered what it would be like to have the boys alternate in her pussy. Their cocks were so different from one another. Big and bigger, thick and thicker, big helmet bigger helmet. Bert’s felt so good. It was just the right size for some serious drawn out snogging. What did Phil once call it? She smirked, as much as she could smirk with a mouth full of cock. Oh yeah, parking the pink Plymouth. Why isn’t Bert fucking her? What does he think he’s doing? Parking his pink Plymouth in her? Fuck that. She wanted that prick thrusting so fast that if it were a Plymouth it would be burning rubber going in and coming out.

“Come on, Bert!” Cleo barked. “What are ya doing? Planting a tree in there? Fuck me!”

Anita had dropped the back of the chair down flat. Jack dropped down with it. She was now straddling his face getting primo oral. She did not mind giving up Jack’s cock for Cleo to suck on. She liked her; she wanted the girl to get as comfortable as possible as quickly as possible in these unusual circumstances. Free to watch Cleo and Bert get it on, she grinned as she clocked the expression of overwhelmed bliss on his face as he slowly fed his prick into her cunt. She could fully understand why he didn’t fuck her immediately. He was experiencing the unique character of his fourth pussy. Let it steep inside that tight channel while it squirmed around it. That long shaft certainly had Cleo’s attention. But if it were her pussy, she’d want it slithering in and out of her, too. Then Jack’s tongue slashed across a particularly sensitive part. She hissed. Oooooooohhhhh, but he was good. He was taking his time but that was how she liked it. He’d have her cumming soon. Her eyes were still on the unmoving, sensation addled Bert.

“Fuck her, Bert,” she goaded, “Are you waiting for your prick to grow roots?”

Bert’s eyes flew open, suddenly alert, as if his brain had been on another planet. Cleo moaned in distress around Jack’s cock as Bert took her by the hips and as her vag gurgled, pulled his thick boner from her slot. As soon as it was freed, the stone hard cock shot up to point at the sky. Bert repositioned himself, one knee on the ground and with bended leg, one foot on the ground. This way he could either thrust with his body or thrust with his pelvis, two distinct fucking patterns that would shortly have her gasping for breath. He was going to give the newbie the dicking of her life. Show her that the way he swung his cock was just as freaky as Jack’s formidable weapon. Her tight wet pussy deserved it, no required it. And all the better to make her keep coming back for more, day after day. Bert bent his prick back down again, centering the head of his cock in that tight snatch. He heard Cleo groan in relief when, with a flick of his hips, he thrust it up inside. This time there would be no pause for sensory appreciation.

Though it took little effort to thrust deeply and quickly with his pelvis, it created a maelstrom of intense feeling for the spit-roasted girl. She was getting what she wanted; he was giving her a flying fuck, he was going at it fast and hard.

“Yeah, Bert,” Cleo hissed between licks of Jack’s big stick. “That’s really good. Fuck me!” She loved it! Bert’s cock, though no match for Jack’s, was still longer and thicker than Phil’s, her benchmark. Earlier when she had fucked Jack, she could only get his first seven inches inside of her, no matter how much both of them tried. That matched Phil’s length. But with Bert, he was able to get all eight inches inside of her. Oh, that extra inch exploring into her depths was just what she wanted. And the way he was socking it to her. The walls of her vag rippled uncontrollably around the thick invader. She loved that feeling when they did that. She was mildly embarrassed by the pussy farts; never happened with Phil’s thinner cock. But then he rarely long dicked her the way Bert was now fucking her. He always went for short quick jabs. This was soooooo much better. And from the rear, too. His prick felt like it was charging in so deep that she could feel it in her throat.

Bert could sense that Cleo was getting into his style. The tightness of her cunt was only relieved by the wetness of it. If she wasn’t so wet the added friction would have had him popping off too soon. But she was really juicing; a white scrum of froth was collecting both on his prick and on her. Yeah, she was loving it, all right. He felt a twinge in his back. Ah! A built-in reminder to change up. Abandoning the lighter pelvic thrusts for the moment, he backed every thrust with the weight of his body instead.

Cleo felt the angle of Bert’s prick change as it went into her. Ohmygod! Every time that cock flew inside the head of it bumped up against…something. Something half way in. At the top of her cunt. What the fuck? What was he doing? Ohmygod!

“Oh fuck, Bert. Fuck! Bert!” Cleo gasped, tearing Jack’s prick out of her mouth, pressing the length of it into the side of her face, “Aaaach, ahhhhh! You, you’re going to make me… Aaaaaahhhhhh, you bastard!” Before she knew what hit her, the tempest of orgasm stormed through her body. It was as magnificent as it was unexpected. The pleasure centers between her legs throbbed as one, shooting the most sensuous bolts of euphoria throughout her body. Her legs began to tremble as Bert kept throwing it to her. The pleasure centers in her brain quickly became overloaded with gratifying bliss. Oh! Her channel was becoming much more sensitive. She wished he’d play with her clit. Maybe give it a little squeeze…

The climax passed as fast as it had come. But it had left her shaky; a happy uncoordinated mess. Cleo didn’t give a shit about how flustered it left her. She wanted another! And the way Bert was so enthusiastically pounding her, more would soon be on the way. Having finally caught her breath, she sucked Jack’s cock back into her mouth determined to make him pop. She glanced up at Anita, so casually grinding on Jack’s face. She looked close; her nipples were as stiff as Jack’s erection. And Jack had them between his fingers; pulling, squeezing caressing. Blotches of pink had blossomed on her neck and chest. Sure signs.

Cleo caught Anita’s eye. “You wanna help me suck this thing off?” she asked huskily, her voice having changed with her orgasm.

“Mmmmm, you bet.” Anita dropped forward to her hands in a classic 69 position. Jack groaned as his pleasure was doubled. Two sets of lips and tongues rasped around the crown of his prick.

“Fuck me,” Jack uttered, mainly to himself, muffled by very needy pussy. He gobbled eagerly, inspired by the fine feelings that soft butterfly kisses combined with rough tongue work can accomplish. They wanted his cum. He had let them play around with his prick for over thirty minutes now as he held back. Time to let them have what they want. Especially now with the both of them mouthing him. It was always a treat to get sucked off by two girls at the same time.

Bert, after weeks of group fucking, also recognized the signs of impending climax. Not just in his fuck partners, but in himself as well. The way Cleo’s pussy fluttered around his fast moving prick was utterly perfect, almost intolerable. Neither Anita or Nadine had vag’s that could do that. It was actually more than a flutter, more like a suctioning caress that beguilingly sucked the pre-cum from his shaft every time he pulled his cock out and then vibrated like the reed in a clarinet when he thrust it back in.

The same thrusts had Cleo’s vag feeling something completely different. The veins on Bert’s cock stood out in such high relief that it felt like the walls of her channel were being caressed by a knobby glass cylinder. It was radically good. In some ways he was better than Jack’s monster stick. It suited her perfectly. Which was why she was ramping up to another orgasm so quickly.

Anita could see and feel all the signs that Jack’s cock was ready to pop. His skin was blotchy just like hers, his cock was now a vein covered bright purple. Both she and Cleo, as they shared, were able to suck scrumptious pre-cum from his piss slit in streams, not drops. His balls were no longer hanging long and lose but hugged the base of his prick. Adding her hand to the mix of wicked tongues and naughty lips, she firmly stroked the base while seamlessly sucking the crown.

“Oh, fuck, girls!” Jack moaned happily, feeling his spend building pressure. “Faster! Beat it, too! You’re gonna make me cum so good!” he cried. Oh yeah, he thought, this was going to be a good one. There was nothing like two girls sucking and fucking you for almost an hour to build a formidable water spout of choad. It wouldn’t be a record amount but he was sure he could glaze the girls real good.

“Cleo,” Anita said, “Stick a finger up his ass and twist it and wiggle it around.”

“Oh!” Cleo exclaimed, eyes sparkling. “I never did that before. He’s OK with it?”

“Well, now’s your chance to expand your horizons,” Bert said dryly. “We all like fingers in our ass. Just not too many of them at once,” he chuckled. “Just spit on it first. A dry finger breaching the brown eye is no picnic for the breachee.” He wanted to give Cleo a little more. “I’m looking right at your cute little bung hole right now. You want to try a finger? I’ll be gentle.”

Cleo was beyond excited. All the sex talk and trying of new things and the nice cock inside of her and the big one in front of her face…all spelled MAGIC MOMENT. And now she’s going to get a finger up her ass as she stuck one up Jack’s? How perfect could this be.

“Go for it, boobahla,” Cleo breathed eagerly. “It’s about time. That hole is still cherry in every way.”

“You are going to love this,” Bert muttered, spitting a big hocker at her chute. He swirled his thumb around in the mess, probing, probing. He heard Cleo gasp as he carefully sunk his thumb into the center. She had not even been clenching! Fuck, she really wanted it! His thumb slid right in, effortlessly, past the first knuckle and right up to the second. He left it sit there, unmoving, until she got used to it. Then, as he continued to throw his prick to her, be began to carefully twist his finger in the tiny hole above it.

She gasped at the unbelievable sensations of having a finger up her ass, so much better as he began twisting it in her. Yummm! No wonder people like it so much. And it pushed her faster to her own climax. It was building. It would be nice one, for sure. She greased up the middle finger of her right hand with spit. First rubbing it against Jack’s wrinkled pucker, she got a feel for it. Then, as Jack gasped endearingly, her trim digit slid right into him. Jack was so cute when he lurched as each knuckle made its way into his hole. She did not stop until her entire finger was buried inside. Then, taking the cue from Bert, she twisted her finger back and forth. Was it hot in there!

That finger was all it took for Jack. “Oh Cleo!” he groaned, “You got it! You’re making me cum! Fuck my hole,” he said, rocking his pelvis, encouraging his jizz to make a flying leap into the cold cruel world. “Two fingers!” he shouted deliriously, rolling his head back and forth. “No, three! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Cleo, on the road to her own climax, distractedly pulled her middle finger out. Jack’s moan of disappointment quickly turned to pleasure when a moment later three fingers were unceremoniously thrust back in.   She fucked him hard and fast, knowing intuitively what to do. Suddenly his ass squeezed her fingers hard. Sharing his cock head with Anita, she just barely registered his pulsations when a huge…


This novel, The Ties That Bind, can be purchased here:


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