The Sadistic Kathleen

The Sadistic Kathleen

Kathleen Duncan is Jack’s mother.  A psychiatrist by trade and often horny, particularly in the mornings, she plays a prominent roll in several books.  The below is an excerpt from the novel “Ow!!!” in which her sadistic streak comes out full force.

Set up:

Kathleen finds the three boys in a guest bedroom first thing in the morning.  The room is a wreck.  It is obvious that they had an orgy in the room the night before.  In order to get even with them without revealing who she was, she ties them up, Viagra’s them and blindfolds them.  Then, without any pity or concern for their well being, she takes her vengeance.

This excerpt reveals a small part of that vengeance.


Excerpt from “Ow!!!”

Even with a brain addled by three-quarters of a bottle of Bolly’s and that potent joint, as she stared at the boys delicious drooling boners, she hatched a plan. First, how long were the boy’s foreskins? Ajay lurched as she gripped his shaft with one hand. With thumb and forefinger of the other, she gently took hold of the lip of his foreskin and pulled it up and over his cockhead. It was as long and generous as she had hoped. She stuck a finger between the skin and the head and snaked it inside just at the cleft. As Ajay juddered from having a wiggling finger sliding against this most sensitive area, she judged that if she jammed the vibe into that spot it would probably stay.

She checked out Bert as well. His foreskin, if anything, was even longer. And the depression inside of the foreskin just at the frenulum was deeper. Good. The equipment of both the boys, especially the enveloping foreskins, was what she had hoped. Now to see if she could put her plan into practice.

Snaking the two vibes and the power cord up between the shafts, she stuffed one of the vibes into Ajay’s foreskin and nestled it into that shallow depression over his frenulum. She repeated the action with Bert, his vibe resting more snugly in the deeper depression just under his cock head. Look at those boners now! Each had a large lump, much like a goiter, inside their foreskins just over their frenulum’s. With the dicks tied together at the base, the two lumps were face-to-face, gently pressing on one another through the boy’s thin foreskin.

Kathleen picked up the control unit. Running on six AA batteries, she knew that those vibes were backed with power and, in fact, could go on and on forever. Not quite knowing what to expect, she flicked on the power to both, starting on the lowest setting.

She might as well of poked each of them with a cattle prod. As one, they jerk and thrashed about on the bed, throwing their hips back and forth in a forlorn effort to dislodge the scorpions that had found their way into that most intimate recess they both possessed.

“Oh, Mistress of the Orbs of Hell, what manner of torture have you devised for us now?” Ajay blurted feverishly, the fast vibrating egg sending a mishmash of enervating sensation directly into that knot of nerves and throughout his cock.

“Oh, Sadist with the Lips of an Angel, couldn’t you just suck us some more instead of this?” Predictably, there was no direct answer. But fuck it anyway, it was nice, it felt great! Those sensitive nerves were snapping like Rice Crispies; pleasantly short circuiting synapses. He twitched uncontrollably but pleasurably as the vibe buzzed. He also worried. If the vibes became more intense or if he came, he knew he would suffer more than a young slasher victim in the movie Youth Hostel.

Kathleen grinned, getting into it. A vibrating cock in both holes. But…been there, done that. Then she had it. It struck her like a speeding bullet right between the eyes. She never had her pussy double dicked before. She had tried, tried several times way in the distant past, but her cunt did not then have enough stretch. Now, after all the years getting screwed by her husband’s enormous pussy pleaser, these two side-by-side pricks would fit, move independently and stuff her like nothing before. And add to that those intense vibes as the boy’s cock heads vibrated deeply and insanely inside of her? Yeah, she thought, that would give her the best climax to date in this new millennium.

She plotted. First, the vibes. It would be very disappointing if they vibrated out of their temporary home in the boy’s foreskins. She examined the control unit. Hmmm. Eight levels. And so far she had only experimented with Level One. She increased the power to Level Two. Again, the boy’s muscles contracted sharply; they lurched spastically as the vibrations worked their overwhelmed frenulums. But Ajay’s little egg worked itself out of its shallow recess and within seconds out of his foreskin as well. He stopped shuddering, but recovered quickly as his perfectly sculpted chest erotically expanded to the max as he drew in great draughts of refreshing oxygen. Kathleen roughly twisted one of his erect nipples; the after effects of the vibe were so intense he did not even notice. His extremely stiff prick had turned a very angry red, no doubt because that little vibrating monster forced him to repeatedly clench. She smiled nastily, wondered how that dong, deeply imbedded in his ass felt as he clenched around it.

Shoving the tiny vibe back into Ajay’s foreskin, he keened and trembled in pleasure; but it popped back out almost immediately. And that was only at Level Two! How was she going to keep it in there, especially once she got those cocks inside of her and she cranked it up to Defcon Level Eight? Then the one under Bert’s foreskin popped out as well. She frowned in disappointment. A good idea but it simply was not going… Then a wide, shit-eating grin suffused her face. She got it. Easy. Simple. She turned off the vibes temporarily and placed them back under the boy’s foreskins, carefully positioning them back in the small depressions. Picking up a silk rope, she frayed the end, biting off two six inch threads with her teeth. Kathleen leaned over Ajay and taking the lip of his foreskin between thumb and forefinger, pulled it well beyond the head of his cock. Carefully holding the loose skin around the vibe’s wire, she looped the silk thread snuggly around it and quickly tied a knot. To guarantee that it did not slip off, she neatly looped the rest of the thread around it as well and tied another knot. Excellent! She repeated the procedure with Bert’s foreskin as well. Those vibes would stay put no matter how fast they vibrated or, for that matter, how hard she rode the boys as she popped out her fourth.

Bert’s disgust with himself grew exponentially as his abuse seemed to go on and on. Sure he had a great time with Cleo and Sue last night. Fucking under the dual influences of pot and whiskey was absolutely radical. And then with the Viagra keeping him super hard and horny even after cumming four times? Oh, he never felt anything like it. His prick had been very needy and very sensitive at the same time. He would never forget the blow job Cleo gave him after his fourth cum. On the one hand, his stiffie wanted nothing more than the pleasure of her hot, clasping mouth running up and down his purple shaft. But on the other hand, his cock head was so sensitive that every time her tongue slashed across the widest expanse of it, he would reflexively pull his prick from her mouth. Cleo had carefully sucked him for over forty minutes trying to make him cum again. He could not. But to have Cleo suck so long on his Viagra stiffened boner, edging him along, bringing him right up to the point of cumming…what…five times?…six times?…when there was no more jizz to shoot was in a class of erotic pleasure than few men ever experienced.

Still, Bert was disgusted with himself. How did this happen? How did he let himself get into such a compromising situation? As if the jock strap shoved in his mouth wasn’t bad enough, now this evil woman, after gently sucking his uber-sensitive cock for ten rapturous minutes, had this…thing…he could feel it…sitting snugly in the small pocket over his frenulum. This was going to be bad, real bad when this woman went for broke. Even with it off its presence was stimulating him.   The instant she had turned it on to test it, it was so stimulating, he could barely keep himself from cumming. And that was, what, twenty seconds? He could deduce what she had planned for him and Ajay. She wanted to get their vibrating cocks back up inside of her. The last time she must have rode then for twenty, twenty-five minutes before she got herself off. He would not be able to stand twenty minutes of that thing’s radical vibes as it turned his sensitive knot of nerves to mush. He felt so abused, so used. He could feel the pinch of something binding the very end of his foreskin. What did this awful bitch do to him now??? For the hundredth time he tried to force the jock out of his mouth and failed. Bert goose bumped as a black dread spread throughout his body. The big question remained. How was The Horror of Brookline going to abuse him now?

Kathleen sat back on her haunches by the side of the bed, examining her work. Both boners looked ready for action. She prodded Ajay’s vibe with a finger. Because the knot placed at the end of his foreskin pulled the flesh tighter, the little sphere did not budge. Perfect! And Bert’s vibe…it was snuggled so deeply into his frenulum’s depression that it was barely noticeable under the skin. Yet the boys’ dicks were so close together that the two vibrators managed to press against one another through the thin foreskin, just the same. OK. Now for a little test before she mounted the boy’s for the fourth …and probably the last…time.

Kathleen powered up the control unit, starting at Level One. As before, the boys started spastically, throwing their hips around as the vibrators came to life. The look on Ajay’s face was positively angelic, that of a lusty cherub getting his cock deliciously stroked.

Bert did indeed start. First the ball was sitting there quietly, sensuously, part of the background to everything else that was going on about him. Then, like Dr. Jeckle turning into Mr. Hyde, it became an evil little monster. He tossed his hips, trying to throw it off.

If Kathleen could have seen herself, she would have been shocked. Naked, wig askew, makeup a mess, drunk and stoned, cum dripping from two holes; she rubbed her hands together like a silent movie Nosferatu. Level Two. As one, mainly because of the deeply penetrating dildo they continued to share, the boy’s thrust their cocks repeatedly into the air, gasping in pleasure. Each time they clenched their dicks would slap together; the feeling of the vibes as they touched each other through the thin foreskin added a crazy wild vibrational backbeat to the already heady sensations.

Ajay felt just as used as Bert. He deduced correctly that this bitch had somehow tied the vibe into his foreskin. This was because last time the sphere was lodged into the recess of his frenulum it was not nearly so tightly held in place. And the difference was profound. Before, the vibe had simply vibrated on top of the thin skin. Now, it was pressing into it. The vibrations were deeper, sharper, affecting his entire crown, not just the frenulum below. Nevertheless, that sensitive knot of nerves took it, but just barely. He felt Bert trying to shake it off. Gasping for breath, he ground his ass into the bed, the dildo up his ass feeling fantastic…but, oddly, only while the vibe was delivering its frightening, devilish treat. He hoped she would not leave it on “High” for long.

Muffling her mouth with her hand, giggling hysterically, Kathleen turned it up to Level Three. Tears of laughter ran down her cheeks as the boy’s thrusts became more frantic. Ajay had immediately thrown his head back as his body froze thrumming in place, mouth gaped sensuously open, eyes screwed shut in a silent cry of unrivaled ecstasy.

Ajay was feeling it, one thousand percent of it. The sphere vibrated that knot of nerve endings so radically that they could not process the sensation into an acceptable feeling. Therefore the feeling literally dumped into his nervous system, the erotic jangling quickly spreading throughout his body. Ajay could feel nerves from head to toe spastically, erratically fire as the intensely enervating drum beat continued.

Blood shot eyes reflecting a feline-like arousal, she turned it up to Level Four. Both boys groaned lasciviously in unadulterated passion, the vibrations radically stimulating their overworked nerve endings, just at the tipping point between pleasure and pain. Ajay’s opened mouth writhed; lips twisting into one sexy passion-soaked half-smile after another. Impetuously, she leaned over and Frenched those sexy lips. He did not seem to notice. Now both boys were frantically throwing their hips from side to side, their vibrating cocks, still tied at the base, slapping into one another as they tried to escape the off-the-charts abuse.

Kathleen’s pupil’s dilated into pinpoints as she went for Defcon Level Five. Wow!!! Still not at maximum and the boys were thrashing about as if someone was skewering their cocks for a barbeque. Fuck! Bert was the most animated as he snapped his torso, his muffled squeals frantic, flopping like a catfish in the bottom of a boat.

Ajay would have never imagined that something could ever feel this way. His entire body was living it. He had broken out in a cold sweat. His skin heightened in sensitivity; he could feel himself flushing pink. His legs churned; he couldn’t help it. As he uncontrollably clenched and clenched again, his overwhelmed prick grew to its maximum length and breadth; his tightly tied foreskin stretching further, forcing the irresistible vibrating ball to press even more firmly into that tiny nest of jangling nerve endings. When the precum that oozed up the shaft of his prick came abreast with that nasty vibe, the vibrations of the sticky fluid could also be felt…as a sensuous counter tempo! He threw his head violently back and forth, mouth still wide open, spit flying, irresistibly squeezing his groin for all he was worth.

Hitler never looked as fanatical as Kathleen did when she turned the control unit up to Level Six. Fuck! The boys were writhing all over the bed! Cool! Vicious! Listen to those vibrators buzz! Kathleen reached out and cupped the heads of the side-by-side dicks. Whoa! Feel the intensity! Those little balls were delivering all of that?!? She could not wait to force those vibrating, stone hard boners inside of her to see what it would feel like.

Ajay groaned the groan of the overstimulated and overwhelmed. Bert was making similar noises through his jock stuffed mouth. After thirty seconds, a mere thirty seconds of those nasty, nasty, ever building vibes, and despite have just cum a few minutes earlier, he had had enough stimulation that could make him cum again big time. And with that vibe screaming away? He doubted that once it started, he would not be able to stop.

“Oh’d my! Oh please my Devious Practitioner of the Finer Sexual Arts,” Ajay blubbered, voice reflecting the unconcealed ecstasy he was feeling, “I will cum if…”

To the huge relief of both boys, Kathleen immediately turned the vibes off. Not so much to their relief, she roundhouse slapped Ajay’s pulsing boner. You do not cum till I get my rocks off one last time, she thought grimly. To hell with yours. The slap echo’d in the room as she struck it a second, then a third time. For good measure she slapped Bert’s throbbing prick as well.

“Eeeeeeeeiiiiiieeeeeeeeeiiiiiii!!” Ajay warbled in a high pitched voice, reacting like Bill Clinton after being told that he had yet another STD. Bert cried out in indignation as well, but his screams were well muffled by his jock stuffed mouth. Both boys blubbered helplessly as their cocks throbbed in pain.

Kathleen simply ignored them, squirting the joined cocks with lube ‘til they dripped. For good measure, she squirt some up inside of herself as well. Here goes, she thought, her heart beating excitedly from yet another adrenaline dump. Throwing a leg over their joined torsos, she again marveled at the buff, hard bodied boys that she had so easily captured for her pleasure. Squeezing the cock heads together in her fist, she twisted them against her wet, eager sex. Struggling, either one or the other would pop inside, but not both. The boy’s groaned pitifully as her fist tightened further, seeing stars as the spheres inside of their foreskins ground together. Pressing down hard, even using her weight for leverage, she just could not get them both in. Kathleen paused, breathing hard from the effort, thinking. She grinned with an idea. Make the boys help! Yeah! They are the ones with all that muscle, after all. All she needed to do was get them to use it.

She picked up the vibe control. Again she fisted the cocks, placing them tightly against her vag, her weight holding them at the ready. With her other hand, she simultaneously flicked both controls to Level Five. Both boys cried out in shock as the vibes instantly delivered blindingly intense vibrations to their jangling, abused, nerve saturated frenulum’s. As one they unconsciously thrust up hard, trying to escape the shocking intensity of the manic titillation. Instead of escaping, their cock heads and three inches of shaft reluctantly squeezed up into the snug trap of Kathleen’s vagina.

It was Kathleen’s turn to gasp as the solid, vibrating cocks were suddenly stretching her out like no cock before it. Those two pricks together reminded her of her first time with Archie as he entered her unsuspecting pussy. Nothing before had prepared her for his diameter, thickening to the size of a wine bottle at the base. She remembered the fast series of climaxes she had as his inconceivable member squeezed inside and he began to thrust. Oh my!

Still addled by the pot, an easy shit eating grin covered her face. I did it! I got two fat dicks into my cunt. Oh boy! She listened to the two teenagers piteously groan beneath her. Women have the power! Power to pussy! She felt so emancipated, empowered. Looking down between her legs, she could see that she still had plenty of work to do. Each prick had four more inches to go.

Bert knew the Unknown Massachusetts Pervert was up to something but he never suspected that she would force both his and Ajay’s pricks inside of her at the same time. Who was this rubbery cunted woman squirming around on top of him anyway? And that dreadful damn vibe! Despite the stinging blows, which, incidentally, did not reduce his desire to cum one little bit, that villainous, out-of-control vibe was digging into his frenulum even more determinedly. That bitch was forcing his dick deeper and his cock head, along with Ajay’s, was getting squeezed into the end of her ever-narrowing channel. As his poor cock crown was crushed against Ajay’s, both boy’s received the unexpected and totally godawful vibrations from each other’s madly thrashing vibe in addition to their own. Bert gasped, well, gasped as well as he could with a jock in his mouth. It was all too too much. The bitch, unknowingly, had more than doubled the incredible vibrating sensations each boy was feeling. Not just the two screaming vibes; but as the vibes lay against one another, separated only by two layers of foreskin, their slightly differing speeds had them either screamingly vibrate with one another or against one another. It came in waves of continuously varying patterns…with most of the egregious gyrations being felt deep down and dirty by their overwrought frenulum’s. He was about to cum, and as far as he could tell, she didn’t even have his dick in her half way yet. He shuddered. If he came but stayed Viagra hard with her rocking out on his cock and with those criminally abominable vibes for another twenty minutes…his enormous mind could not imagine the dire consequences to his poor cock as it ratcheted up in sensitivity from such a fate.

“Oh please! Please!” Ajay snorted frantically, body twitching uncontrollably. The vibes felt exactly like a caffeine-addled diabetic cockroach ebulliently gnawing away at his frenulum after downing four double lattes.

“Angel of Little Mercy! Insane Cupid of the One-Eyed Purple-Headed Warrior, you must desist! Your toothed horror is chewing a hole straight through to the other side of my tallywacker.” Despairingly, Ajay could tell the mean, mean woman fucking him was not listening. “Ooooooohhhhhhhh…..” he hissed through gritted teeth as another inch of his prick entered her tight hole, his cock crown, along with Bert’s, crushed together in a maelstrom of blindingly scandalous sensation.

The sadistic Kathleen was enjoying herself immensely. In fact, she reckoned she got a second wind as she slowly sunk down on the combined pricks of the two boys. Had to be slow; her pussy really had to stretch with this thick, solid pair. And those vibes! Oh, how they so intoxicatingly shook the pricks inside of her. It was heaven. Heaven on a stick; make that two sticks.

Leaning forward, she placed her hands flat on Ajay’s chest. Gritting her teeth, she began to slide up and down on the boners. It was not easy. Especially deep down inside. Her channel narrowed considerably at the end. It’s all good, she thought blearily. That’s where all the vibrations were. And when she finally gets the end of her vag to open wide enough, she would force those pricks into it until they were rubbing against the back of it. Taking a deep live-giving breath, Kathleen began to forcefully throw her hips up and down while more and more cock slowly made its way inside. She glanced at Ajay’s face. Huh! Looks like someone is about to cum!

Ajay had no control. None whatsoever. Even if he did just get his dick slapped. It takes a certain mastery over mind, muscle and sex equipment to control one’s ejaculations. You just don’t get that when you have the king of all turbo-charged vibrators fiendishly spanking the spot from which all male orgasms originate. He was afraid of this. The Take-No-Prisoners Abuser was just settling in for a good ride as his over-stimulated cock burst in a cacophonous medley of thunderous explosions. The snap of orgasm was otherworldly; a mushroom cloud of inconceivable pleasure, super-charged by the insidious vibe, filled his body with a swirling electrified plasma that only a lightning strike could replicate. The Bitch with No Name took no heed, riding his fluorescing prick hard as he came, still doing her damnest to force the two vibrating cocks head into a space that could barely fit one.  Ajay’s torso vibrated almost as much as the demonic vibe trapped inside his foreskin as bolt after bolt of thick seed, freed from its confines, burst out of the head of his dick. His seed went nowhere. It remained trapped inside of his foreskin by the tightly tied silk thread. His orgasmic clenches were just as otherworldly, as hard and as fast as his spasming body could produce them. He had no idea how much jizz he shot; the vibe would not let him stop clenching. He knew he was probably shooting gub for a good minute, but he dry pumped for a good two minutes after that, the sensations rocketing, as the vibe twirled merrily on and on.

Finally! Got them in! Got them in all the way! Kathleen humped hard as the mouth of her impossibly stretched pussy ground against the boy’s groins. She giggled, on the verge of hysteria. Suckers! Losers! Ruin my room. Let’s see who feels ruined after this round. She humped hard and fast, the dual vibes tracking glowing streaks of pleasure at the end of her tightly packed channel. Shit, the tumult created by the vibe enhanced erections was absolutely brilliant. She humped hard, going for the gold.

Bert had about all he could take. When the ball vibrator Kathleen had secreted under his foreskin wasn’t jammed into his frenulum with each and every one of Unknown Bitch Rider of the Purple Sage’s downward thrusts, it was grinding against Ajay’s vibe. If he hadn’t been tied up, hung over and so badly compromised, he would have been lapping up the incredibly persuasive “tender susceptibilities’” as they pounded through his body. This impromptu experience was becoming nothing more than an awesome tutorial on how to make a boy cum again and again. If there ever was fervidness, an empressement, that could make a man ceaselessly cum, this was it. This was it in spades. Therefore, with no fanfare, with no special sense of anticipation, the “little death,” the “snap” of orgasm snapped inside his groin like a flashing, thundering bolt of lightning out of nowhere. It rattled him so severely, the vibe pushing, rallying it further, intensifying it, building, building; that an instant later, when his balls began to pump, they pumped splooge frantically, desperately; hoping against hope that the orgasm, the thick jizz, would compel the hell-spawn vibrator to end the wretched vibrating evil.

Nothing doing. Bert’s cock, particularly his overworked frenulum and cock head quickly ratcheted up and up in sensitivity. As with Ajay, his tied off foreskin retained all of the newly minted cum. And still the Unknown Galloping Gadfly galloped on. His ears popped as Ajay screeched at the top of his voice. He must have cum too, Bert thought miserably. He could not help himself. As he thrust up blindly in panic, driven by his rapidly sensitizing, spewing cock, he inadvertently ground his crushed cock head harder into Ajay’s vibrator. He saw stars. Big, colorful, pulsating, blinding stars. His frantically pumping heart felt like it was going to beat through his chest. The double impact of both vibes on his tender flesh was so profoundly offensive yet so lamentably erotic that his groin did a classic head swiveling double-take and with the same lack of notice as the orgasm thirty seconds before, he pitiably snapped off another one.

By this time the sensitivity of Ajay’s prick had reached its nadir. Cum was still oozing out of his cock as the fire-spitting vibe made it nova and nova again, the unbearable sensitivity screaming at him to make it stop. The deeply felt bright vibrating pain brought about by the intensity of the magnificent thrashing pleasure was greater than anything that had come before it. Unconsciously, Ajay squeezed and squeezed his groin, having no other means of combating the onslaught. As he clenched, fostered by the Viagra, his prick did not flag but, despairingly, rallied; as the blood pumped into it, the angry red shaft grew another half inch as did the diameter. The heinous vibe settled deeper still. And still the incredible vibrating onslaught continued while the Unknown Maniac’s packed pussy did everything possible to squeeze another orgasm out of him.

Ajay groaned in abject despair. His cock burned brightly like a red glowing ceramic element in an overworked space heater. His cock was too hard, too sensitive; the vibrating sphere that ground into his frenulum could be felt all the way up his back bone. He had just cum. There was no way he could cum again. But he did not count on how quickly his teenage body could rally, could face this detestable onslaught of pain and pleasure in the only way it knew how. Abruptly, the sensations emanating from his prick changed. Gone was the pain. Left was the grand pleasure of being ridden by the Unknown Insane One while the orgasm trigger that was his frenulum was once again slowly getting pulled by that nasty, nasty vibe.

Ajay had a hard time believing that most of the pain and sensitivity was so quickly replaced by waves of pleasure; an unaccountable pleasure head-and-shoulders greater than anything that had come before. He knew what it meant. It would be short lived. His body had to do this first before it would wind itself up and force him to cum again. He despaired. He had no wish to cum again so soon. But for the moment he was in a good spot. He grimly decided that he wanted to stay in this spot as long as possible. If he came again before this woman was done with him, the increasing sensitivity each orgasm brings would throw him into such lofty heights of execrable pain he was sure he would not survive it.

Kathleen was flying down the stretch. She had her palms flat on Ajay’s heaving chest; her nails dung into his skin. She was throwing her cunt into the boy’s groins as if they had the last hard-ons on earth. Every downward thrust had those vibrating pricks slamming into the back of her vag. Those vibes were intense; she could feel the Bolly vibrate in her stomach each time their cock heads pressed against it. She wanted to cum! Bam! Bam!! Bam!! She could not have come down with a greater ram force than if she were an arbor press with three thousand inch/pounds of thrust in her ass. Bam! Bam! Bam!! She wanted it; she wanted it all. She would not stop if it was only a little one, not after all of this. She wanted her climax to explode in her so hard that her spleen would shoot from her ass through the screened window, traverse the beautifully landscaped yard and fly into the yard next door… to skip like a flat stone across the surface of their pool. She wanted…she wanted…Bam! Bam! Bam!!

Ajay should have known better. There was no holding on to anything under these conditions, let alone an orgasm. Oh fuck…OH FUCK!!!   The crazy riding woman, the irresistible vibes, the dildo thrusting in his ass, the way his cock ground against Bert’s in that tighter than tight channel…

“Nnnnnnuuuuuuuhhhhhhh!!!!!,” Ajay screamed for all he was worth, the snap of another climax thundering through his body, feeling for all the world like he was being trampled by a vast heard of wildebeests stampeding across the Serengeti. Again the snap was obscenely otherworldly. His eyes rolled up into his head.

“OOOOooooooOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOooooo,” Ajay operatically warbled as his prick shot off again, much like a whippoorwill deranged after pecking a lump of crack cocaine from the gutter. He could feel the jizz burn its way up his urethra, moving at blinding speed as it shot out the end of his prick. The pleasure, the absolute joy of cumming was as great as it could get. Ajay squeezed off shot after shot, each shot more pleasurable than the last. All the while, the remorseless vibe was driving him out of his mind. The ecstasy of it all! The profundity of sensation could not be gauged by any earthly means. The vibe created tsunamic waves of pleasure as he shot his thick white bolts of semen. Those strong waves washed over him again and again. Sooner than he had anticipated, the abject pleasure began to reflect overtones of stress and discomfort. Then the inevitable sensitivity made itself known and with it, a fast rising pain where the pleasure had just been.

“OOOOOooooooOOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOoooo,” Ajay warbled again, the distress plainly heard in his voice, sounding more and more like a frantic Maria Callas getting plugged by Mr. Marcus’ big black stick. Atrociously overwhelmed, his brain shut down, rejecting any further blasts of incoming sensation, good or bad. The vibe remained lodged against his poor, oversaturated frenulum, happily dancing to its fast, vibrating Hip Hop tune. But he was not the only one suffering from too many unwanted orgasms. Bert was right behind him.

And, to the boy’s great relief, so was Kathleen. Sweat dripped from her glistening body as she pushed herself hard. Oh, it was coming alright. The mother of all orgasms loomed large and heavy, like a concrete bowling ball in the pit of her stomach. Bam! Bam! Bam! She slammed into those pricks harder than Bruce Jenner using his cock for sex one last time. More! She wanted more! With drool running from her lips and chin, gasping for every hard-earned breath, she spied the control box for the vibes. Through bleary, shot glass eyes she saw that Ajay’s vibe was only on Level Four while Bert’s was on Level Five. Shiver me timbers! Avast, sturdy boners! The answer to her prayers! Grabbing the control box, Kathleen maxed them out, sliding them both up to Defcon Level Eight. Fuck! Oh wow!! Fucken’ A!!! Those vibes were really screaming now. She could hear them as well as feel them through her body. They screamed, but not as loudly as Ajay and Bert.

Bert was the first to react as the nasty vibrator suddenly seem to “wake up.” With the vibe seated so comfortably in the recess his frenulum, having snuggled into the spot with the incomparable help of his tightly tied foreskin, that when the strength of the vibrations virtually doubled, Bert came on the spot. Screaming into his mouthful of jock, his prick now feeling like it was being stripped of skin with one of Northern Log Wizards’ debarking tools, he helplessly shot off once again into his tied off foreskin. Already he was so sensitive, so so sensitive, that each deeply felt jizz spewing contraction, insanely heightened by the notorious maniacal vibe, was accompanied by further inconceivable orgasmic snaps. Each succeeding snap doubled in magnitude! And he was cumming every ten seconds! He screamed again, this time in supreme, exceptional pleasure as the painful force of the vibe was, at least temporarily, trumped by the ecstasy of the string of climactic snaps.

The sadistic Kathleen pounded the boys with everything she had. Bam! Bam! Bam! She was almost there! Those vibes were now so intense, so radical, that as they radiated into the soft tissues of her pelvis, they knocked three eggs out of her left ovary. Bam! Bam!!!!!!…bam? Ah, oh god, this was it!

The instant the power of the vibes more than doubled, it sent a shock wave into Ajay’s frenulum that was as detestably intense as if it was suddenly being used as a pin cushion by a Chinese acupuncturist. Before he could blink, Ajay snapped off yet again. His body became nothing more than a crucible of unending erotic atrocities. His senses redlined, confusingly muddled; there was no distinction between the pain and pleasure he was experiencing. He was being pummeled head to toe with a rubber hose of swirling sensation, with most of the loathsome blows concentrating on the fulcrum of sensation; the head of his prick. If his cock head was experiencing an extreme mish-mash of hard-to-handle sensations before, those were as gentle as a diaper change compared to what was about to come. Nothing but nothing in his short life had prepared him for what his prick was going to feel like as it quickly ratchetted up in sensitivity. He lustily shrieked as his jizz shot from the end of his prick; the momentary burst of pleasure almost immediately replaced by a heinous fast growing vibrating cancer that threatened to consume his every atom, beginning with his prick. Ajay panicked. As the sensations rose to inconceivable levels, he shrieked again in abject despair.

Ajay was not the only one shrieking. Slapping a hand over her mouth to muffle her shriek, the sadistic Kathleen came like a mother-fucker. The mother-fucking mother of all fucking orgasms depth-charge exploded from the back of her cunt, spreading a heady mind-altering, body crushing form of orgasmic destruction in shrapnel-like waves into every atom of her being. The mother of all orgasms forced her tightly packed channel to deliver the mother of all clenches to the scared shitless cocks inside of her. Kathleen remorselessly ground those stiff vibrating shafts into the back of her spasming pussy as if they were the finest horizontal pneumatic borer chipping stone from granite bedrock. Kathleen lurched as a particularly intense wave of pleasure broke over her with the same force as a shock wave from a surface fired atomic bomb. She almost came again as those brilliant vibes carried on and as her sex grew more sensitive. She threw her hips from side to side in rough abandon, dislodging the wire to the vibes that ran down between the boy’s shafts. It was too good, extremely good, she was getting dizzy, oh, oh, it was soooo good. She continued to gallop and galloped hard. Her packed pussy throbbed in an exquisite ecstasy the likes of which she had never, never felt before. It was then that the wire to the vibes came completely free as she relentlessly pounded. With as much as six inches of packed prick rapidly slashed in and out of her, the wire caught, jerking both terrible, hurtful screaming vibes from the snug resting places over the boy’s frenulums.

Ajay screamed again, his cock head seemingly becoming a testing ground for Navy flame throwers as the now freed spherical vibrator explored the close confines of his jizz filled foreskin. The vibe, whipping about at maximum speed in the thick white sludge between his foreskin and cock head, had all the comfort of a sharp-toothed, nitrous breathing Pac Man hell bent on taking over the world, one prick at a time. Ajay wanted to surrender immediately, shuddering down to his DNA, as the demon possessed vibe searched about, searing crisscross lines of woeful agony into his cock head while churning his semen into butter. His poor, poor cock head. It simply was not fair. His fat crown was no more than an unwitting victim to unanticipated circumstances. Ajay’s young body, through that soft, spongy, helmet-shaped sounding board, was violently shuttled between an inconceivable agony and an equally inconceivable ecstasy that changed second to second as the Demon Vibe tested and retested every square millimeter of cock head. There were no warm and fuzzy feelings here. This was an out-and-out sensual wickedness that had no parallel in human history. This was a foreboding no-man’s land of the most extreme.

Bert for an instant, but only for an instant, experienced complete relief when the vibe roughly pulled out of its home. But then he saw stars nova as the nasty, relentless, insanely spinning vibe scoured what felt like a deep, acid filled moat across the wide expanse of the back of his cock’s head. It was horrible; spinning faster than Queen Mary II’s stabilizing gyroscope, it slowly criss-crossed that oh so sensitive flesh again and again. He screamed into his jock stuffed mouth as the vibe took a right turn to explore the crease just below his jap’s eye. The vibe was turning at such a tremendous speed that the centrifugal force it created made the sphere slash up and down in that spot twenty times per second. Sweat poured off his body as he unconsciously thrust hard in an effort to shift it. Shift it did, sliding up into his nerve saturated dick hole. Bert shrieked at the contemptable outrage and clenched forcefully…the effect of which caused his foreskin to press the vibe even deeper into it. He bucked again, the vibe blessedly popping out of the oculi, but only to scour another burning strip across the widest part of his purpled head.

There was no relief, no let up, no salvation for either teen. Their Viagra hardened perma-boners recognized the abuse for what it thought it was: an unsedated emasculation. So their pricks did what any prick would do under a similar situation. Reverting to the primordial, intent on the continuation of the species, as one the boys helplessly came again in a desperate, simultaneous upward thrust, hips rising so fast and with such force that if they had more room, they might have broken the sound barrier.

Kathleen, focused solely on her incredible drawn out orgasm, was not prepared for the boy’s trickery. She flew off their hips faster than a jet catapult-driven from the deck of an aircraft carrier. If a photographer had been present he would have had the perfect Master Card Moment. As Kathleen’s head butted into Ajay’s breadbasket, her hips flashed upward, pussy juices flying, momentarily attaining the vertical, until she came crashing down, her gaping vag landing with a splat on Ajay’s passion-soaked face. He smacked his lips, confused. Damn if she didn’t taste just like Gwyneth. She did not stay on his face long as the momentum from her summersault had her summersaulting again, right off the end of the bed. Kathleen crashed in a heap, too cummed out, too stoned, too drunk to move. She lay there, breathing hard, her ass and pussy throbbing wickedly. Priceless.

End of Excerpt

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