A Boy and His Boner Compilation – Teen Virgin Sex

 A Boy and His Boner – The Compilation


A Teen Virgin De-Virginized

Cover for ABAHB compilation final

Attention Readers!!!


The A Boy and His Boner Compilation (click)

Cover for ABAHB compilation final

This Compilation includes the following 4 titles:

                            1.  A Boy and His Boner

                            2.  Ménage a Bondage Teen

                            3.  Girls Do Bondage Better

                            4.  Roll Play: Xerxes and the Slave Girls

Jack Duncan, in A Boy and His Boner, is a virgin teen honors student interested in only relaxing over his summer vacation.  As luck would have it, he encounters one of most desirable, sexy girls at Brookline High while out on a run.  One thing leads to another, and the following day she and her BFF, Nadine, find him out on the patio exercising in the nude…with a boner.  In the following 3 books, the girls take full advantage…virgin teen sex has rarely been like this!  They tie him up spread-eagled to his trampoline, using and abusing him over and over again.  A teen virgin no longer, he loves every minute of it!

This wicked, witty compilation is arranged in easy-to-read chronological order.  It includes the entire text of all 4 novels.  You can find descriptions and excepts of the 4 novels throughout this website.

Available at Smashwords for only $11.99!  A $4.00 savings!

Buy it here:  (click) A Boy and His Boner Compilation (click)   

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