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The following 8 page excerpt is from the novel, “Harvard is for Beautiful Perverts”.  Available on-line at Smashwords e-Book Store.

Nadine, a teen sadist, has Tyrone, a 285 pound, 6’9″ gay black Harvard basketball player with a massive boner, helplessly tied spread-eagled to a bed.  His pledge master dosed him with 120 mg of Viagra so he could not lose his erection even if he wanted to.  She is just beginning her sadistic abuse of the stud with E-Stim, the electrical stimulation of the genitals. 

“Ah don like any a dis,” Tyrone’s high-pitched voice quavered as the horrible molesting be-atch made her final adjustments to what would become, for him, an entirely new and untired source of pain and pleasure. That damn girl would not leave him alone. She had wrapped three layers of conductive rubber tubing around his scrotum above his nuts. She had shoved a stainless steel butt plug up his ass. Clamps were attached to his nipples. Two small conductive adhesive pads decorated his penis. The bitch had peeled back his foreskin and pressed one of them into the depression of his frenulum and stuck the other to the widest part of his cock head. The E-Stim control box rested on his chest. A nest of wires ran from the box to each of the aforementioned electrodes. But that was not what was worrying him. Next to the box lying on his chest, attached to a wire, was a long steel rod which she had just lubricated with the same conductive jell she had lubed the butt plug. She was in the process of plugging it into the control box as well. He had no idea what she would be doing with that and did not want to know.

Nadine took a deep breath, admiring her sadistic handiwork. But she had to find something out. Dipping her fingers into Tyrone’s arm pits, she experimentally tickled. Sure enough, his handsome face broke out in a smile and then a blast of laughter. He was ticklish. She thought so. That gave her a glimmer of an idea. An idea that would be perfect for her and her audience. An idea simple in concept but radical in application. She did it a lot with Jack and Bert. Tie them down but good and then alternate between tickling them and jerking them off. The tickling for this buff stud would have to be wild and uninhibited, hard enough to make him gasp and shout, laugh and bellow, buck and grind. Make it so intense that it would be impossible for him to handle. Then as soon as it stopped, it would be followed by a mélange of electrified sexual stimulation, a concerted effort to make him rise quickly to the brink of orgasm but not to orgasm, at which point the radical tickling would begin again. Nadine knew that if she subjected Tyrone to round after round of this unique abuse, within twenty minutes he would be laughing hysterically, eyes rolling. His breath would come in great gasps as he bucked and ground futilely, sweat running in rivulets from his body as pre-cum dripped from his cock head. He would be desperate, pleading with her between belly laughs to let him cum; she would again have him at her mercy.

Then, finally, she would let him cum; the time would be right when he could no longer acclimate the abjectly overwhelming sensations coming at him from all sides. It’s tough to cum and belly laugh at the same time. Nadine could easily picture the abject look of relief on his face as they finally let him nut…with the electricity pulsing, the girls’ fingers tickling and her abusive cock head polishing going on and on. His relief would be temporary; quickly replaced with a mélange of grimaces, screams, smiles, laughter and endless, endless frantic bucking.

The best part…for Nadine…started once this pink Sputnik came. They simply would not stop their abuse. Boys became even more ticklish once they spunked. As soon as the cum stopped flowing the abuse would escalate: she would piston the electrified sound sizzling in his urethra while simultaneously ramp-up the post-orgasm cock polishing all the while being subjected to incessant, diabolical tickling. She knew for a fact that Tyrone would be desperately trying to shake off the thirty fingers that were tickling and prodding his pits and roughly buffing his way too sensitive prick. His bucking and thrashing, shrieks and screams, would soon be the stuff of legend. Nadine knew that Tyrone, if her saw her later, would probably not thank her, but he could at least appreciate the tremendous isometric exercise she arranged for him. And then? As the twink tries to recover, she finally gets to ride what would then be a painfully hard, glowing, ultra-sensitive erection. Her tight pussy would make him howl. Yeah! Would she be up for that!   That would be the maraschino cherry flourish for her chocolate sundae of abuse.

Nadine picked the well lubed eighteen inch urethral sound off Tyrone’s chest. She hoped that he did not know what a urethral sound was let alone ever experience it.

“I see that you have glanced at this more than once,” the teen sadist murmured quietly to the buff stud as she turned it to and fro in front of his eyes. “This is called a urethral sound,” she explained calmly. “And it is an electrified one. It can give great pleasure. It can also give great pain. With a simple turn of a control on this box it can swing in a moment from pain to pleasure and back again. Interesting, no?”

“No!” Tyrone squeeked. “Ah don wanna swing from pain to pleasure. Just pleasure! Hey, I’m cooperatin’!”

“So you are, Tiny, so you are,” she smirked. “Take a guess were this goes.”

“Ah don know,” Tyrone mumbled after a moment.

“Well, then why don’t I show you,” Nadine said reasonably, if a bit sadistically. She made a show of lining the end of it up with his piss slit. The look of utter horror on this simple pink squeegee’s face as she pressed it into his piss slit was yet another MasterCard moment.

“What the fuck!!” Tyrone shrieked as the sound began to slide inside. “Don be doin’ me like dat! No! Oh no…” his whimpers tailed off, eyes laser locked on the long rod disappearing into his cock. It felt so wrong! One of the on-looking Itchy Scratchy pledges, horrified at the very idea, immediately lost his boner. Another pledge, imagining the steel shaft going down the inside of his shaft, suddenly popped one.

“Ya know, Tiny,” the sadistic Nadine cackled, “If you weren’t so black I’d say you’ve gone puce.”

“Stop it! Oh you got to stop it….AHHHHHH….” But now that terrible bitch had let it go. It was sliding in all by itself. Five inches, eight, ten. It simply kept sliding in from its own weight. Twelve, fourteen sixteen. Tyrone chortled incoherently, his eyes virtually popping from their sockets as the eighteen inch shaft slid into his urethra until it disappeared inside. Every eye in the room watched as the sound pulled another three inches of the connecting wire in behind it when it finally stopped. He could feel it in there, it didn’t hurt but, again, it felt so wrong! It had kept sliding until the end of it snuggled inside the center of his prostate.

Horror and fear lit Tyrone’s face as Nadine picked the E-Stim control box up off his chest. He had thought that this bloody awful pervert could not best him again. How wrong he was. His mind, such as it was, was revolting at the outrage. And what would it feel like once she turned on the electricity???

Calmly looking on, Nadine smirked again, pretending to make last minute adjustments to the device, drawing the horror out for as long as possible. This dumb gay twink had no idea how good the sound feels. Jack and Bert loved it. Once the electrified end began pulsing in the center of his prostate, it would feel like he was endlessly cumming.

Laughing to herself, she lied, “Boy, I wish I knew more about this control box.” She looked into Tyrone’s fear addled eyes. “I wouldn’t want it to hurt too much…at least at first.”

“Then don do it! Get it out of der! Oh the humanity…” he tailed off, whimpering.

Nadine wondered how much this big hunk could take as she turned the power up higher and higher. With Jack she could take it up three quarters of the way, his big stick getting progressively harder as the voltage coursed through it. At that point the irresistibly deep throbbing would force him to blow a wad, the pent up smegma shooting the sound out of his urethra faster than the best effort of an Olympic javelin thrower. Well, she would simply have to see how much Tyrone could take before he blew. And if it did hurt him? Ho hum. He was a boy. Her boy toy to use and abuse. He wouldn’t be permanently maimed. So not to worry. He’d bounce back in a day or two. They always do.

“Oh Velveeeetaaaa,” the sadistic girl sang, “I have a surprise for youuuuuu.” Making sure all the power levels were on zero, she snapped the power switch on. Upon hearing the snap, every head in the room swiveled to look.

“Da only ‘sprise I wants from you is leeb me alone!” Tyrone shrieked helplessly.

“Oh, come on, Vel,” Nadine wheedled, “Aren’t you at all interested in what all this is gonna feel like?” Drawing the suspense out even further, she made him buck by scratching her nails along the stretched, sensitive ligament on the inside of each thigh. His abs crunched beautifully.

“Ah don’t wanna know what dats gonna feel like,” Tyrone said, his voice quivering. “Yous givin’ me da heebie-jeebies!” She then scratched at his taint, making his prostate uncomfortably clench the sound. Desperation colored his voice. “Cut that scratchin’ out!!” he moaned helplessly.

“I’m not cuttin’ nuttin’ out, Vel,” Nadine answered. “Just lie there and enjoy the ride, sweet cheeks. You sho ain’t got nuttin’ better to do,” she mocked him.

Nadine’s horniness got the better of her. Why should Tyrone have all the E-Stim fun? She wanted some, too. Giving it some thought, she wanted to be at the right level of horniness when she finally got around to riding Tiny’s impossible prick. Impetuously connecting another wire to the control box, she fitted an electrified clamp to the end of it. Very gently, very cautiously, Nadine clipped it to her clitoris. It was connected to the same output as the clamps attached to Tyrone’s nipples and the pads stuck to his cock head.

Connecting a second wire to the control box, she snapped the connector into a second electrified butt plug, greased it, and easily settled it into her rectum. Ooooo, that felt nice and thick and heavy! Nadine connected her anal insertable to the same circuit as Tyrone’s. Good. Now what he felt she would feel, too. Her adrenaline started to flow. This was going to be fun!

Her growing horniness to ride this stud, to get beyond this interim period of abuse, suddenly transformed her into a most efficient torture-ista.

“Judith! Goldie!” Nadine snapped, “get your fuckin’ faces out of each other’s twats and get over here!” She watched as the pair reluctantly separated, faces shinning with each other’s juices, the pleasure they had given each other reflected on their smirking faces.

“What now,” Judith answered, more than a little pissed. Goldie’s nasty tongue had her right there.

“I need help with this part,” Nadine explained. “The both of you. Get over here. Take a spot on the bed on each side of this chocolate Twinky.” She watched impatiently as the two glowing girls took their places. “After all we’ve done to him so far,” Nadine explained, “his orgasm is on a hair trigger. Once I turn up the juice and all his naughty bits start to throb hot and bright like an accretion-powered pulsar, he’s gonna want to cum. When I say, I want to see the two of you tickling him mercilessly. So much so that you ruin his orgasm and he cannot cum.”

“Oh, thanks a lot, you evil diabolical skank,” Tyrone whimpered.

“Whoa!” Nadine mocked, “Tiny used a word that has more than two syllables.” She looked Tyrone in the eye. “You da man!” She watched Tyrone’s lower lip tremble. Oh shit, here it comes again.

“Ah never ast for any of dis!” Tyrone began in a rush, futilely pulling at his bindings. “Ah be’d shanghaied here an den V’d up and den tied up.” His eyes followed Nadine’s every move as she once again picked up the E-Stim control box. “Ah gots stinky pussy wiped on ma face an you made me stick ma, ma tongue…”his face scrunched into a look of horror as he heard the click of the power switch move to Level One.

“Feel anything yet, Vel?” Nadine asked soooo innocently…since the current at Level One could not be felt. She had two power controls to work with. One controlled the strength of the electricity to the two butt plugs. The other controlled the electricity to everything else. She set it up this way deliberately; the power to the butt plug insertables could go much higher than to his much more sensitive nipples and urethra, not to mention her very sensitive clit. She would work with the butt plugs first. When turned up three-quarters of the way, it would feel like they were both being fucked by the horn of a particularly randy rhino.   She knew he wouldn’t feel a thing until she got to at least level three, especially with two electrodes attached to it.

“Don do it! Ah hab a low threshold of pain! Don do me dis…click…ohhhhhh!” he warbled, “don do dis, dis…aaaahhhhhh…click…WAY!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

On the Level Three setting Nadine finally felt the tiniest trickle of current in her ass. Fucking Tyrone. Over-reacting as usual.

“Shut up, Tiny, and let’s try Level Four…click…Embrace the day!!!” The electrified insertable was suddenly feeling mighty fine. “Ooooo, feels good, doesn’t it,” she purred maliciously.

Tyrone never felt anything like it. It was scary! “The only ting ah wan to embrace now is Gloria, you fiend!” he whimpered. click “EEEEiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!” It felt like it was alive, spinning like an out-of-balance top in his ass. He wished it would stop and a decent prick get shoved up there instead.

“Embrace the sensations, Vel!” Nadine shouted with all the enthusiasm of a big tent evangelist. It felt like she was getting fucked by her slim-dicked boyfriend. But still, the current wasn’t even strong enough yet to make her ass pucker in time to the pulses. Soooo…click…

Level Six. Half way. Nadine reached around her and twisted the throbbing plug, looking for a more comfortable seating. It worked; the conductive lube must not have been evenly applied. With a little smirk, she twisted the one in Tyrone’s hole as well. Because she did so, quite amusingly five inches of the urethral sound suddenly appeared, smoothly sliding out of his piss slit.  As she twisted the plug in his wide open ass, she grabbed the end of the sound and, to the sound of Tyrone’s panicked, supersonic chortles, pistoned it rapidly in and out of his urethra. Glancing at the pledge that lost his erection, she watched him turn gray in horror. She smirked, and he blanched as she repeatedly pulled ten inches out and then thrust them right back in; she never stopped twisting the voltage spewing butt plug. Fucking with boys was so much fun!

Releasing the sound, it once again began to move independently; shivering in place, and then pulsing in and out. For the entire world that sound moved with the same characteristics of a Punch-and-Judy hand puppet. Finally letting the butt plug go, the sound slipped back inside. Tyrone shrieked again, more in fear than pain, as the pulsing tickle of the electricity swirled in his ass like the turbine driven whirlwind of a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

“Dat don’t feel right,” Tyrone peeped, as his ass lifted off the bed. “A human bean ain’t supposed to have…click…AHHHHHHH!!!…electricity…click…NOOOOOOO!!!!” he shrieked in panic. The butt plug instantly felt like it doubled in size, the twirling feeling abruptly replaced by a sense of being roughly fucked. Just as if it was like Gloria’s twelve inch cock rockin’ in there. The last time he had felt anything even remotely like this was at his prom when Retread, his date, shoved a Roto-Rooter up his ass in the back of the limousine.

Level Seven. Oh yeah! Was Nadine’s plug ever cooking now. It felt like Tiny had somehow gotten loose from his bindings and had all sixteen of his inches throttling in and out of her. No! Even better than that. It felt like someone had stuck a Tesla Coil up her ass and tentacles of bright electrical energy were slashing at every sexual nerve…and then some. Nadine could but marvel. Getting fucked in the ass without actually getting fucked in the ass. Modern American ingenuity at its best.

“Oh fuu-uuck,” Tyrone moaned, the anal plug now zapping his prostate in addition to forcing his sphincter to radically pulse. It didn’t hurt but it sure did not feel normal. “Dis is safe, ain’t it?”

“Honey,” Nadine gasped, loving the virtual dicking, “If this was safe they’d be doing it at Chucky Cheese.”

Nadine mentally rubbed her hands together. This was such fun! Now to power up the clamp on her clit…not to mention the clamps on Tyrone’s nips, the pads on his cock head and the sound deeply seated inside his cock.

“Judith. Goldie!” Nadine barked, “Get ready. Watch him closely. As soon as I start to turn up the voltage in that sound, it’s going to,” she glanced at Tyrone’s aghast face and made sure her words were as diabolical as possible, “light up inside of him like an acetylene torch. If he does not…”

“What!?!” Tyrone shrieked. “A torch??? Now ah knows! You is a Ku Klux Klan racist an you want me important!”

Nadine sighed. “Do you mean ‘impotent’, big man? No, I do not want you impotent even if all you’re going to use this beautiful cock for is stretching out Gloria’s barking spider so wide that it will no longer bark, just wheeze.”

“Girls,” she said, glancing in their direction, “If he looks like he’s going to cum, start tickling.” For Tyrone’s benefit she added, “Provided he does not pass out first.”

“Can I abuse him, too?” Goldie asked. She wanted to tear off the clamps clamped to his hunky nipples and chew on them.

“You’s all evil KKK bitches,” Tyrone sniveled.

“No. Just tickle,” Nadine said, emphasizing each word. “You will get your chance to use him after I get done with him. Provided there’s anything left that’s not too beat up to use.”

“OK Velveeta,” the sadistic girl said, once again picking up the E-Stim control box that was still delivering such an enthusiastic ass fucking, “Here goes.” click Level One.

“No! No!” Tyrone screeched. “You’d never see this happenin’…click…OHHHH!…hap, hap, happenin’ to President Obama.”

“True,” Nadine said. “But that’s because BO has been too busy fucking every American citizen in the ass for the last seven plus years.” click Level Three. Her clit still felt nothing.

“Well, they voted him in…twice,” Tyrone quaveringly defended, “so ah suspec dat dey all secretly like a good ass fucking as much as ah do.” He felt nothing yet as well. He didn’t think he would feel anything over the hearty virtual fucking his ass was getting.

Nadine rolled her eyes. “Tyrone, truly. I cannot imagine many men…or women…who would actually look forward to getting reamed by a big black cock,” Nadine stated. “So you’re wrong again. No. He got in because of voter ignorance. Believe me, when a politicians’ campaign lies are taken at face value, not once questioned by the press, there is no cure for the chronically misinformed.” click Finally! The barest of tingles was coming from the clamp on her clit. click Level Five. Mmmmmmmm. Much better. Nice!

Tyrone felt it, too. His panic was rising again. He felt so helpless. This icky hag didn’t even like Obama! Everyone who had not voted for this great man should have been required to see a psychiatrist or at the very least forced to register as a potential terrorist. This type of woman would always torture his kind. He groaned a long defeated groan, rich in panic. His nipples were now tingling from the E-Stim, as were the pads on his cock. The sound? It was so moist in there that the conductivity between the sound and the long channel of his urethra was ideal. With so much area the current was too well disbursed to have any effect…yet. Perversely, the weirdly throbbing sensations did not hurt but actually felt kinda good.

“Here goes Level Six, Val!” the teen sadist teased. click Suddenly the clip dangling from her clitoris began to throb with more panache, more drama. Fuck it, she thought. click  Whoa! Now that’s something. The lower levels of current, Levels Three through Six, seemed to travel only on the surface. It felt like tiny squirrels with electrified feet were chasing one another up and down her partially erect clitoris much like the way they chase each other around the trunk of a tree. But now, on Level Seven, the greater current overwhelmed the surface area and with nowhere else to go penetrated deep within, saturating every clitoral nerve ending. This is exactly what Nadine was expecting and it was exactly what she got. From this point on, every successive increase in level would take her clit to higher expressions of eroticism. When the control box was close to maximum, that clip on her clit would sizzle with all the moxie of a Jimmy Dean pork sausage spitting grease in a hot fry pan. She could hardly wait. But what about Tiny? How was he taking Level Seven?

“Feel anything yet, my big black Ken doll?” Nadine gasped pleasurably. She did a double take. A quick glance at his face told her everything she needed to know. At some point in the last twenty seconds his perpetual look of fear and dread had morphed into one of closed eyed beaming pleasure. He gurgled and keened like a happy little baby as the current coursed through each and every one of his naughty bits. It was obvious that the electrodes she had placed on his body were feeling mighty fine, interacting perfectly with the hard thrumming butt plug. “Tyrone?”

The big black man slowly opened his pleasure saturated eyes. In a soft, dreamy voice he accused, “I thought you said this was going to hurt. Mmmmmmmmm. Yummmmmmmm.   This is, aw shit, so suu-uuper,” he breathily sighed. “Is there more?”

Is there more. “Lots more, Vel. It’s up only half way. It can get pretty intense.”

Tyrone stretched his body as much as he could, relaxing under the erotic electric onslaught. “I ain’t gonna worry no mo. As long as you got a clip on your…thing…it ain’t gonna hurt me none either.”

“Oh, Tiny. Tiny,” Nadine shook her head morosely, “That’s no real guarantee. Can you guess why? Why it still might hurt?”

“Do ah wants to?” he asked nervously.

“Yeah you ‘wants to’,” Nadine mocked, adding a crude snigger that mimicked the crusty stevedores on the Boston docks. She leaned forward and whispered intimately in his ear, “Because sometimes I just want it to hurt. Like holding a finger over a lit match.” She sighed lustily. “Pain can be such a turn on.”

As her words sunk in, she surreptitiously watched Tyrone’s eyes widen in horror to the point where they looked like full moons during the autumnal equinox. Damn, but was he gullible.

click Level Eight. Could she feel the current course through the finger of her clit now! It was so intense, winding her up so much that her clit erected to its full one inch length. The additional blood saturating her clit acted like the perfect conductor of current. The electricity, now meeting much less resistance, raced from the clamp clipped to the tip of her clit and down the sturdy shaft. She could feel it sparkling and crackling, though with a reduced power, on her labia minora and at the entrance to her vagina. She was dripping again. Fuck it was nice.

Tyrone was suddenly slingshot from sexual hell to having the time of his life. The pleasure was such an unexpected thrill. And it was coming from everywhere. Especially from the urethral probe the end of which was nestled in the middle of his prostate. With each throb of the E-Stim, that little gland would sympathetically contract. And each contraction felt like the little death, the snap of climax. Then sometimes the pulse from the sound combined with a wayward pulse from the butt plug, making the artificial climax even more intense. It was perfect. It was beautiful. Then, a particularly sensuous back-to back pulse shot from the sound followed a fraction of a second later by one from the plug. His eyes slammed open. He could feel his wad stirring.

Nadine watched closely as Tyrone thrashed his head from side to side, a look of unparalleled bliss covering his face. The sound was working its way up and down in his urethra all by itself, every once in a while popping out of his piss slit. She knew that when it popped out it was no longer stimulating his prostate so pleasurably. But when it sunk back in, and the end of it re-entered the tiny gland, it would light it up like a Fourth of July sparkler and eventually force him to cum. Once again she watched as the electricity-spitting sound disappeared into his prick. Again the finest, most exquisite cum-face lit Tyrone’s ecstatic features as the tip of the rod resettled into his prostate. This time, however, his prick began to jump and twitch, turning a deeper shade of purple, the riot of surface veins becoming more pronounced that those on the arms of a professional weight lifter. Ah oh. It looked like he was about to cum. She smiled meanly. Not yet you don’t.

“Goldie. Judith. Now.”

That’s all it took. The two girls had been crouching on each side of the big pink lug nut for some minutes and were dying for some action. They pounced on the defenseless twink with the same ferocity as hungry vultures devouring a tasty rotting corpse. Goldie’s buried a hand of rapidly tickling digits in his arm pit while the fingers of her other hand poked and prodded his ribs. Judith, on the other hand, went right for his stomach, forcing stiff, wiggling fingers into the deep valleys of his six pack.

Instantly Tyrone’s half-opened pleasure saturated eyelids slammed wide in shocked surprise as it took a second for the tickling to trump the irresistible electronic pleasure. With no way to fend the girls off, the buff young stud wildly bucked in place, the ropes holding him in place pulled so tight that they thrummed deeply, vibrating like a cat gut string on a bass fiddle. Tyrone roared at the top of his voice, his frantic laughter echoing throughout the sorority. He threw his body roughly to and fro as he screamed out big, full breath belly laughs.

“Oh please! Oh god! You gotta stop…hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, haaaaaaahahahahaha. No! Oh please ha, ha, ha, ha, NOOOOOOO!!! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.” His arms, his legs strained to shut. But he was tied spread eagled and now BOTH girls had busy fingers in his pits. It was horrible! He could not catch his breath. All thoughts of cumming flew from his mind as he tried to escape the relentless tickling. But the girls were relentless as they tickled on.

With Tyrone bucking wildly, his big boner swung crazily, like the long, dislocated neck of a deranged, hyper-glycemic goose. It cut through the air at blinding speed, bouncing off of his abs and thighs with sharp audible smacks. All the erratic swinging prevented the electrified sound from sinking back into his prostate. Grabbing Tyrone’s swinging prick mid-shaft, Nadine sniggered at a particularly frantic gay shriek that erupted from his throat. With her thumb, she pressed the sound back down until it once again disappeared into his shaft. Laughing giddily, she bumped up the power on the E-Stim box to Level Nine. Was her clit screaming now!

As soon as the E-Stim slipped into the center of his prostate, the higher level had it lighting up brighter than a Dominator one-billion candlepower rotating beam searchlight. Despite the horrible endless tickling that had so abruptly pulled him away from an orgasmic release, the added power abruptly put him on the verge of cumming once again. He clenched and clenched, trying to push his massive wad to release but…nothing doing. The nasty endless tickling was too distracting to let him nut. And it felt like there was so much of it, all getting churned up by the strong electronic zaps. Tyrone was sure that the sound was heating up his cum, making it molten as it sloshed around in his groin.

“Ho…heh, heh, hee, hee…I gots to cum!” Tyrone pleaded with his naked abuser. “Ah cayn’t…heh, heh, heh, take no mow! Ahhhhhhhh, ha, ha, ha.”

“Poor baby,” Nadine cooed. “Let me help.”

“Yow help is…teeeeeee, hee, hee, hee… neva any help at all,” Tyrone sniveled miserably between bouts of uncontrolled laughter.

“This will be…” Nadine squirt Tyrone’s upright tool with a thick layer of conductive jell. Tyrone yelped as she tore the two conductive pads off his cock head and stuck them to the back of her hands. Grabbing the pink douche‘s cock with both hands, Nadine could feel the electricity pass through to her palms and into his prick. The electricity crackled from her fingers as she began stroking the fearsome cock from one end to the other.

Tyrone’s eyes widened in disbelief, sure he was seeing sparks flying out of his abusers finger tips. “OOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOooooooooOOOOOOOOO…” he warbled as the crackling on the outside of his cock merged with the throbbing coming from within…and the virtual pounding he was getting from the anal insertable. It felt fucking so weird! And it made the pressure to cum too great! But the tickling was so horrible he couldn’t! Tyrone’s eyes rolled back into his head, positive that if he couldn’t nut immediately, his cum pump would explode and never work right again.

“Ah, ah, ah, hahahahaha, OOOOoooooooOOOOOOO,” the heavily gasping stud heaved, “Ah really, really gots to cum! Now let me cum!” He was desperate. His prostate was repeatedly clenching hard, like the sudden snap of a clam but over and over again. A climax but without the climax. It did feel incredibly good but that was irrelevant. He absolutely had to nut. Now.

“Let’s try this,” Nadine muttered. Abandoning the long slow crackly two-handed cock strokes, she reversed her grip and with her right hand began polishing just his cock head. She looked up sharply when he screamed. Perfect. The voltage was making his cock head sizzle beautifully. Then she grabbed his lowest hanger with her left. He bucked hard, screaming so satisfyingly as the coursing electricity made his plum frantically break dance in her hand. She tried to grab both plums at the same time but the twice per second electric pulse made one or the other madly jump out of it.

“I used to have Mexican jumping beans that jumped just like your balls are jumping now,” Nadine observed as a particularly nasty bolt made his left nut jump three inches off of her palm. She grabbed the nut tight. Every flash of voltage from her fist to his ball had his entire body lurching in sympathy. Abandoning the crackling cock head polishing, Nadine snagged his other ball.

Isn’t the sadistic Nadine something?  And she’s not done with Tyrone by a long shot.  She hasn’t even rode him yet.  And does so with a whip.  Yikes!!!

This is an excerpt from the book, “Harvard is for Beautiful Perverts”.  You can buy the book by clicking here…(CLICK)


Nadine lay quietly on a beach towel in her parent’s back yard sunning herself.  She just got out there a half hour ago after spending an hour lackadaisically reading an old book on etiquette.  Her mother had been on her back to get it started; “embrace the nuances of polite society” she had said.  It was one of those hated tasks that her mother made her do during summer vacation.  She was in her favorite spot on the south side of the garage.  It was the only spot in the entire six acre estate that afforded a margin of privacy.  She was sun bathing in the nude.  Until this summer that would have been impossible without getting punished;  her mother did not want her to.  Not old enough.  Anlways not old enough.  Almost everything she did or wanted to do her mother either opposed or objected.  They continuously argued.  Sun bathing this year was more open, the result of an uneasy truce.  Her mother thought she was sun bathing topless which was OK: very continental, very Italian.  But nude?  Never!  Pea gravel on the cement drive was her early warning system.  Whenever someone walked over it the noise would give her a three second warning to cover up.

Her miserable thirteen year old brother left on his bike with his friends half an hour ago.  She couldn’t sun bath topless or nude with them around because they would peek.  In fact, last week two of them climbed to the roof of the garage.  She caught them jerking off while spying on her.  The assholes.  Which got her thinking about men in general.  For over a year now men have been giving her The Look.  That’s how she regarded a certain glazed, glassy-eyed way men had been staring at her lately: The Look.  All ages, too.  Some of them were old farts over thirty.  Eeeuuu!  At first she was confused as to why they were looking at her that way.  Initially she kept thinking that her makeup was messed or that her clothes were wrong.  Then the realization hit home that they were looking at her in that way because she was pretty.  She knew she was pretty.  However, she did not realize how beautiful, how desirable she had actually become.  She was still young, inexperienced.  Much of the lust she could inspire in men was yet to come.

Nadine lay in the sun, eyes closed.  She could feel the sun’s rays lick at her nipples, making the sensitive flesh tumesce to their full one inch long length, as if defying the sun to continue its caress.  She thought about her family.  She was from a long line of Italian, make that Roman, blood.  It was said that her family was descended from the Roman Emperor Tiberius.  She overheard her father say once that she had the bearing and temperment of the old line royalty.  She would have been pleased.  But he ruined it by saying in almost the same breath that she was spoiled and argumentative.  She did not quite understand; isn’t that part of  having a royal bearing, too?

Then, as if her mother did not criticize her enough already, she said that she didn’t like the way she walked.  It was too suggestive.  What!  She was always getting accused of stupid things like that, things over which she had no control.  She didn’t even believe that she had a sexy walk until earlier this year when she spotted herself walking, reflected in a plate glass window at the mall.  She was wearing a short skirt with heels and she was surprised to see how loose-hipped she was.  Intuition immediately suggested that it had to be the sexy walk her mother complained about.  She spent the next two hours striding around the mall, watching herself in shop windows, trying out different strides.  Different strides for different situations.  Then her ancient neighbor, a former ambassador to Greece, told her at a recent garden party that she “walked real loose, like a long necked goose.”  At first, she though that he was insulting her or hitting on her so she instantly told her father.  Her father just laughed.  “Nad, that’s a line from the song ‘Chantilly Lace’ by The Big Bopper, a singer way back in the nineteen fifties.  Not to worry, it was just the margarita’s talking.  Besides, he’s right.”  Then another neighbor half sang, “A wiggle in the walk and a giggle in the talk…”  All the men standing around laughed; the margarita’s were certainly flowing!  She finally realized that they were only teasing her so she dropped it.  But she didn’t have to like it.  It wasn’t fair.  Even though she wiggled, she never ever giggled.  Then once Joe, her putz of a boyfriend, asked her to walk “less sexy.”  Was she pissed.  Him, too?  Of all people.  Needless to say, he didn’t get any that night.

Her olive skin, glistening in the sun, was certainly part of her heritage.  Though she rarely burned, especially after a few days of exposure, she always smoothed a generous amount of her favorite macadamia nut suntan oil onto her skin.  She loved the nutty smell and the satiny feel of it.  So much better than coconut.  She loved the way it kept her skin moist and soft no matter how many hours she lay out.  This year the sun had the unexpected side effect of making her horny.  In fact, she was horny right now.  She drew a hand slowly across her tummy to her high breast where she teased and pulled on her stiff nipple.  Mmmmmmmm, that felt good. Right down to her juicy pussy.  She wished Anita was here to tongue it…and her lengthening clit below.

The sun licked her cheek gently.  Tall, slim, athletically tough body notwithstanding, her head was delicate, sitting atop a sleek neck.  Her features were delicate as well.  A straight, thin nose, same as that as seen on surviving busts of her ancient relative, sat prominently over a pair of full, sensuous lips.  Lips that were special, one of a kind.  Lips that men interpreted as being full of naughty promise, lips capable of  fulfilling their most dirty desires, lips capable of bringing men to their knees with a mere aristocratic pucker.  She figured out early that her lips were as potent as the bite of a cobra.  She had, without much trouble, perfected six distinctive looks in the mirror, all designed to devastate men.  Before they had gone all the way, she had practiced them on her boyfriend, tying him up into hormone saturated, blue-balled knots for months.  Eventually, she could make him cum in his pants with nothing more than her lips by talking sexy to him, pouting them at him, kissing him, nuzzling his ear, sucking his fingers and on and on, the only inhibition being the limits of her imagination.  Much to his relief, not to mention hers, her pussy had been her Christmas present to him last year.  To her way of thinking, these were all variations of the female version of The Look.

The Look wouldn’t be The Look if it wasn’t for her eyes.  Eyes and lips working in concert were a deadly serious combination for any boy unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end.  Those green eyes.  Bright, clear emerald green eyes surrounded by the whitest of whites.  While her eyes were not large they appeared to be in her finely featured face.  The shape of the eyes themselves suggested a seriousness of purpose.  That she would not tolerate nonsense from friends as well as enemies.  If riled, woe be the person she was riled at.  Her gaze amped up to be so sharp and peircing that even stern Ceasar Tiberius would have taken notes.  It had been said that some people have a gaze that could be interpreted as being as dangerous as a dagger.  Nadine’s gaze was levels above that.  In modern terms, perhaps as dangerous as an artillery piece.  That gaze could put a hole right through you.  Alternately, Nadine could pin one with it the same was a collector would pin a butterfly to a display board.  If you were on her shit list, there was no escape.

But mostly she used The Look to promote her own sexuality.  Her Pout Look was the best of type.  She had practiced long and hard to get that look just right.  At Brookline High the Pout Look was famous.  She used it, of course, in concert with her eyes.  The Pout Look was so devastating, so potent that it fell men like trees.  It melted Joe, turning the over-sized football player into mush every time she directed it at him.  Other boys would do anything she asked if she asked with the ‘Pout.  Now and again she would entertain her freinds by demonstrating its effectiveness.  She once asked a random boy, a boy she did not know doing nothing more than walking from one class to another, to go to Starbucks and get her a latte’ right in the middle of the school day.  She blasted him with the Pout Look.  He ditched his class, left the campus, got it and delivered it to her in her classroom, interrupting the teacher and earning himself  two detentions.  He never regretted it, she never spoke to him again and he still has a crush on her to this day.

Speaking of teachers, if anything, it worked even better on them.  She was able to turn a C into a B second quarter simply by talking to Mr. Tagetti, her graying civics teacher.  Nadine gave him the full battery of all six Looks during their short talk.  She knew she had him when he started to blush.  Then when he did not get up all the way as she rose to leave, she imagined that she saw an erection bobbing in his loose dress pants.  Do fat fifty year olds still get erections?  She doubted it.  Anita  told her the Pout worked so well because men would instantly visualize their hard cocks sliding into the little “O” of her full, pursed lips.  That sounded way gross to her so she asked her boyfriend about it.  She was stroking his dick at the time.  They had not yet progressed to oral sex.  When she gave him the Pout Look, he helplessly shot off.  That seemed to answer that question.

Before she found Joe and started going steady, she was rarely asked out on a date.  Boys found her too intimidating, too overwhelming.  If a boy was able to get around the beauty of the girl, he did not know how to handle the sultry sexuality of her.  Some boys had a hard time simply talking to her.  Some stammered, some would not look her in the eye, some giggled.  She had a low tolerance level for that kind of behavior and was quick to let them know.

Nadine constantly compared herself to her BFF, Anita.  Anita was, too, unquestionably beautiful.  Perhaps even more beautiful than Nadine.  Yet she remained approachable.  She rarely intimidated; she had an open smile.  She was fun to be around but she had a devilish streak.  She loved to tease boys, for example, and would deliberately give them boners simply by talking to them.  She was alluring, not sultry.  And she could turn it on and off.  She had perfect form.  On the other hand, Nadine was just as sultry as she was beautiful.  A girl men fantasized about.  A girl that could not turn it off and constantly oozed sex.  A girl who would be objectified by men well into her late thirties.  She had a perfect royal bearing.  One would think that between the two of them that they could snag any man they wanted.  It did not work that way.  They actually scared off most of the boys they found attractive.  That’s why they both put up with their boyfriends’ shortcomings and explained why their sex life sucked.

Sucked, until they met Jack.  Jack the answer to their every sexual prayer. Jack who, unlike their boyfriends, had a prick they could actually feel as it slid in.  And in and in.  Jack, who was always hard.  Jack, who could and did fuck them for hours, not minutes.  Jack.  Their own personal cream filled slice of summertime fun in the sun.  The A Boy and His Boner Compilation is your best bet.  At $11.99!!!  You can buy it here:  A Boy and His Boner Compilation(click).

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