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 A Boy and His Boner

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A Boy and His Boner

This witty, energetic and extremely erotic novel is written from the perspective of both the unwitting, sexually inexperienced but oh so ready Jack Deacon as well as that of the sultry, ‘anything goes’ Nadine Tiberius and her BFF, the buff, seductive Anita Doble.

If you, the reader, are interested in knowing what goes through the sensually overwhelmed mind of the virgin Jack, a teen seduced; then this book is definitely for you. Feel what he feels when he is roughly taken over by the nasty naughty girls and experience what he experiences as they force his eager body to explode in orgasm after orgasm.

If you, the reader, are more interested in what the teen girls are thinking and feeling as they seduce the younger Jack, dominate him, then realize that he has a package longer and thicker than their two boy friends put together, then this book will tickle your fancy like no other.

Read how both horny girls felt utterly virginal again, never having had a dick thicker than a bratwurst,  as they struggled to squeeze Jack’s thick bone into thier tight wet pussies.  Cum with them as they do; they quickly discover how much easier and how much harder they can climax when skewered with a long thick thrusting prick.  Read what Jack was thinking, what pleasure he felt, as the girls sensuously struggled while he mercilessly thrust.  Sex in the pool, sex on the sunny backyard trampoline; the first day with new partners is always the most exciting.  They indulged in an erotic free-for-all that left them sore, exhausted but very very satisfied.

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“First day of summer vacation.  At last!”

Jack Deacon awoke, thrilled that the difficult school year at Brookline High had finally ended.  Having aced all subjects and comporting himself well with his extra-curricular activities, his parent had rewarded him by doubling his allowance for the summer.  Avoiding a summer job was the second and most welcome part of their reward for his scholastic success.  Jack, basking in the pleasure of being a first year honor student, had nothing more in mind for himself than long lazy days of sun, swimming and exersize before it began all over again in the fall.  He had no idea that he would quickly become a teen seduced.

And so he thought as the story, A Boy and His Boner, begins.  You can find it here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/500055?ref=titsellioto.  Jack, a virgin, had no idea that later that morning a chain of unexpected events would propel him into a world of the most outrageous sexual escapades he could ever imagine.  And if he had imagined them, certainly not to himself!

Key to his sexual awakening was the devastatingly beautiful duo of Anita Doble and her BFF, Nadine Tiberius.  A year ahead of Jack in school, Anita came across him while he was on a run.  Bored, she greeted him anyway.  It was then that she discovered he had been running with a fully cocked erection.  Giving it a little tease and a little squeeze, Jack fired off in the street with embarrassing ease.  Transfixed by a prick that was much longer and way fatter than that of her boyfriend, she quickly arranged to rendezvous with him the next day, adding:

“You might want to, but don’t play with this beautiful cock of yours today or tomorrow morning.  If I’m coming over here, I want you horny.  Nothing less will do.  I’m not sure if you can help yourself so I’m going to give you a little incentive.  I got to taste you, now it’s your turn to taste me.”

And with that she took his hand and exhibiting a complete lack of modesty, she slipped his long, slim middle finger into herself.  “Now honey, swirl it around a little bit inside.  Mmmmmmm…”  After a minute of exploration Anita reluctantly took his hand in hers and pulled his finger out of her.  As the glistening finger re-emerged, she said, “OK, now you know how hot and tight my cunt is.  Close your eyes.”

Jack dutifully closed his eye’s, ready for anything.  She brought the exploring finger to his lips.  “I want you to taste me now,” she whispered.  “Savor it.”  He parted his lips.  She watched him suck at his finger for his first taste of fresh teen pussy.  The look on his face was indescribable; a reflection of yet another new sensation for the virgin boy: the exquisite flavor of a healthy, horny young cunt.

Jack was blown away.  The eroticism of the moment was nothing he had ever experienced.  “Mmmmmmmmm.  You are so delicious.  Please, a little more?”

“If you’re a good boy you’ll get a lot more tomorrow.”  Anita could feel herself getting overly aroused.  If she didn’t get out of there fast she was going to molest this innocent boy.  But she did get one last naughty idea.  “You’ll have to settle for this, Jack.”  She reached down between her legs and swished her own finger around inside herself.  She pulled her wet finger from her vag and without warning stuck it first into his left nostril and then his right.  She gave him one last kiss.  “You have felt how tight and hot I am.  You have tasted my nectar.  Now you can smell me for the rest of the day while daydreaming about all the nasty things you’re going to do to me tomorrow.”  And with that, she got on her bike and pedaled away, not looking back.

You can find A Boy and His Boner, a novel about teen seduction, in its entirety here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/500055?ref=titsellioto


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