Series One – Jack Deacon’s Excellent Adventures – Pre College Sex Stories

 Pre College Sex Stories

Jack is seduced by two horny hot girls who use and abuse

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A Boy and His Boner


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The Series: A Boy and His Boner

What you will read below and in other sections of this web site reflects only a small portion of the increasingly kinky action as the teens gain experience doing what they do best.  The overall theme is that of sexually curious and aggressive male and female Brookline High School teenagers trying anything they can think of to give each other the most mind-blowing and profound orgasms that their willing and athletic bodies can produce…and produce in the sexual deviants that flit in and out of their lives.  They use every trick: exploiting the body’s sensitivity brought about through multiple orgasms, or the explosive zap of E-Stim in just the right places, or the deliberate abuse of sensitive sex organs or the simple application of pain in all of its many nasty forms.  Of course, there is also the mundane: whipping, spanking and tickling.   These Brookline High School scholar’s don’t miss a trick.  Nothing is overlooked in these pre college sex stories; everything is taken to the extreme.  This detailed and explicit series chronicles only the very beginning of these virile, confident teenagers coming of age.

 All books are available directly through the publisher, Smashwords Publishing. a publisher of UNCENSORED books.  You can check out their enormous selection HERE:  Smashwords Publishing(click) Each book has simple-to-follow links (where you would “click”) back to Smashwords where you can easily download it either to read the first 20% or purchase it in its entirety.  All outbound links (clicks) in this website go to Smashwords and Smashwords only, my publisher, so you should have no fear of clicking on a link to a  malicious site.  All books are priced inexpensively at $3.99 each.

Book One

A Boy and His Boner

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“First day of summer vacation.  At last!”

Jack Deacon awoke, thrilled that the difficult freshman school year at Brookline High School had finally ended.  Having aced all subjects and comporting himself well with his extra-curricular activities, his parent had rewarded him by doubling his allowance for the summer.  Avoiding a summer job was the second and most welcome part of their reward for his scholastic success.  Jack, basking in the pleasure of being a first year honor student, had nothing more in mind for himself than long lazy days of sun, swimming and exersize before it began all over again in the fall.

And so he thought as the story, A Boy and His Boner, begins.  You can find it here:  Jack, a virgin, had no idea that later that morning a chain of unexpected events would propel him into a world of the most outrageous sexual escapades he could ever imagine.  And if he had imagined them, certainly not to himself!

Key to his sexual awakening was the devastatingly beautiful duo of Anita Doble and her BFF, Nadine Tiberius.  A year ahead of Jack in school, Anita came across him while he was on a run.  Bored, she greeted him anyway.  It was then that she discovered he had been running with a fully cocked erection.  Giving it a little tease and a little squeeze, Jack fired off in the street with embarrassing ease.  Transfixed by a prick that was much longer and way fatter than that of her boyfriend, she quickly arranged to rendezvous with him the next day, adding:

“You might want to, but don’t play with this beautiful cock of yours today or tomorrow morning.  If I’m coming over here, I want you horny.  Nothing less will do.  I’m not sure if you can help yourself so I’m going to give you a little incentive.  I got to taste you, now it’s your turn to taste me.”

And with that she took his hand and exhibiting a complete lack of modesty, she slipped his long, slim middle finger into herself.  “Now honey, swirl it around a little bit inside.  Mmmmmmm…”  After a minute of exploration Anita reluctantly took his hand in hers and pulled his finger out of her.  As the glistening finger re-emerged, she said, “OK, now you know how hot and tight my cunt is.  Close your eyes.”

Jack dutifully closed his eye’s, ready for anything.  She brought the exploring finger to his lips.  “I want you to taste me now,” she whispered.  “Savor it.”  He parted his lips.  She watched him suck at his finger for his first taste of fresh teen pussy.  The look on his face was indescribable; a reflection of yet another new sensation for the virgin boy: the exquisite flavor of a healthy, horny young cunt.

Jack was blown away.  The eroticism of the moment was nothing he had ever experienced.  “Mmmmmmmmm.  You are so delicious.  Please, a little more?”

“If you’re a good boy you’ll get a lot more tomorrow.”  Anita could feel herself getting overly aroused.  If she didn’t get out of there fast she was going to molest this innocent boy.  But she did get one last naughty idea.  “You’ll have to settle for this, Jack.”  She reached down between her legs and swished her own finger around inside herself.  She pulled her wet finger from her vag and without warning stuck it first into his left nostril and then his right.  She gave him one last kiss.  “You have felt how tight and hot I am.  You have tasted my nectar.  Now you can smell me for the rest of the day while daydreaming about all the nasty things you’re going to do to me tomorrow.”  And with that, she got on her bike and pedaled away, not looking back.

You can find the book in its entirety here:


Book Two

Manage a Bondage Teen

Cover for Manage a Bondage Teen

The next day, in Menage a Bondage Teen ( he met Nadine Tiberius.  Sneaking into his back yard with Anita, they were greeted with the wonderfully arousing sight of a nude and fully erect Jack working out with weights on the expansive patio.  Intent on seducing him, not spooking him, the naughty, giggling girls stripped down to nothing.  Just out of sight, slathering each other in their favorite macadamia nut sun tan oil, they glistened in the sun.  Nadine casually, seductively, sauntered forward to stand in front of the shell-shocked boy, his incredibly sensitive cock head poking her in the stomach.  An equally nude Anita rubbed against his back and buns.   He could barely catch his breath when he realized that he was sandwiched between the oiled, writhing bodies of two of the most desirable girls in Brookline High School.

Jack was in seventh heaven.  Then when Nadine began to fondle his cock he was elevated to eighth heaven.  Only the second girl to touch him!  Shit, was he stiff!  No one but no one had ever caressed his cock before…except for Anita yesterday, and that was covert.  His prick hurt it was so hard.  He stood there not knowing what to say or do.  Then Anita came up behind him and wrapped her arms around him to caress his chest and pull on his nipples.  Every pinch and squeeze seemed to telegraph down to the head of his cock.  The pre-cum burbled out of his piss slit faster yet.  He watched Nadine as she took hold of his shaft just underneath the head, licked the palm of her other hand and started to twist it around his purpling crown.  Crazy sensations crashed through his brain as she roughly manipulated the fat head.  He watched as she then changed up to a reverse grip that made the crashing pleasure even more intense.  He was becoming lightheaded; it was impossible for him to catch his breath.

Jack had never touched a woman’s breast before.  He watched Nadine’s glistening, long-nippled tits rise and fall with a passion induced double vision.  He was faced with a pair more delectable than any air-brushed pair found in a porn magazine.  He badly wanted to caress those breasts…and tongue those outrageous nipples!  With heart beating so rapidly he thought it was going to fly out of his chest, Jack hesitantly reached out with both hands, palm first.  First touch was molten as her nipples seemed to permanently brand deep into his palms.  His fingers closed in on the soft, firm flesh.  He began to caress the deeply tanned skin, pulling on her nipples in the same way that Anita was pulling on his.  They both gasped in unimagined pleasure as the sensations coursed through their bodies.

Jack’s legs began to tremble.  With four hands caressing his genitals he knew that he would not last.  And so did the girls.  A quick glance over his shoulders was all they needed to agree to get him off now.  Get him off now and later on he would be able to throw them both a good long fuck.  He would be relaxed, the tension would be broken and he would perform much much better.  Nadine worked his prick more vigorously.  While her right hand continued to run up and down his shaft, the pad of her left thumb rubbed through the deep cleft of his cock head and viciously ground into his frenulum below.  Jack saw stars.

Anita. for her part, was caressing his scrotum but she wanted more from this boy.  She and Nadine practiced yoga so they were both very flexible.  She decided to try something she read about in Yoga Magazine.  She took a deep breath, turned her back to him, then bent over backwards.  She was now looking at the small, hard globes of his ass upside-down from a distance of five inches.  What hot buns, she thought.  She looked harder.  He must have shaved for us.  There is not a hair to be seen anywhere, not even around his little winky!  She bent further back, grasped Jack by the hips and moved her head between his legs until her shoulders rested against the backs of his thighs.  Perfect!  His balls hung directly over her lips.  They were huge!  She tried to suck them both in but she could only manage one at a time.  She vacuumed in the lowest hanger and began to suck, beating it senseless with the flat of her tongue.  Much to her satisfaction she heard Jack’s beguiling groan.  Anita looked past the skyscraper of his dick into his lust filled eyes.  Shit, but this was fun.  Her mouth was stuffed; his balls were four times larger than her boyfriends’!

Nadine, always the competitor, would not let Anita one-up her, especially since it was she who controlled his cock.  Without any further ado, she dropped to her knees and popped in her mouth the biggest cock head she had ever known.

Jack’s legs were trembling badly.  He had never gotten sucked off before.  And here were two of the most gorgeous girls he could think of doing their best to make him spunk.  He looked down his body.  Nadine was sucking at the head of his cock, her tongue lapping at his slit, giving him sensations that he could only dream about while masturbating.  Looking down past Nadine, he looked into Anita’s sparkling eyes as she rolled his balls one at a time around in her mouth.  The entire erotic tableau, the never before felt sensations was simply beyond anything he could have imagined.  As the ball not in Anita’s mouth began to draw up, she took one hand from his waist and began to probe around between his ass cheeks.  Jack went up on his toes as he felt a finger twist against his virgin brown eye.  What the fuck!  He had no idea he had those kind of feelings back there.  If he had thought he had any kind of control it was leaving him now.

And so began Jack’s, let alone Anita and Nadine’s, summer vacation of abject debouchery and sexual discovery.  Bondage abounds.  In fact, after Anita and Nadine relieve him of his huge white load, they tie him under the hot sun, spreadeagled to his backyard trampoline.  Arched with a foam rubber crescent, the rutting girls enthusiastically ride him for hours, switching between face and cock as the orgasms fly fast and furious out of the three of them.

You can find the above book in its entirety here:


Book Three

Girls Do Bondage Better

Cover for Girls Do Bondage Better

In Part Three, Jack turns the tables on the girls by tying Nadine spread-eagled to the backyard trampoline as he had been the previous day.  Both Anita and Jack tease her with feathers, tongues and fingers for hours.  Initially they enforce strict orgasm denial as her needy pussy endlessly creams.  Then they make her climaxing repeatedly before she finally gets stuffed with Jack’s impossible cock.

 Part Three, the third day of Anita, Nadine and Jack’s sexual discovery, is detailed in the novel Girls Do Bondage Better.  You can read the first 20% of the book free and /or buy it here:

Book Four

Roll Play: Xerxes and the Slave Girls

Final 1D BB only


Part Four of the series, Roll Play: Xerxes and the Slave Girls, finds the girls discussing how they could thank Jack for arranging the fake summer school classes that free them up from under their parent’s watchful eyes.  His efforts leave them free for non-stop sex four days a week, seven hours a day.  They decide to enact a fantasy in which Jack plays the part of Xerxes, the Persian King and they, two girls with disgraced fathers who seek to save their families from being thrown to the lions.

Anita and Nadine are put through the paces as the King demands the girls perform various acts of perversion and pleasure for his enjoyment.  After Xerxes examines their bodies for worthiness, they massage, kiss and nuzzle him as he works out, sensuously bathe him in the pool, shave his already smooth body and finally masturbate The Royal Knob.

Xerxes challenges the slaves to a competition: The girls must play with each other’s bodies with the intent of making the other climax.  The first girl to climax loses and she and her family would be thrown to the lions.  The winner would be tied down to the trampoline and subjected to a series of climax provoking indignities by the looser as Jack pounds her with his all.  This and much much more will be found in Roll Play: Xerxes and the Slave Girls.

You can read the first 20% of this book and/or buy it here:



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