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When MILF’s Attack!

This fast paced, sly, witty yet edgy book is written from the perspective of both Martha, the sexually born-again cougar just realizing she has a sadistic streak and Jack, a kinky teenage masochist who loves to mix pain with pleasure.

If you the reader wish to know what the pervert Martha, one of the hottest MILFs around, is thinking and feeling while taking sexual advantage of the buff, bound muscular boy to extremely abusive lengths, this book is exactly for you.  

On the other hand, if you more closely identify with Jack and want to know what he is thinking and feeling as Martha enthusiastically subjects him to one increasingly disgusting act after another, then this book is definitely for you.

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Martha Merriam (‘Bean’ to her friends), a new character, is introduced in When MILF’s Attack!.  One of the hottest MILFs you will ever find, she is the pervert in Fantasies of a Perverted Woman and also has a significant role in Mistress Rose and Her Dungeon of Questionable Delights. Bean is not your average 35 year old mom.  Beautiful, athletic and with a new pair of outrageous tits, she’s as horny as a cat in heat.  She’s out to get laid.  Her sex life, stale after 15 years of marriage, needs a boost.  She wants some young strange and knows exactly where to get it, the local high school.

Jack Deacon is not your average teenager.  Handsome, athletic and an honor student, he is considered a natural leader by his teachers and class mates.  He also has the largest cock of any boy in Brookline High.  Though he has no problems getting laid, he has found that his typical tryst was boring, too mundane.  He believes that there must be some little known way to crank up the incredible hedonistic turmoil of orgasm to a much higher, more exquisite level.  He and his girl friend’s have decided to use their upcoming summer vacation to discover themselves, find out what extremes would be necessary to give themselves the hardest, most mind blowing orgasms possible.

This story is about two people hell bent on drastically widening their sexual horizons.  They independently came to the same conclusion: jump feet first and with no hesitation into the most outrageous sexual situations they could concoct for themselves.  With that in mind, Martha plots her seduction, luring Jack to her home.  Seduced, Jack turns the tables, teaching Bean a thing or two about multiple orgasms, the G-spot and the pleasures of the asshole.  Several orgasms later, the teen challenges Martha to be more abusive; do things to him that she would never consider doing to her husband.  Suddenly, something in Martha snaps, unleashing long dormant fetishes and urges.  Though disgusted with herself and totally out of control, she enthusiastically ravages Jack using her most debouched game.  Now face down, handcuffed and restrained, Jack endures a painful spanking and unending tickling while Martha abuses his asshole and grinds his cock head with the callused heels of her feet.  The pain/pleasure is something fierce, exactly what Jack was looking for.  

You can read the first 20% of the book and/or pick it up for FREE here:  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/501337?ref=titsellioto



Martha slapped him again, this time with her other hand, the other side of his face.  Before he had a chance to object, she got off of his chest and kicked him over onto his stomach.  She jumped on his back facing his feet.  She looked down at his narrow ass, two hard, compact handfuls of solid muscle.  She slapped him.. First one cheek and then the other, back and forth, over and over, with the intent of getting them good and red.

“Hey!  Ow, owwwwww, that hurts!  Fucking bitch!” he complained.

“Oh, it’s like that, is it.  First ‘bitch’ and now ‘fucking bitch’?” Martha snarled.  “And before you commanded me to make you lunch.  What did you say?  ‘Like a good little MILF!?!’  What, little sissy boy, do you have a death wish?  Get that fucking ass into the air!  Why are you still lying on my bed!  I said ass in air!” she yelled in her best ‘I am in command’ voice.

“I am not a sissy, I’m just afraid of unflattering light,” Jack quipped, winding her up even more.  He was having a great time.  A MILF was ordering him around and beating him, something he hadn’t experienced before and wanted very badly.  He hoped she had some good game.  Once she started kicking him around his boner rapidly stiffened, purpled, veins rose; it wanted more.  As he went to his knees, Martha kept her full weight on his back.  As his ass rose her pussy slid down over his shoulders to rest against the back of his head.

“Keep your chest against the mattress, sissy boy!” she challenged.  “I want only your ass in the air.  And spread those legs!”  As the boy struggled to assume the position, Martha resumed slapping his red ass.  “Are you going to be a good boy from now on?” she demanded.

“I am a good boy,” Jack squealed, “you awful cunt!  And you’re soaking the back of my head with pussy juice.  Yuck!”

Martha grinned at the smart ass.  She was rapidly getting into it.  It was as if Jack had thrown a ‘beat up men’ switch in her brain.  She never realized that she had an affinity for it.  Impetuously, she leaned over to the night table, opening the drawer.  She pulled out a long neglected pair of pink handcuffs she had bought on an impulse what, five years ago.  She and hubby Wilbur only used them once.  “Hands behind your back.  Now!”  As Jack complied, she quickly snapped the cuffs around his wrists before he could complain.  “Now take this, sissy boy.”  She leaned forward, resting her breasts against Jack’s lower back, face just above his tight ass cheeks.  She pulled his cheeks apart and got her first good look at his anus.  She noted that his brown eye was as perfect as the rest of him.  She snorted, hocking a luggie at his hole.  That was immediately followed by the forcible entry of two fingers.  She got them in to the first joint, met some resistance, twisted them in his hole and pushed harder, getting them in to the second joint.  Jack moaned and shook beneath her.  This was fun, imposing her will over the young man.  She reached underneath him to see if he still had a boner.  Did he ever, she should not have worried.  His cock was as stiff as it was over three hours ago.  It drooled a steady stream of pre-cum all over her satin sheets.  She let go of it and resumed tanning his hide.  She forced her fingers into his anus until there was no more finger to give.


“You’re getting cum all over my sheets,” she snapped, wiggling her fingers in his hole.  Martha stopped belting his ass, reached between his legs and pulled his straining boner out between them until the head pointed at his feet.  Jack squealed loudly and arched his back further as Martha bent his cock in a direction it didn’t want to go.

“Look at this putrid piece of meat,” she said; resting her chin on the cheek she had just stopped beating, fingers playing in his hole.  The hand holding his cock slipped to the crown.  She held his cock crown in her palm and examined the deep cleft she found there.  She spit a hocker at the head for lubrication and set her thumb to work rubbing the cleft and banjo string below.  Each firm thumb stroke made him violently buck.  As she continued, her efforts were rewarded with a mighty groan from Jack.  “Oh, so now you don’t like it, huh, tuff guy?”

Jack was thrilled that his provocation of Martha generated such excellent results.  What she was doing to him felt exactly right after their morning of mundane, getting-to-know-you sex.  And handcuffs!  Now it starts to get exciting!  “Ow, ow!  You’re bending my cock too far.  Stop it!  Ow!  You’re hurting my butt, you awful bitch!  I’ll get you!” he mockingly promised.

“Take it, worm,” Martha scorned, redoubling her efforts.  “You should consider yourself lucky that I haven’t used your balls as punching bags.  Bet that would stop that pre-cum from staining my sheets.”  She looked at his brown eye again, stuffed with her fingers, not more than six inches from her face.  She never licked an ass hole before…  Hmmmmm.  She felt the bottom drop out of her stomach as she contemplated, for the first time in her life, licking an ass hole.  Jack licked hers, she thought.  She sniffed.  No bad smell.  She looked at her twisting fingers.  No specs of anything unpleasant.  Her heart went to her mouth as she decided that she was going to do something disgusting.  Something that both she and Wilbur found disgusting.  She took her fingers from his ass and watched, fascinated, as the crinkled hole winked shut.  Still a little nervous about licking it, she picked up the corner of the top sheet and wiped his ass.  The last time she wiped an ass that wasn’t hers was her baby boy’s.  And that was nine years ago.  Before she could change her mind, she centered her head above his crack and took the plunge.

Jack was momentarily disappointed when Martha pulled her fingers out of his ass.  But then, out of nowhere, he felt her breath where her fingers had just been.  He smiled in utter delight as he felt the first light touch of her tongue.  Wow!  He sure had a positive influence.  Not much more than an hour ago she had told him that his tongue had been the first tongue ever to lick her ass and that she had never eaten ass.  Now her tongue was tracing the outlines of his pucker.  Oh!  He wiggled his ass.  Was she getting up the courage to dig it in deep?

Martha’s first tentative licks met with nothing unpleasant.  First she traced only the very tip of her tongue just outside of his ring.  She cautiously circled her tongue closer until it felt the change in skin texture.  She slowly circled her tongue around and around the crinkly skin.  It was fun and gross at the same time!  Martha got a little braver.  She flattened her tongue and repeatedly rasped it over his hole.  Ohmygod…she felt it wink under her tongue.  Her pussy instantly ran wet with renewed passion.  That was it, she was hooked.  As Jack repeatedly groaned in appreciation, Martha took her hand from his cock, and much to Jack’s relief let it snap back under his body.  Now with both hands free, she took a hard bun in each and, spreading his cheeks, enthusiastically dived back in.  She vigorously attacked that hole with lips and tongue, willing it to wink again.  She had discovered a completely new, overlooked body part to play with!  She found that if she pointed her tongue and gently probed it at the center, the hole would wink almost on cue.  She spent long minutes tonguing and kissing his crack, experimenting with it, as if she was the teen and Jack was the adult.  She wanted better access.  His hole was hard to reach from the top.  She sat up and gave his red cheeks another dozen hard blows.

“All right, sissy boy, you stay right where you are,” she said as she got off his back, going back to the night table.  She pulled out a rope with a leather cuff on each end.  “I’m not done punishing you for calling me a bitch and a cunt.  No one in my entire life has ever called me a cunt, you fucking turd,” she informed him as she looped the rope under the bed, cuffs on top at Jack’s feet.  Martha quickly cuffed Jack’s ankles.  A ratchet to adjust the length was located in the span of the rope and she used it to force his legs wide apart.  She rose to her knees over him, surveying her supine immobile lover, again admiring his hard body.  She settled in Indian fashion between his legs.  She had eyes only for his little winky but wanted to abuse him, too.  And what better body part to torture than Jack’s sensitive cock.  “Where is that cock!  All I can see is balls.  I want to see it pointing at your feet, bitch.” she demanded harshly.  “Do it now!  l will brook no intolerance from the likes of you.”

“But you have me handcuffed and all tied up!” Jack whined, pulled flat on the bed by the rope.  “I can’t move let alone adjust my dick for you.  You’ll have to do it.”

“Isn’t that just like a typical no-account teen,” she sneered, enthusiastically slapping his ass and thighs.  Red hand marks were everywhere.  “Leaving all the work to the adults.  Well, let’s see here.”  Martha roughly grabbed Jack’s balls in one hand, making him gasp in surprise.  She pulled on them hard, trying to get his cock to swing around and out between his legs.  But his cock was simply too long for that.  She forced her hand between his body and the sheet, grasped the shaft, and as Jack squealed his protest, bent his cock downward so that it pointed at his feet.  His dick was not at all designed to bend that way and the only way it was comfortable for him was if he held his pelvis well off of the bed.  Martha laughed wickedly.  She had put him into the predicament of having his bone hard prick bent backwards, crown digging a hole into the bed.  From her perspective it made him look like a camera tripod.  Holding his hips suspended off the bed was no small achievement considering that his legs were tied in a split.  Martha loved it.  Not only did this give her an opportunity to further abuse his cock but his raised pelvis put his exposed ass hole on complete display, ready for her experiments.

Martha gazed thoughtfully at the helpless trembling boy and, as her nails scratched red lines on the insides of his thighs, decided to give him more shit.  He was getting away with too much, leading her into tying him up.  She could see he loved her abuse.  It had to be more intense.  She didn’t want him to like it that much.  She looked down at the erect purple cock that jutted out from his groin.  She would start there.  With a malicious smile she uncrossed her legs and placed the bottoms of her feet on each side of Jack’s boner.  This way her calloused heels could grind into his cock head and the soles into the shaft.  Her wiggling toes could buffet his balls.  Jack groaned piteously as Martha began to savagely assault his cock with her feet.  So engaged, she turned her attention back to his asshole.  She grasped a cheek in each hand, pulled them apart and leaned in, mouth watering in anticipation.

When it came to sex Jack had let his friends-with-benefits, Nadine and Anita, do whatever they wanted to him no matter how perverted.  They, in turn, let him do anything equally perverse to them.  Their freedom to explore sexual extremes without the usual moral reservations lead to fantastically intense orgasms.  Martha, he was thrilled to note, took to this philosophy like a duck to water.  She had him dead to rights, especially with his uncomfortably bent cock getting sanded by Martha’s calloused feet.  His legs suddenly goose bumped as he felt her fingers spreading his butt cheeks again.  His cock drooled pre-cum as he wondered what Martha had in store for him next.

Martha had no idea why but his ass tasted great.  A completely new indefinable flavor for her, infinitely better than the bitter taste she was expecting.  She had to have more.  Holding his cheeks apart, she repeatedly licked his hole.  Her neglected pussy, so aroused, was leaving an ever expanding wet spot where she sat.  Not satisfied with what she was getting, she puckered her lips tightly over his hole.  Then, rolling her tongue into a hollow point, she plunged it directly into his brown eye and sucked hard, if a bit anxiously, to get his juices.  Her mouth blossomed in delighted surprise as his intoxicating butt juice flooded in.  She savored the heady brew as one would a fine wine.  She now had a better understanding of why men liked to eat pussy.  Fresh ass, fresh pussy: fresh flavor.  Jack had it in spades.  She wanted more, lots more.  She decided that the only way to get more was to be very, very wicked indeed.  Instead of holding his buns apart with her fingers, she pulled them apart with her palms.  Her fingers were now free to play in his crack.  Her feet never stopped grinding away at his cock.  As his unheeded moans grew louder, she closely inspected his asshole and smiled a nasty smile.

“Your asshole is turning pink, don’tcha know.  Hope you’re still having fun.  I am.  And even if your not, tough shit.”  With that, she spit a large glob of phlegm on his hole.  With the middle finger of each hand, she carefully penetrated his ass.  For a couple minutes, as Jack gasped and moaned, she pulled her fingers apart, stretching his rubbery hole every which way.  Then, just as carefully, she slipped the index finger of each hand in next to the middle finger.  Now with four fingers up his ass, she pulled them slowly apart, forming a square, gaping hole.  She prayed that he wouldn’t fart in her face.  She again experimented with her fingers in his hole, pulling and testing, stretching and teasing.  She knew what she wanted to do but again she resisted her desires.  But her resistance quickly crumbled as her drooling mouth wanted more.  With a mix of revulsion, shame and desire, she spread his ass wide, closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue, and with more than a little apprehension, traced the squared inside rim of his brown eye with the tip of her tongue.  Growing bolder, she probed deeper, tongue now exploring both the stretched rim and the ridges of his sphincter immediately below.

What she was doing was better than foreplay.  It aroused her so much that her itchy cunt pulsed to the beat of her heart.  The only way she could satisfy herself for the moment was to tick and twist her hips in an attempt to grind her pussy a little harder on the red satin.  The wet spot grew larger.  Martha’s tongue was now more than halfway into his ass.  Completely disgusted with herself and loving it, she rasped it round in wide circles, trying to cover as much territory as possible.  Jack moaned, conveying his encouragement.  She felt his ass loosening up.  She really didn’t need to hold it open any longer so she pulled her fingers out.  She watched breathlessly as his anus slowly winked shut.  That will never get old, she thought.  With her hands out of the way, Martha’s lips were once again able to lay flush against his brown eye.  With a desire stronger than anything she had felt for years, she pressed her tongue against the now closed orifice and pressed.  Goose bumps suddenly rose on her body as his sphincter reluctantly blossomed open again under her penetrating tongue.  She kept pressing.  She sunk her tongue into his ass until there was no more tongue to give.  Swooning from the flavors and musky smells, her tongue took on a life of its own, twisting and corkscrewing on the far side of his hole.

Even though the position was peculiar; ass up, legs widely splayed by the unyielding rope, wrists handcuffed behind his back; Jack found the position comfortable especially since his cock had become accustomed to being bent at the wrong angle.  He didn’t have to do anything except delight in what Martha was doing to him.  Especially on satin sheets.  Sweet!  He decided that he was going to get a pair for his bed.  He loved the way she was milking him with her feet.  At first it was hard to take, especially her calloused heels savagely abrading and crushing his cock head.  But his cock reacted quickly, spitting up a continuous stream of pre-cum that lubricated both his cock and her feet, making the milking of his dick much more bearable.  He hoped she would let up on it once he came.  He knew that those rough heels scratching against his climax sensitized cock head would be real pain.

Martha figured that Jack, despite her stroking feet, was still having too much fun.  His pathetic groans had changed from whimpering bleats to unacceptably erotic murmurs and laments.  Though the sounds he made were wonderfully arousing for her, she wanted to up the torture to another level.  She dropped her hands from his buns and reached up to his waist.  She began tickling him, concentrating on his stomach, waist and abdomen just above his hips.  Whatever she could reach while her tongue worked his ass.  Though she knew that he would react, she didn’t bargain on how much he would react.  From her position between his cheeks, she watched in amusement as Jack frantically squirmed and flopped.  Movement severely limited by being face down with his wrists handcuffed behind his back, he gave an excellent imitation of a beached fish as his torso flopped up and down against the bed as he tried to escape her insidious fingers.  It was so remarkably erotic for her.  She would tickle him hard and his buns would harden to rocks on each side of her face as his torso lifted off the bed.  Her mouth left his chute repeatedly to bite his flexing buns as they bunched.  Jack screeched with each bite, torso lifting higher and higher, then slamming back down on the bed.  And that wasn’t all.  He was bellowing so loudly with laughter and cries for mercy that he was hurting her ears.  She tore herself away from his delicious hole just long enough to score a ball gag from the night stand and gag him with it.  Now at least his cries wouldn’t leave her deaf.  Martha again wedged her cheeks firmly between Jack’s buns, her tongue penetrated him and, like the Eveready bunny, it never stopped moving.

Suddenly Jack was being tickled.  He instantly began bucking and roaring in protest.  Oh, the bitch!  He was so ticklish!  How did she know?  Her fingers dug into his sides as her tongue worked his hole.  He could feel his anus clamp down on her tongue time and again as he writhed on the bed trying to get away from her.  But she was merciless.  For five minutes she roughly played with the teen’s spastically contracting body, giving him a workout that left him shining with sweat.  Finally she let up.  But to Jack’s dismay it was only to pop a ball gag into his mouth.  He barely caught his breath when she started back in on him.  If she wasn’t tickling him, she was spanking the shit out of his ass.  Then she was tickling him and spanking him, rapidly switching back and forth, tickling with her left hand and spanking with her right, then spanking with her left and tickling with her right.  Despite the torturous distraction of her busy fingers, her painfully massaging feet and questing tongue were rapidly bringing him to another orgasm.

End of Excerpt

You can purchase the book in its entirety by following this link: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/501337?ref=titsellioto 

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