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playing naughty games on a trampoline with buff hot teen girls and hung athletic teen boys. 

What more could you want?

 Fantasies of a Perverted Woman

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Fantasies of a Perverted Woman

This sly, witty book is written from the point of view of Martha, the new ‘testing-her-wings’ cougar mom and the point of view of both Jack and Bert, the indefatigable teenage boys who give her more pleasure in five hours than she had in the last five months.

Therefore, for those of you who wish to read an erotic, tongue-in-cheek tale about what a bored, horny yet buff and willing housewife can get up to (and what she’s thinking about while getting up to it) once she decides to abandon her inhibitions, this book is for you.

On the other hand, if your focus is with the erection-burdened teenage boys and what they are thinking while they take advantage of their first older woman, this is a story not to be missed.

All books are available directly through the publisher, Smashwords Publishing.  Smashwords is an excellent publisher of UNCENSORED erotica.  You can check Smashwords out here:  SMASHWORDS(click).  Each book has simple-to-follow links (where you would “click”) back to Smashwords where you can easily download it either to read the first 20% or purchase it in its entirety.  All outbound links (clicks) in this website go to Smashwords and Smashwords only, my publisher, so you should have no fear of clicking on a link to a  malicious site.  

 Read the first 20% here – (click)

You can read the book in its entirety by purchasing it here  (click)



Part II of Martha, the cougar mom, sexual reawakening is chronicled in the novel, Fantasies of a Perverted Woman.  Jack takes Martha waaaaay out of her comfort zone.  Bean and Jack jog the two miles to his house and meet up not only with Norbert but also Anita and Nadine.  The four teens conspire to bring their hot, buff, naked MILF guest to one outrageous orgasm after another.  They miss few kinks as they indulge Bean’s oral anal fetish.  Further, there is more of what you found written in When MILF’s Attack (available FREE at the Smashwords e-book website (click)) plus DP (double penetration) of two of the three girls, anal sex, lesbianism, and outdoor sex (on a trampoline).  Bondage is featured as Nadine, one of Jack’s friends-with-benefits, forces her body (with the help of everyone else) to repeatedly climax while tied tight.  Each of Nadine’s successive orgasms is made more intense than the last by Anita’s vicious clitoral pinch-and-twist, a painful delight which she delivers while Nadine is climaxing.

The highlight of Fantasies of a Perverted Woman features Martha having her three-way fantasy come true as she finally gets to have two boys use her at the same time. While Anita and Nadine watch, often reaching in to tweak her naked body, Bert and Jack sexually dominate Martha.  They turn her every which way but loose; to her delight roughly exploring all her holes with enthusiastic teenage abandon.  Martha is subjected to one bizarre position after the other including an outrageous “floating” DP while the boys synchronize bouncing on the trampoline.  Her orgasms are wild, intense; those of legend.  So exhausted after her afternoon of limitless debauchery, the sexually shell-shocked woman had to be disguised as a teen and rode home on the back of Bert’s bicycle.  

You can read the first 20% of

Fantasies of a Perverted Woman

and/or buy it here: 

The book is also included in a compilation of four books entitled:

When MILF’s Attack! The Compilation


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