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Cougar’s use and abuse tender…and not so tender…teenage boys and girls in:

Series Two: A Cougar’s Wild Adventures

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The buff, newly titted MILF cougar out to bag a nice teenage boy.



Series Two

When MILF’s Attack!

This series of novels depict Jack, Anita, Bert and Nadine one year after the first series. The teens are a little more experienced and begin to reach outside their click for their sexual kicks. Follow the new character, the scrumptious, buff, newly titted MILF Martha in a cougar seduction of teeneager Jack in When MILF’s Attack!(click) (excerpt below). Follow Martha’s next cougar seduction in Fantasies of a Perverted Woman(click) as she meets, then screws both Jack and Bert in her first DP, has first-time lesbian sex with the girls, and realizes she has a serious anal fixation on the boys AND the girls. She cannot keep her tongue to herself! Then, in the story Mistress Rose and Her Dungeon of Questionable Delights(click), once again you can find Bean, Jack and Nadine exploring their kinks as they visit the inner city dungeon of the nasty, man hating Mistress Rose, keeper of two compliant sex slaves. The visit could not have been more eye opening, perverted or satisfying. In Violent Violet and Her Silk Ropes of Despair(click) (excerpts below), you will find Violet, one of Mistress Roses sex slaves, visiting the teens on their home ground. In short order the experienced BDSM slave has Jack and Bert naked and tightly tied up, eager to inflict diabolical abuse on their sensitive erections. To maximize your reading pleasure, you should read the books in the order in which they were written.  You could do so by purchasing the When MILF’s Attack! Compilation(click)  The Compilation combines all 4 of the above mentioned books…and at $4.00 off the cover price!

All books are available directly through the publisher, Smashwords Publishing.  Smashwords is an excellent publisher of UNCENSORED erotica.  You can check out Smashwords here:  SMASHWORDS(click).  Each book has simple-to-follow links (where you would “click”) back to Smashwords where you can easily download it either to read the first 20% or purchase it in its entirety.  All outbound links (clicks) in this website go to Smashwords and Smashwords only, my publisher, so you should have no fear of clicking on a link to a  malicious site.  

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Cover for WMA a

Below is the 2016 cover for When MILF’s Attack!

The buff, newly titted MILF cougar gets herself a new look.

Final 2A BB only

Book One

When MILF’s Attack!

Martha Merriam (‘Bean’ to her friends) is not your average 35 year old.  Beautiful, athletic and with a new pair of outrageous tits, she’s as horny as a cat in heat.  She’s out to get laid.  Her sex life, stale after 15 years of marriage, needs a boost.  She wants some young strange and knows exactly where to get it, the local high school.

Jack Deacon is not your average teenager.  Handsome, athletic and an honor student, he is considered a natural leader by his teachers and class mates.  He also has the largest cock of any boy in Brookline High.  Though he has no problems getting laid, he has found that his typical tryst was boring, too mundane.  He believes that there must be some little known way to crank up the incredible hedonistic turmoil of orgasm to a much higher, more exquisite level.  He and his girl friend’s have decided to use their upcoming summer vacation to discover themselves, find out what extremes would be necessary to give themselves the hardest, most mind blowing orgasms possible.

This story is about two people hell bent on drastically widening their sexual horizons.  They independently came to the same conclusion: jump feet first and with no hesitation into the most outrageous sexual situations they could concoct for themselves.  With that in mind, Martha plots her seduction, luring Jack to her home.  Seduced, Jack turns the tables, teaching Bean a thing or two about multiple orgasms, the G-spot and the pleasures of the asshole.  Several orgasms later, the teen challenges Martha to be more abusive; do things to him that she would never consider doing to her husband.  Suddenly, something in Martha snaps, unleashing long dormant fetishes and urges.  Though disgusted with herself and totally out of control, she enthusiastically ravages Jack using her most debouched game.  Now face down, handcuffed and restrained, Jack endures a painful spanking and unending tickling while Martha abuses his asshole and grinds his cock head with the callused heels of her feet.  The pain/pleasure is something fierce, exactly what Jack was looking for.  

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Martha slapped him again, this time with her other hand, the other side of his face.  Before he had a chance to object, she got off of his chest and kicked him over onto his stomach.  She jumped on his back facing his feet.  She looked down at his narrow ass, two hard, compact handfuls of solid muscle.  She slapped him.. First one cheek and then the other, back and forth, over and over, with the intent of getting them good and red.

“Hey!  Ow, owwwwww, that hurts!  Fucking bitch!” he complained.

“Oh, it’s like that, is it.  First ‘bitch’ and now ‘fucking bitch’?” Martha snarled.  “And before you commanded me to make you lunch.  What did you say?  ‘Like a good little MILF!?!’  What, little sissy boy, do you have a death wish?  Get that fucking ass into the air!  Why are you still lying on my bed!  I said ass in air!” she yelled in her best ‘I am in command’ voice.

“I am not a sissy, I’m just afraid of unflattering light,” Jack quipped, winding her up even more.  He was having a great time.  A MILF was ordering him around and beating him, something he hadn’t experienced before and wanted very badly.  He hoped she had some good game.  Once she started kicking him around his boner rapidly stiffened, purpled, veins rose; it wanted more.  As he went to his knees, Martha kept her full weight on his back.  As his ass rose her pussy slid down over his shoulders to rest against the back of his head.

“Keep your chest against the mattress, sissy boy!” she challenged.  “I want only your ass in the air.  And spread those legs!”  As the boy struggled to assume the position, Martha resumed slapping his red ass.  “Are you going to be a good boy from now on?” she demanded.

“I am a good boy,” Jack squealed, “you awful cunt!  And you’re soaking the back of my head with pussy juice.  Yuck!”

Martha grinned at the smart ass.  She was rapidly getting into it.  It was as if Jack had thrown a ‘beat up men’ switch in her brain.  She never realized that she had an affinity for it.  Impetuously, she leaned over to the night table, opening the drawer.  She pulled out a long neglected pair of pink handcuffs she had bought on an impulse what, five years ago.  She and hubby Wilbur only used them once.  “Hands behind your back.  Now!”  As Jack complied, she quickly snapped the cuffs around his wrists before he could complain.  “Now take this, sissy boy.”  She leaned forward, resting her breasts against Jack’s lower back, face just above his tight ass cheeks.  She pulled his cheeks apart and got her first good look at his anus.  She noted that his brown eye was as perfect as the rest of him.  She snorted, hocking a luggie at his hole.  That was immediately followed by the forcible entry of two fingers.  She got them in to the first joint, met some resistance, twisted them in his hole and pushed harder, getting them in to the second joint.  Jack moaned and shook beneath her.  This was fun, imposing her will over the young man.  She reached underneath him to see if he still had a boner.  Did he ever, she should not have worried.  His cock was as stiff as it was over three hours ago.  It drooled a steady stream of pre-cum all over her satin sheets.  She let go of it and resumed tanning his hide.  She forced her fingers into his anus until there was no more finger to give.


“You’re getting cum all over my sheets,” she snapped, wiggling her fingers in his hole.  Martha stopped belting his ass, reached between his legs and pulled his straining boner out between them until the head pointed at his feet.  Jack squealed loudly and arched his back further as Martha bent his cock in a direction it didn’t want to go.

“Look at this putrid piece of meat,” she said; resting her chin on the cheek she had just stopped beating, fingers playing in his hole.  The hand holding his cock slipped to the crown.  She held his cock crown in her palm and examined the deep cleft she found there.  She spit a hocker at the head for lubrication and set her thumb to work rubbing the cleft and banjo string below.  Each firm thumb stroke made him violently buck.  As she continued, her efforts were rewarded with a mighty groan from Jack.  “Oh, so now you don’t like it, huh, tuff guy?”

Jack was thrilled that his provocation of Martha generated such excellent results.  What she was doing to him felt exactly right after their morning of mundane, getting-to-know-you sex.  And handcuffs!  Now it starts to get exciting!  “Ow, ow!  You’re bending my cock too far.  Stop it!  Ow!  You’re hurting my butt, you awful bitch!  I’ll get you!” he mockingly promised.

“Take it, worm,” Martha scorned, redoubling her efforts.  “You should consider yourself lucky that I haven’t used your balls as punching bags.  Bet that would stop that pre-cum from staining my sheets.”  She looked at his brown eye again, stuffed with her fingers, not more than six inches from her face.  She never licked an ass hole before…  Hmmmmm.  She felt the bottom drop out of her stomach as she contemplated, for the first time in her life, licking an ass hole.  Jack licked hers, she thought.  She sniffed.  No bad smell.  She looked at her twisting fingers.  No specs of anything unpleasant.  Her heart went to her mouth as she decided that she was going to do something disgusting.  Something that both she and Wilbur found disgusting.  She took her fingers from his ass and watched, fascinated, as the crinkled hole winked shut.  Still a little nervous about licking it, she picked up the corner of the top sheet and wiped his ass.  The last time she wiped an ass that wasn’t hers was her baby boy’s.  And that was nine years ago.  Before she could change her mind, she centered her head above his crack and took the plunge.

Jack was momentarily disappointed when Martha pulled her fingers out of his ass.  But then, out of nowhere, he felt her breath where her fingers had just been.  He smiled in utter delight as he felt the first light touch of her tongue.  Wow!  He sure had a positive influence.  Not much more than an hour ago she had told him that his tongue had been the first tongue ever to lick her ass and that she had never eaten ass.  Now her tongue was tracing the outlines of his pucker.  Oh!  He wiggled his ass.  Was she getting up the courage to dig it in deep?

Martha’s first tentative licks met with nothing unpleasant.  First she traced only the very tip of her tongue just outside of his ring.  She cautiously circled her tongue closer until it felt the change in skin texture.  She slowly circled her tongue around and around the crinkly skin.  It was fun and gross at the same time!  Martha got a little braver.  She flattened her tongue and repeatedly rasped it over his hole.  Ohmygod…she felt it wink under her tongue.  Her pussy instantly ran wet with renewed passion.  That was it, she was hooked.  As Jack repeatedly groaned in appreciation, Martha took her hand from his cock, and much to Jack’s relief let it snap back under his body.  Now with both hands free, she took a hard bun in each and, spreading his cheeks, enthusiastically dived back in.  She vigorously attacked that hole with lips and tongue, willing it to wink again.  She had discovered a completely new, overlooked body part to play with!  She found that if she pointed her tongue and gently probed it at the center, the hole would wink almost on cue.  She spent long minutes tonguing and kissing his crack, experimenting with it, as if she was the teen and Jack was the adult.  She wanted better access.  His hole was hard to reach from the top.  She sat up and gave his red cheeks another dozen hard blows.

“All right, sissy boy, you stay right where you are,” she said as she got off his back, going back to the night table.  She pulled out a rope with a leather cuff on each end.  “I’m not done punishing you for calling me a bitch and a cunt.  No one in my entire life has ever called me a cunt, you fucking turd,” she informed him as she looped the rope under the bed, cuffs on top at Jack’s feet.  Martha quickly cuffed Jack’s ankles.  A ratchet to adjust the length was located in the span of the rope and she used it to force his legs wide apart.  She rose to her knees over him, surveying her supine immobile lover, again admiring his hard body.  She settled in Indian fashion between his legs.  She had eyes only for his little winky but wanted to abuse him, too.  And what better body part to torture than Jack’s sensitive cock.  “Where is that cock!  All I can see is balls.  I want to see it pointing at your feet, bitch.” she demanded harshly.  “Do it now!  l will brook no intolerance from the likes of you.”

“But you have me handcuffed and all tied up!” Jack whined, pulled flat on the bed by the rope.  “I can’t move let alone adjust my dick for you.  You’ll have to do it.”

“Isn’t that just like a typical no-account teen,” she sneered, enthusiastically slapping his ass and thighs.  Red hand marks were everywhere.  “Leaving all the work to the adults.  Well, let’s see here.”  Martha roughly grabbed Jack’s balls in one hand, making him gasp in surprise.  She pulled on them hard, trying to get his cock to swing around and out between his legs.  But his cock was simply too long for that.  She forced her hand between his body and the sheet, grasped the shaft, and as Jack squealed his protest, bent his cock downward so that it pointed at his feet.  His dick was not at all designed to bend that way and the only way it was comfortable for him was if he held his pelvis well off of the bed.  Martha laughed wickedly.  She had put him into the predicament of having his bone hard prick bent backwards, crown digging a hole into the bed.  From her perspective it made him look like a camera tripod.  Holding his hips suspended off the bed was no small achievement considering that his legs were tied in a split.  Martha loved it.  Not only did this give her an opportunity to further abuse his cock but his raised pelvis put his exposed ass hole on complete display, ready for her experiments.

Martha gazed thoughtfully at the helpless trembling boy and, as her nails scratched red lines on the insides of his thighs, decided to give him more shit.  He was getting away with too much, leading her into tying him up.  She could see he loved her abuse.  It had to be more intense.  She didn’t want him to like it that much.  She looked down at the erect purple cock that jutted out from his groin.  She would start there.  With a malicious smile she uncrossed her legs and placed the bottoms of her feet on each side of Jack’s boner.  This way her calloused heels could grind into his cock head and the soles into the shaft.  Her wiggling toes could buffet his balls.  Jack groaned piteously as Martha began to savagely assault his cock with her feet.  So engaged, she turned her attention back to his asshole.  She grasped a cheek in each hand, pulled them apart and leaned in, mouth watering in anticipation.

When it came to sex Jack had let his friends-with-benefits, Nadine and Anita, do whatever they wanted to him no matter how perverted.  They, in turn, let him do anything equally perverse to them.  Their freedom to explore sexual extremes without the usual moral reservations lead to fantastically intense orgasms.  Martha, he was thrilled to note, took to this philosophy like a duck to water.  She had him dead to rights, especially with his uncomfortably bent cock getting sanded by Martha’s calloused feet.  His legs suddenly goose bumped as he felt her fingers spreading his butt cheeks again.  His cock drooled pre-cum as he wondered what Martha had in store for him next.

Martha had no idea why but his ass tasted great.  A completely new indefinable flavor for her, infinitely better than the bitter taste she was expecting.  She had to have more.  Holding his cheeks apart, she repeatedly licked his hole.  Her neglected pussy, so aroused, was leaving an ever expanding wet spot where she sat.  Not satisfied with what she was getting, she puckered her lips tightly over his hole.  Then, rolling her tongue into a hollow point, she plunged it directly into his brown eye and sucked hard, if a bit anxiously, to get his juices.  Her mouth blossomed in delighted surprise as his intoxicating butt juice flooded in.  She savored the heady brew as one would a fine wine.  She now had a better understanding of why men liked to eat pussy.  Fresh ass, fresh pussy: fresh flavor.  Jack had it in spades.  She wanted more, lots more.  She decided that the only way to get more was to be very, very wicked indeed.  Instead of holding his buns apart with her fingers, she pulled them apart with her palms.  Her fingers were now free to play in his crack.  Her feet never stopped grinding away at his cock.  As his unheeded moans grew louder, she closely inspected his asshole and smiled a nasty smile.

“Your asshole is turning pink, don’tcha know.  Hope you’re still having fun.  I am.  And even if your not, tough shit.”  With that, she spit a large glob of phlegm on his hole.  With the middle finger of each hand, she carefully penetrated his ass.  For a couple minutes, as Jack gasped and moaned, she pulled her fingers apart, stretching his rubbery hole every which way.  Then, just as carefully, she slipped the index finger of each hand in next to the middle finger.  Now with four fingers up his ass, she pulled them slowly apart, forming a square, gaping hole.  She prayed that he wouldn’t fart in her face.  She again experimented with her fingers in his hole, pulling and testing, stretching and teasing.  She knew what she wanted to do but again she resisted her desires.  But her resistance quickly crumbled as her drooling mouth wanted more.  With a mix of revulsion, shame and desire, she spread his ass wide, closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue, and with more than a little apprehension, traced the squared inside rim of his brown eye with the tip of her tongue.  Growing bolder, she probed deeper, tongue now exploring both the stretched rim and the ridges of his sphincter immediately below.

What she was doing was better than foreplay.  It aroused her so much that her itchy cunt pulsed to the beat of her heart.  The only way she could satisfy herself for the moment was to tick and twist her hips in an attempt to grind her pussy a little harder on the red satin.  The wet spot grew larger.  Martha’s tongue was now more than halfway into his ass.  Completely disgusted with herself and loving it, she rasped it round in wide circles, trying to cover as much territory as possible.  Jack moaned, conveying his encouragement.  She felt his ass loosening up.  She really didn’t need to hold it open any longer so she pulled her fingers out.  She watched breathlessly as his anus slowly winked shut.  That will never get old, she thought.  With her hands out of the way, Martha’s lips were once again able to lay flush against his brown eye.  With a desire stronger than anything she had felt for years, she pressed her tongue against the now closed orifice and pressed.  Goose bumps suddenly rose on her body as his sphincter reluctantly blossomed open again under her penetrating tongue.  She kept pressing.  She sunk her tongue into his ass until there was no more tongue to give.  Swooning from the flavors and musky smells, her tongue took on a life of its own, twisting and corkscrewing on the far side of his hole.

Even though the position was peculiar; ass up, legs widely splayed by the unyielding rope, wrists handcuffed behind his back; Jack found the position comfortable especially since his cock had become accustomed to being bent at the wrong angle.  He didn’t have to do anything except delight in what Martha was doing to him.  Especially on satin sheets.  Sweet!  He decided that he was going to get a pair for his bed.  He loved the way she was milking him with her feet.  At first it was hard to take, especially her calloused heels savagely abrading and crushing his cock head.  But his cock reacted quickly, spitting up a continuous stream of pre-cum that lubricated both his cock and her feet, making the milking of his dick much more bearable.  He hoped she would let up on it once he came.  He knew that those rough heels scratching against his climax sensitized cock head would be real pain.

Martha figured that Jack, despite her stroking feet, was still having too much fun.  His pathetic groans had changed from whimpering bleats to unacceptably erotic murmurs and laments.  Though the sounds he made were wonderfully arousing for her, she wanted to up the torture to another level.  She dropped her hands from his buns and reached up to his waist.  She began tickling him, concentrating on his stomach, waist and abdomen just above his hips.  Whatever she could reach while her tongue worked his ass.  Though she knew that he would react, she didn’t bargain on how much he would react.  From her position between his cheeks, she watched in amusement as Jack frantically squirmed and flopped.  Movement severely limited by being face down with his wrists handcuffed behind his back, he gave an excellent imitation of a beached fish as his torso flopped up and down against the bed as he tried to escape her insidious fingers.  It was so remarkably erotic for her.  She would tickle him hard and his buns would harden to rocks on each side of her face as his torso lifted off the bed.  Her mouth left his chute repeatedly to bite his flexing buns as they bunched.  Jack screeched with each bite, torso lifting higher and higher, then slamming back down on the bed.  And that wasn’t all.  He was bellowing so loudly with laughter and cries for mercy that he was hurting her ears.  She tore herself away from his delicious hole just long enough to score a ball gag from the night stand and gag him with it.  Now at least his cries wouldn’t leave her deaf.  Martha again wedged her cheeks firmly between Jack’s buns, her tongue penetrated him and, like the Eveready bunny, it never stopped moving.

Suddenly Jack was being tickled.  He instantly began bucking and roaring in protest.  Oh, the bitch!  He was so ticklish!  How did she know?  Her fingers dug into his sides as her tongue worked his hole.  He could feel his anus clamp down on her tongue time and again as he writhed on the bed trying to get away from her.  But she was merciless.  For five minutes she roughly played with the teen’s spastically contracting body, giving him a workout that left him shining with sweat.  Finally she let up.  But to Jack’s dismay it was only to pop a ball gag into his mouth.  He barely caught his breath when she started back in on him.  If she wasn’t tickling him, she was spanking the shit out of his ass.  Then she was tickling him and spanking him, rapidly switching back and forth, tickling with her left hand and spanking with her right, then spanking with her left and tickling with her right.  Despite the torturous distraction of her busy fingers, her painfully massaging feet and questing tongue were rapidly bringing him to another orgasm.

End of Excerpt

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Cover for FOAPW

Below is the 2016 cover for Fantasies of a Perverted Woman 

Final 2ba BB only

Book Two

Fantasies of a Perverted Woman

Part II of Martha’s sexual reawakening is chronicled in the novel, Fantasies of a Perverted Woman.  Jack takes Martha waaaaay out of her comfort zone.  Bean and Jack jog the two miles to his house and meet up not only with Norbert but also Anita and Nadine.  The four teens conspire to bring their MILF guest to one outrageous orgasm after another.  They miss few kinks as they indulge Bean’s oral anal fetish.  Further, there is more of what you found written in When MILF’s Attack plus DP (double penetration) of two of the three girls, anal sex, lesbianism, and outdoor sex (on a trampoline).  Bondage is featured as Nadine, one of Jack’s friends-with-benefits, forces her body (with the help of everyone else) to repeatedly climax while tied tight.  Each of Nadine’s successive orgasms is made more intense than the last by Anita’s vicious clitoral pinch-and-twist, a painful delight which she delivers while Nadine is climaxing.

The highlight of Fantasies of a Perverted Woman features Martha having her three-way fantasy come true as she finally gets to have two boys fuck her at the same time. While Anita and Nadine watch, often reaching in to tweek her body, Bert and Jack sexually dominate Martha.  They turn her every which way but loose; to her delight roughly exploring all her holes with enthusiastic teenage abandon.  Her orgasm are wild, intense; those of legend.  So exhausted after her afternoon of limitless debauchery, the sexually shell-shocked woman had to be disguised as a teen and rode home on the back of Bert’s bicycle.  

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Martha the cougar and Anita are forcing teenaged Bert to lie across three chaise lounges.  They want him just so, so that they can each take their particular and peculiar abusive pleasure from him.  That is, before they take their abuse to a higher level.

“Don’t I have any say in this,” he asked plaintively.

“No!” the girls responded immediately. They glanced at each other and laughed.

Anita slapped Bert’s ass. “So what are you waiting for? Petit fours and a Shirley Temple? Get down there!”

So Bert got down there. He suspected that they were going to abuse him somehow. But it was sort of exciting at the same time. He knew that the two women could overpower him if they wanted to. The girls watched as he lay face down across the top of the three chaises. His torso on the one across gave him stability while each hip rested on a separate chaise below. His junk dangled between the two. The girls remained standing over him, inspecting their efforts…and Bert’s delectable bunched buns. They were too hot to ignore. Both women simultaneously bent over and began caressing the hard knots of muscle.

“Spread your legs further apart,” Anita directed. He moved them further apart by about a foot. Anita’s hand slipped between his cheeks. Each of her finger tips brushed against his sun-drenched brown-eye in quick succession. It winked with each one, looking like it was blowing kisses.

“Wider,” said Martha. With an audible grumble Bert did as he was told. As Anita’s hand moved further down to fondle his balls, Martha drooled slobber directly on his anus. As she spread it around she deeply pierced his handsome keester with her middle finger. She reluctantly withdrew it with a twist.

Reverently she said to Anita, “Look at how his asshole glistens in the sun.” The girls straightened up, admiring his small, hard glutes and his delectable, glowing brown eye within.

“It is uncommonly handsome,” Anita said grudgingly, if only to encourage Martha.

“Oh, much more than that,” Martha said with a look of worshipful puppy love. “DaVinci. Yes, Leonardo DaVinci. Only an artist of his caliber could capture the beauty of those hot buns and especially that gorgeous butthole.” She continued to gaze at it lovingly. “If he could have painted what I see now it would be world famous, hanging in the Louvre in place of the Mona Lisa. I’d call it the Mona Winky.”

Anita looked at Martha incredulously. Does she ever have it bad. Her fetish had completely affected her judgment. “Don’t you think he’d leave the handprints off his ass?” Anita said, trying to lighten the mood. Martha did not respond. The look of a committed supplicant that passed over her face was unnerving.

After an uncomfortable pause, Martha devouring Bert’s asshole with her eyes as if under hypnosis, Anita decided to move on. “We’ll both get what we want,” Anita said confidently, more to herself then to Martha. She threw a large beach towel on the ground between the two chairs, under Bert. “So you’re going to work on his ass while I deep throat?”

“You can say that again,” Martha said, snapping out of her winkycentric reverie. “Do whatever you can to keep him from cumming too soon, though. After all of this rigmarole, I want to spend some quality time exploring the terrain just like Lewis and Clark.” She grinned as Anita laughed, clambering underneath Bert. She crouched to get a better look. Anita had arranger herself so that the back of her head rested on a bunched up towel. As Martha watched, Bert started when Anita’s lips surrounded his cock head. He groaned in appreciation as her lips rapidly consumed half of his shaft. Anita winked at Martha as she suckled like a calf at her mother’s tit.

It was time for Martha to get in position. What was she waiting for! As with Jack earlier in the day, the moment she realized she was going to go deep ass diving, she again experienced that odd dropping feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her face and chest warmed and her pussy, on hold since the mind altering orgasm she had earlier, began to get that familiar itch of wonton urgency. With a liquid fluidity, she lay herself face down on the two chaises between Bert’s wide spread legs, face just over his exquisite buns. She leaned in and inhaled deeply. Oh, the musk of that boy! With both hands she gently caressed the cheeks of his ass, absorbing through her fingers the fine texture of his smooth unblemished skin and the solidity of the taut muscles beneath. Bert unexpectedly flexed those mighty glutes, forming them into two tight little balls. She caressed his ass worshipfully as he flexed. She buried her nose between his cheeks. She inhaled deeply again, practically swooning. She felt herself slip into a trancelike fugue, much like she had with Jack earlier in the day. She gazed at the crinkled masterpiece before her. She was going to eat out another teen’s ass. Disgusting though it was, she knew she was going to love it.

If Bert had thought that the girls were going to abuse him somehow, he shouldn’t have worried. The position they put him in was actually quite comfortable. Maybe he was a little unstable what with his lower body straddling the two lounges but if he kept his legs spread wide he would not fall on top of Anita. He better not fall on her. He shivered in dread. He did that once accidentally last summer when they were fucking and actually bruised her leg, giving her a charley horse. Then, as he was apologizing, he slipped and accidentally banged his head smartly into hers. She was furious, absolutely furious. One does not bruise a beautiful woman twice and get away with it. Did he ever get punished. As he tried to run away Nadine tackled him. He fell heavily to the ground and kept there with a choking half nelson. When the limping Anita caught up, she tied his hands behind his back and a rope to an ankle. They literally dragged him the fifty feet back to the trampoline as he kicked, yelping and begging for mercy. It was while being dragged that he accidentally kicked Nadine in the stomach, felling her like a ton of bricks. She lay on the ground writhing in pain, shooting Bert evil, nasty looks, spoiling for revenge. He could not have engineered a direr scenario for himself and he knew it.

His predicament was so unexpected, so exciting, so scary that despite himself he popped another boner. As he lay on the ground next to the tramp, legs widespread because the pissed girls tied one ankle to the trampoline frame four feet above his head, he writhed like a worm about to be pierced by a hook. With his hands tied behind his back, he couldn’t even protect himself as the girls repeatedly beat him with wicked, stinging blows to his ass, balls and cock. Especially his bone hard cock. Oh, did it hurt and it just kept coming! And that was just the beginning! The girls dragged him back onto the tramp and Anita tied him ass up on a wedge. Expecting incredible pain, he shrieked for mercy as his legs were spread, then tied, in a mercilessly wide split. They added to his misery by bending his bruised, bone hard prick down so that it pointed out between his legs toward his feet. Nadine tied the center of a long, taut string around his cock crown and the ends to each of his big toes. The set up made him painfully pull on his own bent cock whenever he flexed his feet. He flexed them plenty as the girls tickled, scratched and beat them. Next, while his heartrending pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears, Anita shoved Nadine’s squirmy nine inch, three motor vibrator up his ass. She turned it on high and both girls fucked him with it while spanking him until their hands were too sore to continue.

Still not satisfied, Nadine joined Anita to roughly scratched Bert’s cock, balls and the insides of his thighs with their nails. He thought he’d seen it all, experienced it all…until Anita bit his cock. She didn’t want to merely use her front teeth. That wouldn’t be painful enough. She slipped the first four inches of his bone hard cock into her mouth, aligned it with her teeth on one side, and bit down hard along the length. His cock had interpreted much of the abuse up to that point positively and combined with the hard working vibe in his ass had him close to cumming. The sudden pain from her sharp teeth was excruciating but when combined with the squirming vibe there was only one thing his body could do and it did it. He climaxed spontaneously. As she gnawed on his cock and painfully spanked his balls he unloaded stream after stream of jizz into her mouth. For the first time in his life there was no enjoyment to it. She finally stopped chewing on his prick and instead ground her thumb into the cleft of his rapidly wilting cock’s head and kept it up until the pain was well into the realm of “too much is way too much.”

Maybe at that point Anita was satisfied but Nadine sure wasn’t. His kick to the solar plexus had hurt and embarrassingly, had winded her. She wanted to exercise her own brand of revenge. The real torture came when Nadine bit his ass. Hard. Real hard. Nothing superficial, not just the skin. Her teeth dug right into the lower inside of his hard glute, bruising both muscle and his sciatic nerve. As pain shot down his leg an equal amount of pleasure shot to the head of his cock and, still bent backwards, it instantly regained a full and extremely painful engorgement.

Intent on dolling out the most agonizing abuse since the Spanish Inquisition, Anita became royally pissed after seeing that Nadine’s actions had unexpectedly given the douche yet another boner. Especially after he just came. Obviously she hadn’t been abusive enough. Boiling mad, Bert’s erection mocked her. Anita stopped grinding her thumb into his cock head so she could kick it up a notch. Wrapping her unlubricated palm tightly around his bruised and battered cock head, she roughly and rapidly burnished the ultra sensitive head with it. As Bert bleated piteously in his world of intense pain and even more intense pleasure, Nadine clamped down hard on his other butt cheek, another big mouthful of bun. Again, she crushed both muscle and nerve alike. Somehow that sparked an obscure inner dynamic and without any buildup, he climaxed again. The intense snap of release was multiplied a thousand times as Anita bore down even harder with her palm on his cock head. Every coarse stroke around his spewing cock crown made his arms and legs violently vibrate within his bindings. The taut ropes hummed and snapped as he strained against them. It was excruciating; it went on and on. Nadine stopped biting him and began to thrust the vibrator in his asshole instead. All things considered, that was a big improvement.

After a few more violent slaps to his ass and his cock and his balls they let him go. They made him promise, swear that he would never ever ever hurt either of them again, accidentally or not. He remembered falling back on his back, exhausted and sore, scratched and bruised, filthy with mud and grass, thinking that those girls shouldn’t have done what they did to him, a verified genius, gift to the world. To this day he considered that half hour of extremes to be the most intensely erotic event of his life. But he wouldn’t want to repeat it. Not in a million years.

Bert’s reminiscences tapered off as the girls sucking lips fell into a rhythm. Anita was giving him the most pleasure, but then she did have his boner to play with. He spread his legs even wider as he felt his friend repeatedly bury his cock deep in her throat, then follow up with a swallowing and throat constriction technique around his cock’s crown that was absolutely phenomenal. She did have his scrotum in hand and was pulling on it firmly and steadily. Not only didn’t it hurt but it was unusually pleasant to experience in the reclined position he found himself in. He would let her toy with his cock all day if she was so inclined. On the other hand, what the fuck was Bean doing with his ass?


French Kissing Angelina Jolie…Sorta

Martha was in a zone. A 7.5 earthquake could occur and she wouldn’t even notice. She had arranged herself until she was perfectly comfortable between Bert’s legs. Her face hovered over his buns. Her arms, bent at the elbows were splayed out over the back of his thighs giving her upper body necessary support. Her hands and fingers rested on Bert’s upturned buns. Her firm tits pressed against the insides of Bert’s thighs while her hips straddled the chaises the same way as Bert’s. She watched his pucker clench and pulse in response to Anita’s sucklings below. Her mouth watered as she considered all the loathsome things she wanted to do to him. Enough daydreaming! Action is required! She slid her long tapered fingers into his crack on either side of his hole. As she pulled his buns gently apart she leaned in and placed her lips against his.   What a perfect match!

She began her fantasy that she was about to French kiss Angelina Jolie. Martha pictured Angelina’s attractive features in her mind’s eye as she rasped her tongue in small concentric circles around the outside of the crinkled skin. She could feel with her tongue how Angelina’s lips were elevated above the flawless skin surrounding them. Martha’s tongue traced her lips in ever tighter circles. With infinitesimal grace, Martha grazed the tip of her tongue languidly across Angelina’s pursed lips while gently slurping on the whole with her own. Mmmmmmmmm. Tasty. If anything, Angelina might even taste better than Jack. She simply had to french that mouth! As she pulled Bert’s cheeks apart just a little bit further, she insinuated the tip of her tongue in the closed center of Angelina’s lips. She pushed; it yielded slightly. She wiggled it, pushing inside a little more firmly.   It yielded a little more, then clamped shut, forcing her tongue out. Aw! Angelina, why are you being so mean to me? All I want to do is tickle your epiglottis with my tongue! Then, as she did earlier, she brought her hands to bear, the index fingers of both caressing the edges of Angelina’s mouth as she licked at the firmly closed center. She wet one of the fingers in her own mouth and carefully, cautiously forced it into Angelina’s, down to the first joint. She wiggled it inside. Martha heard Bert expel a heartfelt groan as he twitched and trembled underneath her; Anita, in a zone of her own, never let up slurping on his prick. Martha licked around her own buried finger, running her finger in and out of Angelina’s lips rapidly several times, now down to the second joint. She felt Bert’s buns clamp and loosen against her cheeks as she did so.

Impatient to pleasure Angelina with some down and dirty frenching, she positioned her other index finger next to the first. As she pulled the buried finger off to one side, she slid the second finger in next to it. Sinking it down to the second joint as well, she crooked them both to get a good grip and pulled Angelina’s lips apart to form a breathtaking open pout. It was perfect for a passionate interlude. A little lip gloss would have made it perfect. Without further ado, Martha pressed her lips against Angelina’s and slipped her tongue inside. With a loud groan Bert tried to squeeze his anus shut. She was surprised by the strength of the muscle. Always going the extra mile, Martha wanted to give Angelina a little more sensation. She began to slide her fingers around the insides of Angelina’s lips, always keeping the two fingers well apart so that she could ply her own incredible brand of French kissing. The flavors…what was that unusual flavored mouthwash Angelina was using? Martha kissed her deeply and it was obvious to her that Angelina was just as committed as her kisses were fervently returned. She stuck her tongue in deeper, exploring not only her gorgeous lips but the ridges of the sphincter immediately below. The flavors were incredible, wide ranging, from the overt to the sublime. They streamed into her mouth with the same pleasure as if she were a child eating a fresh slice of Grandma’s lemon meringue pie. She noted that Bert/Angelina was getting into it, no doubt distracted from her own ass work by Anita’s wild deep throating. Time for two more fingers, she giddily sang to herself. Oh boy! Martha was sure that even hubby Brad had not pleased her so. As she pulled Angelina’s sexy lips further apart, she rotated her hands upward so that her middle fingers rested against her index fingers just above the slot she created. She spit another thick hocker on Angelina’s lips and slid the second pair of fingers inside. Once in, she was able to rotate her hands back to a normal position with the two pairs of fingers neatly rested against one another. Heart in her mouth with an eagerness she hadn’t felt since she was a teen, her turned on over-wrought pussy dripping eager juices, she slowly and carefully splayed apart the four fingers she had placed between Angelina’s lips. Bert’s legs suddenly clamped tight against her as she opened Angelina’s mouth into a wide square. With the sun directly overhead, she was able to look down inside. Thick mocha strands of fragrant ass juice clung to the walls. She stretched her mouth open even more, a larger square. Beyond excited, Martha shallowly, rapidly, lapped around and around Angelina’s photogenic lips. Then, as suddenly as she picked it up, she dropped her fantasy completely.

Ashamed and disgusted with herself, she plunged her wildly searching tongue deep inside Bert’s yawning ass, reaching with her tongue like a dog with a treat just barely out of reach. Her pussy juiced copiously as she lapped up everything she could reach. For only the second time in her life, which was also the second time today, Martha ate ass like a believer. She realized she had an ass fetish, resolved to satisfy her urges whenever possible and blessed it as good. Swooning with desire, she wished she could get her entire head in there, not just her tongue.

Bert was having the time of his life. The girls were really working him over and Martha’s ass work was turning out to be as full of intense pleasure as Anita’s throating. They must have been at it for ten minutes already. He was, in fact, impressed with himself, too. He thought, at the beginning of this, that he could last what, maybe five minutes? But no. Since Anita was deftly pulled at his sack, keeping his climax tamped down, even Martha’s bizarre tongue work, though entirely pleasurable, was not pushing him to climax. He’d have to remember that if a similar situation ever presented itself. He frowned. Trouble. Anita had stopped sucking his cock.


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Cover for MRAHDOQD

Below is the 2016 cover for Mistress Rose and Her Dungeon of Questionable Delights

Final 2Ca BB only

Book Three

Mistress Rose and Her Dungeon of Questionable Delights

Mistress Rose and Her Dungeon of Questionable Delights continues where Fantasies of a Perverted Woman leaves off.  As the group breaks up at the end of the long day of effortless debauchery, Martha impetuously calls Mistress Rose, a sadomasochistic lesbian dungeon master.  The two women set up a meet at Mistress Rose’s downtown Boston penthouse apartment with the understanding that Martha will have two of the teens in tow.

Mistress Rose and Her Dungeon of Questionable Delights chronicles the trios’ experiences: perverted dress-up, voyeurism, the disgusting needs of Rose’s twisted sex slave Eric the Toilet, Martha’s many marijuana addled climaxes with the insatiable besotted Mistress Rose not to mention the teens’ sexual explorations with the petite black sex slave Violet in a dungeon room filled with elaborate sex machines.  It continues with Martha’s erotic encounter with Mistress Rose’s double ended, vibrating, squirming E-Stim strap-on, Jack’s ill-conceived bet with Violet that he can hit the ceiling with a cum shot, Nadine’s orgasmic fun with a throttling dildo built into a stationary bicycle and on and on.

Bondage is again graphically portrayed.  Martha, helplessly tied to a dentist’s chair with legs widespread, has a series of incredible orgasms as Violet, who herself is locked in an old-fashioned wooden stock, is forced by Mistress Rose to eat her out.  Martha rapidly pops out one orgasm after another until she finally passes out from the sheer ecstasy of it all.  As with most sex slaves, Violet is forced to multitask.  As she munches on Martha while bound in the stock, Jack takes full advantage of her slippery, hot hole.  Then, at the insistence of Mistress Rose, he experiences anal sex for the very first time with the defenseless girl.  Eric the Toilet is in a second wooden stock.  Reviled by all, he is mercilessly beaten, terribly abused, much to his enjoyment.  As Mistress Rose viciously kicks the heavy lead weight hanging from his balls, both Nadine and Martha take a turn at throttling him with a long, thick electrified strap-on.  His satisfying screams of pain bring happy, empowered smiles to the three women.  

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Voyeurs Paradise on the 26 Floor

Rose quickly assessed the erotic tableau in front of her. Aroused by her brief but very satisfying muff dive on Martha, her eyes lit up when she scanned the leather clad figure of Nadine. She could not remember the last time she saw such a buff figure. And that corset emphasized every curve, especially the way it pinched her waist. Her eyes took in the micro-mini. She had to smile. The girl who left it had narrow, boyish hips and on her the skirt had covered her naughty bits. Not so with Nadine. Nadine’s hips flared just enough so that the skirt rode higher; her panty-less pussy was on full display, especially as she was posing now, arms stretched above her head in a blatant come-on. Directed at Jack, he was responding as any red-blooded male would…with a very impressive and growing chubby. She turned to Martha.

“Looks like we got out here just in time,” she said, smiling. “Another few minutes and they would have been fucking on my bed. That would have been a big no-no and I would have had to punish them.”

She glided over to Jack who was dividing his time by ogling all three women. A true cougar, but mostly with girls, she could still appreciate a hunky male form when it was presented to her. Earlier she did not realize that under his clothes he had such a built, sharply defined body. She took him by the prick and led him to one of the large windows that overlooked the city. Hundreds of featureless windows looked back at them.

As he faced the window, warmed by the sun, Rose stood behind him running her fingers under the vest and over his pecs. She toyed with his nipples with one hand while her other explored his eight-pack. His cock lurched below.

“Look at all the windows out there,” Rose whispered into his ear between nibbles on his ear lobe. “Imagine that behind each and every one hides a naked couple watching us,” she said, snaking her tongue into his ear.

“They are taking their cue from us.” The warm hand that was caressing his abs dropped under the shredded buckskin to cup his balls.

“They are doing everything we are doing.” She watched his cock lengthen further, rising as it did so. “Some of the women are wearing strap-ons and their boyfriends or girlfriends are going to get fucked.” She ran her hand into the crack of his ass and tickled his ass hole.

“I bet your little barking spider would love a nice big black strap on poking into it,” she murmured. “Put your hands on the window, Jack,” she intimately suggested.

Hesitantly, Jack put his hands flat on the window at shoulder height. “Are there really people out there watching us?” he asked nervously.

“Maybe,” she replied off-handedly. “Who cares.” Still behind him, she took his wrists in both hands and slid his hands up and out against the glass until his arms were fully extended. She tapped the insides of his legs with her foot.

“Spread ‘em, honey.”

Jack reluctantly spread his legs. Suddenly he found himself 95% naked, spot lit by the sun, aroused, and an object for inspection by anyone who happened to look his way. His cock was bent sideways; a third of its length was pressed against the window. He felt it cough up a dollop of pre-cum. As Rose fingered his asshole it coughed up another…and then another. The slippery fluid shimmered in the sun, wetting his cock head, the window and part of his shaft. Suddenly it was free to slide against the window, and did so leaving a smeared arc of cum as it lurched up and down with Roses’ every poke.

Rose reluctantly pulled her hand from between his cheeks. She again pressed her body against his back. She wrapped her arms around the teen, hands exploring, leisurely feeling up his well built shoulders and arms, his highly defined lats, his incredible pecs.

“How many women are watching, doing to their lovers what I’m doing to you.” Rose could sense Jack’s nervous excitement. With a casualness built on long experience arousing men, she traced the fine lines of his ribs with the tips of her fingers.

“How many women have their big black strap-ons sliding in their man’s ass crack or even prodding at his little winky, impatient to be let in. How many do you suppose?” she insinuated slyly.

Rose noted with satisfaction that Jack’s breathing had become fast and shallow, always a good sign. Jack gasped as she slowly traced the fingers of both hands down his sides to his hips, then across the soft, sensitive skin just above his hip bones to mesh across his pubis.

She nuzzled his other ear and whispered, “Someone must be making a video. Imagine watching yourself being toyed with on U-Tube.”

Both her hands slid from his pubis to wrap around the base of his cock. She pulled his hips back away from the window. His cock stood up straight and proud in front of him through the buckskin strips; a string of pre-cum hung between window and cock. Jack gasped again as she stroked one hand up his shaft, grasping the sticky crown. She stroked the head with her palm and felt it lurch; fresh pre-cum lubricated her palm.

“How many men, inferior men, have been watching me play with you and got so excited that they have already ejaculated. How many?” she quietly muttered, stroking his shaft.

“And how many women, pissed-off unsatisfied superior women, are now punishing those miserable limp dicks by mercilessly fucking them with their fat unlubricated strap-ons? How many?”

She marveled at his cock, his fully erect cock. It was huge, ten inches at least, curved, upright, straining; pointing at two o’clock. She insinuated her tongue into his ear, wiggled it, and then nibbled at his ear lobe. She pulled him a foot away from the window and turned him sideways. Her muted sexy voice, her light touch, brought goose bumps to his neck, raising his hackles.

“They can now see you in profile,” she said softly, “and appreciate the animal magnetism of your arousal. They can now fully appreciate the innate power of your member. There is no man or woman who would not want it, who is not lusting after you.”

She backed away a couple steps away from Jack. She caught his eye. “Stay right there,” she commanded.

“Bean, Nadine!” she snapped. “Come here now.” She watched as the two women joined the pair in front of the window. Martha was covering her split crotch with one hand. Rose slapped her hand away, turning her to face the window.

“Everyone is getting a good look at you, Bean,” she said as she cupped her breast from behind. “They have binoculars focused on these big tits and that hot wet pussy I was lapping at just minutes ago. Think about it. Maybe the sight of you in that hot outfit is getting all the premature ejaculators hard again,” she finished, hoping the imaginary scenario she was painting was uncomfortable yet titillating enough to create a corresponding adrenaline dump in all of them.

Martha looked pleadingly at Rose. “I don’t want to stand here like this. This is not…”

“Shut up!” Rose shouted, startling them all. “I am the Mistress of this household. If I command you to do something you will do it. Otherwise you will be severely punished. And don’t think I don’t know how to punish,” she snarled, “I’ve had years of practice.”

She pinned Martha with a look that would have been a credit to a Marine drill sergeant. “On your knees, behind Jack.” She snapped her fingers at Nadine.

“On your knees in front of Jack. Move it!” Rose, with hands on hips, tapping a toe impatiently, watched as the girls reluctantly got in place.

“The three of you are going to put on a live show for all of my hundreds of neighbors. And you will do it if you truly wish to sample the delights of my dungeon.” She flourished her watch for all to see, then set it.

“Bean, for the next five minutes I don’t want to see your face. That’s because it’s gonna be buried between Jack’s ass cheeks. You will be working his bunghole. You,” she turned to Nadine who was already licking her lips, anticipating a mouthful of cum, “will suck his cock. I want the two of you to make him cum. You can only use your lips and tongues, no hands. In fact, hands behind your backs. If he cums, you will be rewarded. If he does not cum, you will be punished.”

She looked at Jack. “You will not cum. No matter how good it feels, you will not cum. If you do cum, you will be punished. If you do not cum, you will be rewarded. Keep your hands on your hips. OK. Five minutes. On my mark. One, two, three, suck!”


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Cover for Violent Violet

Below is the 2016 cover for Violent Violet and Her Silk Ropes of Despair

Final 2D BB only

Book Four

Violent Violet and Her Silk Ropes of Despair

This fourth installment in the series, When MILF’s Attack, is entitled Violent Violet and Her Silk Ropes of Despair.  Violet, Mistress Rose’s sex slave, takes a pleasant train ride from urban Boston to suburban Brookline to collect on her sex slave bet with Jack and Nadine.  Violet turns the tables on the two teens as well as their friends, Bert and Anita, by taking them through an intense obstacle course of sexual abuse for 24 hours as her sex slaves.

Where naughty boys and girls come to play,

to leave sore and limping by end of day.

Within minutes of stepping off the subway Violet has Jack and Nadine aroused and stripped in the Brookline business district.  Things get no better for them biking home when the half-naked teens encounter a pick-up filled with horny Mexican lawn mower jockeys.  Once home, Violet and the four teens engage in an erotic mosh fuck; straining oiled bodies couple and uncouple as they roll together in a tight ball on the old trampoline.  This is immediately followed by Jack and Bert helplessly bound and subjected to extreme hot and cold stimulation as the girl’s abuse their bodies with ice and hot wax while simultaneously trying to make them cum.  Whomever cums first is the loser and will receive a special punishment of the boys’ choosing.  None of the choices appear pleasant and, in fact, are not meant to be.  Will the looser choose getting fucked by Violet with the evil electrified strap-on?  Will he choose Violet fisting his ass?  Or to avoid abuse, will the humiliated straight boy choose to suck off the straight winner?  Or, will the looser choose the mystery punishment which could potentially be much worse than the other three.  And all of this takes place in just the first three hours of a sleepless 24 hour ordeal that will leave the teens exhausted, hallucinating and cummed out.  Not so Violet.  The teens learn the hard way that it is never a good idea to be the slave of a kinky, sexually perverted black girl.  

You can read the first 20% of the book and/or buy it here:


Excerpt One

“Jack, you’re the winner, obviously,” Violet said to the heavily trussed up boy.  “As winner, us girls will get you off any way you want.  Name it.”

Jack hesitated a moment.  “I’ve never cum hands free before.  This E-Stim is awesome.  I’ve been riding right on the edge of cumming now for at least five minutes,” he said, the pent up passion strong in his voice.  “I want the E-Stim to make me splooge,” he said, panting in the continued effort to edge himself along on the brink.  “But since you asked, you could turn it up higher.  And when I do start to shoot, Mistress Violet, could you please direct my cock to the side so I don’t cream myself.”

“I could do that,” Violet replied, impressed that he finally remembered to call her ‘Mistress.’  She picked up the E-Stim control box.  “Tell me when it’s high enough.”  She began to slowly turn the knob one small increment at a time.  She watched Jack’s face for any sign of distress only to find the most passion strained cum face she had ever seen.  It was Bert, still attached to the same device, getting diabolical unwanted head from Nadine who begged her to stop.

“Oh shit, SHIT!” Bert gasped, shuddering, “it’s too much!  Way, way….oooooohhh…”  The E-Stim forced his groin into a series of unnatural sexual contractions timed to each pulse.  His body, tricked by that and Nadine’s grinding tongue, raced to supply more jizz to fire off.  Between the sudden strong contractions and being unable to assimilate Nadine’s “pleasure,” his eyes rolled back into his head while he vainly bucked.  But Nadine had him dead to rights with a firm grip on his hips.  He could buck all he wanted; she ceaselessly ground her tongue into his frenulum.  As usual, his complaints were completely ignored.

Jack kept his groin relaxed.  He did not clench; any purposeful contraction on his part would bring an end to this awesome experience.  The much higher levels of power his prick was taking felt like every blood engorged cell in his cock was thrumming deep down low like the strings of a double bass fiddle.  The army of sperm cells were frantically jumping up and down in place in time with the pulses, throwing themselves at the exit, screaming in jealous hate at the free-flowing pre-cum on the other side of it.

“No, keep turning it up,” he said.  This looked like one of those rare opportunities where an orgasm would be so profound that it would raise itself up to another level of experience, transcending, elevating every typical sensation to ‘movie star’ status.  Having been there before, he knew he would be left in a frizzled orgasmic stupor.

“I’ve got it up all the way,” Violet announced.

“Stop, stop,” Bert screamed, “Oh it hurts!”  Oh shit, he felt like he was about to cum…again!  Within seconds he was on the verge of another climax.  “Oh my god.  OH MY GOD!!!”

Nadine never let up on that cock head.  She had her instructions.  She heard the boy scream.  She felt him uncontrollably tremble with every suck.  Perfect opportunity to double down on it.  So she did, hard as she could.  Bert cried out again, this time the tone of his cry was easily recognized: complete and abject pleasure.  Much to her surprise his cock began to pulse.  His first shot of cum filled her mouth.  He gasped and shuddered as she kept sucking, swallowing each jet the second it hit her tongue.

“Oh god! Oh god!”  Bert frantically gulped for air.  “Aaaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!” Bert squealed with each shot as it left is prick.  Overcome by the incredibly strong snap that his unexpected climax created, the E-Stim feeling like he was being jerked off by the fat hands of sixteen frantic sumo wrestlers, he bucked and writhed, sweat pouring off of him.  Each pass of Nadine’s tongue across his frenulum was like an orgasm unto itself; if the E-Stim wasn’t making his groin force out more, her tongue sure was.

“So that’s as high as it goes?” asked Jack, still surfing the edge of orgasm.  He fluttered his eyes briefly, catching a glimpse of his prick.  Even he was impressed.  The heavily veined shaft was so fat, so purple and so aroused that it looked like it was going to explode, sending life-taking shrapnel everywhere.  He closed his eyes to best concentrate on riding the wave.

“Hmmmm.  Well let’s see here,” Violet mumbled to herself as she fumbled with the control box.  Fuck Bert, he didn’t need the E-Stim anymore.  Before she gave it much thought, she disconnected the part of the wiring harness that went to Bert.  Shouldn’t have done that.  Disconnecting Bert shunted double the power directly into the loop of conductive rubber that was wrapped tightly around the neck of Jack’s cock.  His prick, already alive with feeling, blossomed into momentary self-awareness as it took on a life of its own, sizzling, pulsing, dancing.  Like a fast-living rock star, his boogying meat puppet began a life that would be no longer than that of a shooting star.

Jack’s eyes slammed wide open.  Feel that!  Whoa!  That’s what he’s talkin’ ‘bout!  His balls hugged his cock tighter than monkeys hugging a tree in a hurricane.  His prick thrummed in readiness while his urethra irised wide.  He was forced into an almighty clench…and then the cum began to flow.  Fuck, that E-Stim hurt so good!  More!  More!

“Here it comes, girls!” Jack cried breathlessly.  As Jack felt his jizz enter at the root of his dick Violet dropped the control box.  Anita dropped to her knees by his side, wanting her share.  But Violet, always the nasty girl, thought it would be amusing to direct his spewing cock at Bert.  Since Jack wanted to have a hands free orgasm, she took him gently by the base to make it so.  Violet sneered at poor beat on Bert, gasping, bucking, orgasmically besotted Bert, who was still getting way too much oral from Nadine.  He simply got no respect.

Violet felt the base of Jack’s cock, already thicker than a wine bottle, expanded even more as it began to jerk and pulse in that way men have, as his jizz climbed up the inside of his shaft faster than Spiderman up the outside of a building.  His piss slit had dilated open to the size of her ring finger.  Jack’s cock spit, then sputtered in an excellent imitation of Old Faithful as the accumulated pre-cum was swept before the onrushing tide.  The first expulsion of cum turned out to be a thick, white waterspout.  Even Nadine stopped sucking Bert long enough to watch the long, thick stream of cock juice defy the earth’s gravitational pull.  If Jack would have been able to take a selfie at exactly the right moment, he would have gotten an awesome snap of an eight foot long vertical white rope.  Faster than a Mexican rocket powered by refried beans, that rope reached its apex, took a left turn above Bert, than cascaded down on Bert’s chest with an awful splat.  The second jet, though not as long, had full benefit of an E-Stim pulse so it had more momentum.  It rocketed over the boy and into the silk cords, joining Bert’s cum to form another decorative garland.  Filthy minded Violet, trying for a more comical humiliation of the looser, reduced the angle of Jack’s dangle, pointing his howitzer at Bert’s face.  Bert’s eyes widened in horror as he saw what Violet had in mind for him.

“NO!!!” he cried just as another turbocharged bolt of white lightning shot from the head of Jack’s prick.  Both Nadine and Anita gave Jack an enthused ovation as the fast moving jizz audibly splat against Bert’s sizable forehead, the terminus of a line of white that stretched all the way up from his knee.  Violet aimed the fleshy artillery piece a little lower.  The girls’ applause grew stronger as shots two and three hit him square in the nose.  Nadine chose that moment to dig her thumb into Bert’s throbbing frenulum.  He agonizingly squealed as pleasure quickly redlined into pain.  But their applause reached a crescendo when shot four, taking advantage of Bert’s open, gasping mouth, snaked itself through the barrier of his teeth and wrapped itself around his epiglottis.  He spit, he gagged, but it was obvious those girls didn’t care.  It just kept on coming.

Jack was in his own world of absolute pleasure.  The hedonistic pleasure each E-Stim backed shot of cum created was so sensuous that he realized that he could be experiencing an orgasm with each contraction.  This was the first time in his life that there was more than a single snap of orgasm.  Somehow Violet must have slowed down the electronic pulses and as they slowed, the pulse of the E-Stim and the snap of orgasm became one.  He achieved something he had not thought possible.  Four times he climaxed.  Four times in fifteen seconds.  His prick never stopped spewing.  His climaxing body paused, only to begin again.  Oh shit, not…  Jack was shaken to his core.  He vibrated badly, like an out-of-balance tire.  Then it happened a fifth time.  He swooned, vision tunneling.  Gasping for breath, it wasn’t enough.  His body needed oxygen!  An athlete, he knew the score.  He took control of himself and forced himself to regulate his breath, breathing deeply and fully.  No, he would not be passing out.

Anita was pissed that Violet was wasting Jack’s tremendous load on Bert, who didn’t want it in the first place.  Wanting the rest of it, at least, for herself, she managed to get Violet’s attention, making her intentions known by presenting her with a wide open mouth.

Grinning, Violet directed Jack’s endlessly spewing shaft at the blonde bulls-eye, figuring Bert had his fill.  Another copious fusillade tore from Jack’s prick, headed for the eagerly waiting girl.  Anita stood less than three feet from the source, mouth open, like a milking barn cat catching random shots of milk from a friendly milk maid.  While most of it hit its target, the overspray sprinkled her face with hot white seed.  Anita’s annoyance rapidly disappeared as she savored the concentrated flavors of Jack’s thick yolk.  Distracted by her taste treat, she miss-timed Jack’s next shot, the splooge slapping hard into her closed lips, splattering everywhere.  Ready for shot eight, cum now dripping off her brow, nose and chin, she looked like a hungry baby robin with its mouth wide open.  Jack did not disappoint.  Another turbocharged release, shot eight unerringly found its mark.

Anita, though used to Jack’s massive orgasms, still marveled at the volume of thick jizz that beat against her face, shot after shot.  She tried to catch most of it, it was so tasty and rich and smelled so good.  It made her feel like a mature woman, however, as his manly juices splattered against her from her nipples up. And as it still kept coming…

…the maxed out mad pulses beat inside his cock and his balls like a hammer pounding the he-man display at a roadside carnival.  As his cock continued to unload the too long pent up choad, his body began to reach for greater and greater heights of self-expression.  His cock, still busy with shooting gubb, was becoming extremely sensitive, adding another dimension to the never ending orgasm.  After six more tremendous salvos that turned Anita into the human equivalent of an ice cream sundae, his thick seed, the consistency of molasses and moving much slower, began flowing down the head of his dick.  The instant the thick mass came into contact with the E-Stim band circling the neck of his cock it became the path of least resistance and the devices entire electrical output was shunted to it.  The sparkling, flaring electrical pulses followed the thick yolk to that knot of nerves just under his crown, sending bright colorful sensation-filled balloons to his brain to burst in rainbow colors of pleasure.  The pulses flashed to the crown itself, creating an irresistible sparkling flaring scratching sensation not unlike the effects from a Tesla coil.  But for Jack the best part happened when the pulsing current followed his wad to his piss slit, followed it down his urethra and into his prostate in hot electrified spikes.  It created a second artificial pulse in his groin, echoing the first coming from the pad over his perineum.  The sensation was the perfect mimic of an orgasm.  It was fantastic, it was irresistible; there were no words for him to describe it.  He had achieved the impossible.  Although he was still cumming, he felt himself rising to cum again!

Jack’s body shook with each strong E-Stim jolt.  Fuck!  If lightning had a happy hour this is how it would be entertaining itself.  Jack’s prick shook as each strong pulse went down the center of it.  His frenulum joined with his prostrate to coordinate the orgasm within an orgasm.  His nuts, while frantically high jumping in their sack with each pulse, called up all semen reserves to active duty and scraped together the last of the remaining pre-cum.  By this time his prostate, from all the clenching, was becoming somewhat sore.  But it was still game.

“Fuck!  Fuck!  Ohhhhhhh fuck me!” Jack suddenly shouted in a voice hoarse, overflowing with passion.  “I’m going to cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm……oh…Oh…OH…ye…Ye…YEAH!!!  BABY!!!”  Jack reflexively arched his back as his prostrate clenched and stayed clenched while his groin and prick began to pulse with purpose.  The last of his ready sperm lined up for launch, pre-cum lubing the way.

Jack’s sudden outburst startled Violet, who was looking puzzled.  How can he cum again when he wasn’t done cumming?  She ran her nails up the spewing, jerking prick to his cock crown.  While she cupped his crown in her palm, she sunk her thumb against that cluster of nerves just under it.  Testing the waters, she rapidly flit her thumb back and forth, just like what Nadine was doing to Bert.  Apparently it was the ideal thing to do.  Jack suddenly ‘lit up’ just like the lighting ceremony for the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

“Not that!  Oh fuck…OH!  AhhhHHH!” he bellowed at the top of his voice as the slow ooze from the head of his prick suddenly changed to became the second big screen feature of the day: Old Faithful, The Second Cumming.  His reverberating cock shot out a thick stream of cock juice.  And then another.  And then another.  Not nearly as copious or with the strength of the first time around, it felt, however, even more outrageous.  Jack once again felt like he was going to pass out as newly energized sensations blanketed his body.  The E-Stim and Violet’s thumb provided the accompanying fireworks.  A hurricane of sensations thundered through him so forcefully that he saw stars with each contraction of his groin.  Violet’s thumb.  The slower she ground her thumb into his frenulum, the more sensation was created.  Her thumb felt like it was glowing red hot.  Out of the corner of his eye he saw that Bert was getting the same treatment.  Jack bucked wildly, groaning with effort, trying to dislodge that digit that simultaneously felt so good and so so bad.  Too much pleasure.  Too much pain. Too much of everything!  His brain began to retreat into itself; protection that it needed until the storm passed.

Anita never moved.  Like a war hero, she stood in the line of fire as Jack began shooting at her again.  Still trying to capture most of his spunk in her wide open mouth, the second fuselage struck her repeatedly in the face.  Like a trained soldier, she moved in on the battery despite the intense pounding.  Then, in a Purple Heart moment, she dived, single handedly capturing the emplacement in her mouth.  His cock continued to gamely salvo as her victorious tongue mercilessly beat it into submission.  From that point on the only life at risk was her own.

Violet never saw the like of it.  Two back-to-back orgasms.  Leave it to a horny teen to show the way.  She looked him over, from head to groin.  Cum everywhere.  His cum face was just about as purple as his cock.  His chest had flushed as well.  He was breathing raggedly, like he had emphysema.  Yet his prick, that massive bone, remained rock hard.  With a wet sucking sound she pulled Anita’s mouth from Jack’s cock head.  Experimentally, she polished his painfully sensitive cock crown with the palm of her hand.  That got him bucking again.  Perfect!  Just what she had hoped for.  He bucked so satisfyingly hard that she had to hold onto his cock with both hands.

“Aaaaaaiiiiiiii-oooouch!  Yyyouch!  Oh Violet, please!” Jack gasped, barely intelligible, “no, please stop that!  No!  You’re killing meeeeeee,” he moaned.

“Come on, Nadi-i-i-i-i-i-ine,” Bert squealed, throwing his pelvis, desperately trying to dislodge that nasty thumb that was punishing his cock.  Each harsh abrading pass felt like a layer of skin was being removed.  Yet there was that deep current of pleasure lurking beneath the bright pain that made it bearable.

“I’m just making sure that I got it all,” Violet answered innocently, the thumb of her other hand re-investigating his frenulum as she continued to caress his crown.

“Same here,” Nadine said with a false concern.  “We wouldn’t want any of your jizz to pool in there and get all stale now, would we.”

A little dollop of scum suddenly appeared at his piss slit.  “See, that’s what I’m talking about.  It’s still coming out,” Violet said, rubbing all the harder, just about ready to leave him be.  Fuck, he looked so hot with his muscles rippling under his wax and cum covered skin as he bucked and writhed.  Jack collapsed like a sack of potatoes when she finally let him go.  She turned off the E-Stim.  Bert was still strenuously bucking from Nadine’s endless torture.

“Nadine, you’ve been working his cock head for the last fifteen minutes now,” she observed.  “Give it a break.  He needs to rest up a bit before we punish him.”  Horny from the two plus hours it took to make the boys cum in her own inimitable way and remembering that Jack was her slave for the day, it seemed only fair that she should get a little ride in just about now.  Just a taster.  She knew just how she wanted him, too.  The mere thought of sinking her cunt down on that hard cock got her instantly wet.  Violet straddled one of Jack’s outstretched legs, facing it.  She picked up his steaming, cum streaked cock, fitted it to the mouth of her vag, and with several flicks of her pelvis more energetic than a Miley Cyrus twerk, dropped down, plunging his crown and the first four inches of his cock well inside of her.

Jack watched bemusedly, if not more than a little concerned, as Violet struggled to sink his ten plus inches into her small opening starting with his oversized super-sensitive cock head.  He knew it.  The painful sensations from her tight pussy squeezing and sliding against it made him even dizzier than the grinding of her thumb.  The pain swirled in his mind like a tornado made of bits of sandpaper.  Jack mindlessly bucked, failing to escape the agony, inadvertently helping her as he slid deeper inside.  He could picture his smothered cock’s crown, now ultra-ultra-sensitive from the extraordinary multiple orgasm, brightly fluorescing, shooting out bolts of electricity like a Tesla coil gone mad.  In his mind’s eye, his cock had turned into a brightly hued, multi-cinematic multi-media agony spewing extravaganza.  He groaned piteously as Violet, intent on her own pleasure, began to grind on it.   He couldn’t believe it.  His poor cock crown was rubbing in her pussy even harder than in her palm.  He became light headed, his vision tunneled and the thought crossed his mind that he might be passing out anyway.  Then, the boner that he had since eleven that morning finally began to lose its stubborn stiffness.  And as it wilted so too did the intensity of the sensations.  He was exhausted.  His prick was exhausted.  He hung limply in the net of silk cord.  Limper yet, his softening, riotously sensitive cock slid out of the tight glove of Violet’s cunt.  She didn’t waste her time by trying to stuff it back in and dismounted him.  Jack took a deep breath, then another, visibly relaxing.

“That was awesome,” he murmured, his mind as bonelessly limp as his body.  “But don’t know if I want to repeat that any time soon.”

“That goes double for me,” Bert said remorsefully.  “Can you untie me now?” he asked hopefully.

Violet looked askance at Bert.  “You stay tied, slave.” Bert groaned.

“Shut up!” she snapped.  “Your punishment comes next.  Anita.  Wash him down,” she said disgustedly.  “He looks like a Ken doll that ran into a Klondike Bar.  The only bodily fluid he’s not covered with is shit.” Violet looked at the boy doubtfully.  “You wouldn’t want one of us to shit on you, would you?”

“Oh my god, no!” Bert blurted.  “I have no interest in…”

“Hey, just asking,” Violet said, watching Anita ready the hose.  “Nadine, why don’t you untie Jack.  He won and gets to rest.  Considering the quart of ranch dressing he spewed everywhere, he needs it.” She turned back to Anita.  “Go ahead.  Make it good.  I want him spic and span for his punishment.”  She rubbed her hands together gleefully like the vile villain in an old black and white movie.

“We’re going experiment on this loser,” Violet said quietly, looking down malevolently at the nervous boy as she fondled his frightened, exhausted nuts.  “We will find out if my tortures will be good enough…or should I say ‘bad’ enough…to make him pass out.”

Violent Violet, no stranger to over-the-top drama, leaned close to Bert’s face, stopping three inches from his nose.  She smiled a deliberately nasty smile, sending goose bumps down Bert’s back.  “I have a fourteen inch E-Stim urethral sound,” she cackled.  “Guess where that’s going to go, loser.”

Bert said nothing.  He did not have to.  The look of horror on his face said it all.

End of excerpt

You can read the entire story by purchasing the book.  You will find it here:





Jack and Nadine are in the process of picking up Violet from the Brookline train station.  Violet, before they leave the immediate area, has plans to humiliate Jack by tearing his cut-offs to shreds, leaving him and his boner covered only a long loose tee shirt.  Once she has him half naked, she forces him to do things…and expose himself to a very eager little old lady.


Violet smiled nastily to herself.  She was going to be much meaner to Jack then she had been to Nadine.  She groped him, checking his meat.  As she hoped, he had a full-fledged boner rising out the top of his waist band under his shirt.  As with Nadine, Violet unbuttoned Jack’s cut-offs and grabbed the flaps.  But instead of merely jerking it opened, she braced herself and pulled them apart with all her strength.  The tab flew down and with a ‘ping’ the zipper broke off, torn from its track.  She jerked the flaps a second time and the zipper tore in two at the bottom.  Before Jack could react, she jerked the flaps apart a third time, and with a disturbing tearing sound the denim tore through to a leg opening.  Violet let the ruined cut-offs drop to the grass.  She circled her hands around to his front and with both hands pulled and stroked his erect cock.  She could have sworn that in the few seconds she held it, when the realization hit home that she had ruined his cutoffs and that he had nothing to wear from the waist down, his cock had stiffened into a tungsten rod.

“What the fuck did you do,” Jack asked in horror as Violet juggled his balls, testing their weight.  They were in the middle of the very busy business district.  He had a massive boner and nothing to cover it with.  He felt his face turn bright red.  What if they got caught?

Violet pushed away from the boy, picked up his ruined cut-offs, walked over to the trash bin and threw them in.  “We wouldn’t want to get a ticket for littering, now would we,” she simpered.

“Violet!  Shit!  Why did you do that?” he said, panicking.  “What am I going to do?”

“You get on your bike, slave, that’s what you’re going to do.  But first you must strap my luggage to the back of it.  Move it!  We don’t have all day.”  She watched Jack scurry over to her luggage, his ten inch plus boner bouncing obscenely under the tented running tee.  She grinned as he fumbled with the elastic cord.  “Better hurry,” she rubbed it in, continuing with a well-timed lie, “there’s a group of old ladies across the street looking at you.  And one has a binocular.”  She chuckled as Jack yipped in embarrassment.  Fuck.  She was horny.  When Jack bent over his bare buns made her more so.  She sauntered over to him and ran her hand between his legs from behind.  He uttered a high pitched “Oh!” as she again fondled his exposed balls.  She turned to look at the shocked Nadine and cruelly laughed.


As heads turned their way Violet literally kicked Jack to the ground.  He landed with a thump on the lawn on his ass. Suddenly back in the sunlight, he reached behind himself to cushion his fall.  To his horror his top rode up to expose his hard purpled prick to anyone who cared to look.  Within seconds he had himself covered but not before a little old lady who was walking down the sidewalk toward them saw his oversized appendage.  She suddenly stopped in her tracks, blinking hard as if not sure she saw what she saw.  A small smile crossed her face and she changed course, making a bee line toward trio.

Jack squawked humorously, and quickly rejoined Nadine under the tree.  He was thoroughly panicked about his unwanted public nudity and scurried to hide behind her.  She smiled as she felt his cock pressing into her lower back.  The little old lady walked up to Violet. Violet was still breathing hard from the orgasm Jack had given her.

“Was he good?” she asked Violet in the soft, reedy voice of the very old.

“Say…wha?” Violet said, not sure she heard right, winding down from her orgasm, catching her breath.

“Is he a good cunt sucker,” she asked more precisely.

Violet was nonplussed by the bluntness this elderly woman.  When sex in a public place is discovered, one of two things usually happens.  One is either ignored or one draws a crowd.  It appeared as if she and Jack drew a crowd of one.  And if she was reading the signs right, the old lady was an admirer, not a moralistic finger pointer.  As Violet’s body calmed, she decided to play along with the lady and see where it would lead.

“He’s real good,” Violet exclaimed.  “For a boy his age he has quite the educated tongue.  And he knows how to use his fingers, too.  But his cock!  Now there’s a masterpiece.  When that thing goes exploring up my cunt…”

“I saw it.  It’s huge,” the old lady said sweetly, eyes sparkling.  “My Elmer had eight inches, bless his soul.  He passed 23 years ago at the age of 73.  He fucked me at least twice a week right up to the end.  Oh, how I miss his prick,” she sighed.  She looked Violet in the eye, smiling.  “My name is Hortense.  What’s yours?”

“Violet,” Violet said.  “You mean you’re around 96 years old?” she asked, incredulous.

“95,” she replied.  “I’ll be 96 in the fall.”  Hortense hesitated, unsure how to express what she wanted to this attractive black girl.  She knew instinctively that she had a window of opportunity only seconds long to make her request.  She took a deep breath and her ancient heart quickened its beat.  “Dear, it’s been 23 years since I had the privilege of having a hard cock in my hands and I don’t have many years left and would really like to hold one, one more time before I go,” she spilled out, her gentle voice trembling.  “Do you think your boyfriend would mind…”

“Oh my god, not at all!” Violet interjected, seeing this as a way to further embarrass Jack and at the same time made an old woman happy.  “He is the most generous of men.  Of course he will let you examine his cock.  He’s very proud of it and exposes it at every opportunity anyway,” she lied.  “Look at him.”  Both women glanced over to Jack who immediately blushed.  “See what I mean?  All he’s wearing is a tank top and flip-flops after all.  And in the middle of town at that!  Come on.  I’ll introduce you.”

Jack’s stomach started doing back flips as Violet slowly led the diminutive senior across the lawn to where he and Nadine were standing under the relative security of the tree.  He wanted to run but there was no place a practically naked boy could go to hide.  He pressed himself more firmly against Nadine’s back.  His cock wickedly throbbed under his shirt; so stiff, so stuffed with blood that the veins stood out in painful relief.  His balls hung sore, shouting their need to off-load a pint.  Shit, he needed to cum.  It was so disconcerting he could hardly think.  Between not rubbing one out since Thursday and now placed in an impossible sexual situation, his genitals were ready to rock, his cock wanted to explode.  He knew that if the girls toyed much more with it, he would not be able to control it.  Sure it would be great to orgasm but the price for it would be gouts of semen shooting several feet in every direction…in a public place.  But by then the two women were upon them.

Violet and Hortense stopped in front of the couple, smiling and excited.  “Jack, Nadine, I would like you to meet Hortense.  Hortense, I present to you Nadine and Jack.”  Both Nadine and Jack gently shook the elder woman’s fragile wisp of a hand.

Hortense’s eyes never left Jack’s.  She rarely had the pleasure these days of making the acquaintance of young men and he was uncommonly handsome.  And then there was that prick that she got only a very brief glance of.  “Honey,” she whispered in her ethereal voice, “you are very handsome.  Would you make an old woman happy and give me a hug?”  She was cagey old fox, she was tricky; she knew what she was asking.  She was 4’10” and he was well over six feet.  If she hugged him with that long loose erection of his it would be poking her under her chin.  Her mouth began to water.

Jack’s heart went out to the old darling.  Without thinking it through he said, “Of course!  I would be very pleased…”  Then Jack belatedly realized his boner would slap her in the face.  His heart went to his mouth.  Shit.  Back pedaling, he squeaked nervously, “Oh Hortense, I would really love to but…”

“Please Jack,” Hortense tittered, “Call me Hore.”

“Go on, Jack,” Nadine said wickedly, having had to endure his prick poking a hole into her back for the last couple minutes. “You’re not going to disappoint this sweet darling, are you?”

“But, but…” There was no way he could hug the old lady and keep his boner out of the way.  Not knowing what to do, he did nothing.  He didn’t move.

But Nadine did.  She swiftly moved from her spot in front of him to a spot behind him.  She put her arms around his chest and pulled him against her, holding the boy in place.  Jack put his hands over his crotch, futilely trying to hide his nightstick sized cock.  Nadine watched Hore over Jack’s shoulder as the wizened dowager’s eyes slowly dropped down his body to rest on the silhouette of his cock through the shirt.  Nadine smiled nastily, holding him tight, imagining what frightened thoughts were coursing through the timid boy’s mind.

It was now or never, thought Hortense.  Maybe the last chance in her life to fondle a young man’s uncontrolled erection.  She was no dummy.  She knew he was a young teen.  Maybe even underage.  She didn’t care.  She started fucking around in the ‘30’s when she turned 15 and never looked back.  She shuffled up to Jack, her eyes meeting his, and put her arms around his waist.  Jack had no choice but to reluctantly move his hands out of her way, leaving his groin unprotected.  She wrapped her arms around him, her hands dropping to cup his tight bare buns.  Jack could not have been more embarrassed as the shaky old lady felt him up.  Her feathery touch in his butt crack caused his cock to jerk a mamba between their two bodies; he heard a hollow ‘thump’ whenever it struck her in the chest.  To Hortense’s absolute delight, his cock’s crown poked her in the loose flaps of skin under her chin through the cloth of the shirt just as she thought it would.  She swooned with desire at the strength of the boy’s erection, as thick as her old, desiccated thigh.

Hortense leaned her head against Jack’s abs, feeling their definition under the thin tank.  She opened her mouth and gently gnawed on an ab with her false teeth.  She needed to see his prize.  She hadn’t been this excited, her heart hadn’t beat with such enthusiastic vigor in years.  She reluctantly released his buns, bringing her hands up under his tank to twist his tiny nipples.  He gasped again, reddening further.  Hortense smiled, enjoying Jack’s embarrassment and dismay.  Boys and their cocks.  She had so many over the years, all shapes and sizes.  With a featherlike touch she ran her fingertips from his nips down over his finely cut abs to where his lower stomach met his hip bones.  She cackled as he lurched and gasped under her tickling nails.  She moved her hands inward, circling the base of his hidden cock with both hands.  Hortense could but marvel.  He was so thick that her hands did not meet around the shaft!  She had to see it.  With a flick of a forearm, she flipped his tank top over and off his cock head.  And finally there it was, inches from her face, ticking with his heartbeat, the hardest longest thickest prick she had ever held in her 95 years.  It was beautiful!  Purple and drooling pre-cum, she could feel the veins throb and the heat of the shaft through the palms of her hands.  The big fat head was a gorgeous bright pink under his smeared fluids.  Then something happened she hadn’t experienced in two decades.  Her dusty cunt woke up.

Jack wanted to run.  Just take off and get out of there.  Intellectually he knew that Hore was simply yet another woman who wanted to admire his equipment.  But the reality was anything other than that normal.  He watched in utter dismay as the old woman played with his cock.  Her soft touch was electric as she swiped her index finger over the crown of his prick, wiping up strands of the sticky pre-cum that burbled from the slit.  He held his breath as she brought her finger to her mouth.  He watched, feeling vaguely horrified as her wrinkled lips closed on the sticky digit.  His concern amplified when her eyes fluttered shut as she smacked her lips.  Then she went nuts.

“Eureka!” Hortense shouted with startling senile intensity.  She was so happy that she hadn’t taken her meds that morning.  She felt especially frisky and daring.  Goodness, she thought, his pre-cum tasted just like Rudee Vallee’s did when she sucked him off in 1941.  Past excited, she pressed her thumbs firmly into the spongy base of Jack’s bulbocavernous muscle and slid them up the underside of his shaft to his cock crown.  She marveled.  More of that crystal clear pre-cum burbled from his slit to glisten like full lead crystal in the noonday sun.  When she felt her shriveled clit awake from its long sleep and adrenaline release into her blood stream, she groaned the groan of the newly aroused.  Then, with the wild look of a religious fanatic, she reached up and with a strange sucking sound, tore her false teeth from her mouth.  She tossed them to a startled Violet and began rabidly gumming Jack’s cock head. While her lips and chin shined with his fluids, she in turn left streaks of pink Dentu-Cream on his helmet.  Suddenly feeling light headed, Hortense’s hands dropped down from the neck of his shaft to his scrotum.  She clasped a kidney shaped testicle in each of her hands.  As Jack hissed in pain, she held on tight to keep from falling over.  Daintily slurping on his piss slit, Hore looked up into Jack’s panicky eyes.

“Do you know why I like éclairs, Jack?” she asked dreamily between licks of her tiny tongue, “I like them because every once in a while I’ll get naked, warm one up and then squeeze it at my face.  The cream comes squirting out and I pretend that a young man like you just came all over me.”  She sighed in memory.  “Good times.”

Jack’s panic increased.  He did not want to cum all over Hore even though that was what she wanted.  He would drown her.  And despite being grossed out by the pink streaks she was leaving all over his cock those gums of hers gnawing all over his crown actually felt sorta good.  But that good feeling was more than offset by the tight, painful grip she had on his balls.  What could he do?

Hortense herself provided the answer to Jack’s dilemma.  She wanted more than to simply gum the boy.  She knew what boy’s wanted better than they knew themselves.  In her decades of experience, it seemed that everything always fell into place when hard cock enters hot mouth.  With her own mouth watering, she licked her lips and opened wide.  Pulling hard on the balls of the reluctant boy, she again directed his hard cock toward her face.  But before she could force it into her tiny toothless mouth, her jaw clicked and locked painfully open.  A look of panic washed over her face as she took on the aspect of Edvard Munch’s iconic work, The Scream.  Suddenly faced with an entirely unexpected and painful problem, she let go of Jack’s sore testes to massage the locked joint.  She urgently turned to Violet, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet.

“Nnie aw ish huck,” she uttered from her drooling wide open mouth.  She could see that Violet did not understand her.  “Ni aw,” she said pointing at her jaw.  “Huck!  Ik huck! Helh ne!”

“Wha?” Violet asked, narrowing her eyes at the old lady.  It sounded like Hortense was asking her to hock a lugie into her mouth before she would go down on Jack.  OK.  Whatever.  With practiced ease she snorted up a large semi-viscous slime ball and spit it into the old ladies’ open mouth.  A look of horror washed over Hore’s face when the hocker hit home.  Something was definitely not right.  Hortense was no longer paying any attention to Jack who, now released from her nut sack death grip, was comically crab walking over to the waiting bicycles while gently cradling his sore testes.  What the fuck.  Was she having a seizure?  Suddenly this wasn’t fun anymore.  Nadine came to the rescue.

“I think she’s trying to say that her jaw is stuck, Violet,” she suggested.  “That used to happen to my grandfather.  Sometimes it gets partially…”

“Yeah, yeah,” responded Violet, upset that her humiliation of Jack, at least for the moment, had ended.  “I know how to fix it.  Then let’s get out of here.”  With that, she bitch slapped Hortense in the face, directly against the locked joint.  Hortense’s mouth snapped shut.  Violet helped the dazed senior citizen to the park bench and sat her down.  She dropped Hore’s teeth in her lap.  The senior was left happily smacking her lips.

“What flavor was that again?” she asked Violet.

“That’s the flavor of white boy,” Violet deftly replied.

“Mmmm-mmmm good.”

End of Excerpt

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