An Indian Teen Sex Machine’s Wild American Adventures

 Indian Teen Sex Adventures


 An Indian Teen Sex Machine

Ajay, the athletic Tamil, is sexually used and abused by horny blonde American women in the five different novels below.  Tied up, beat up, then used up…again and again.  His proud boner is abused for hours until he has nothing left to shot…yet the Indian sex machine, wincing in sore pleasure, gives it to them hard one more time.  Day after day.  He loves every second of it.

And be sure, he would not have it any other way. 

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Book One

Let’s Play with the Horny Teen


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Also published as When Blonde’s Attack Indians!

This series recounts the wild sexual experiences of a new character: a virgin Indian boy, Ajay Shah-Gupta.  The innocent boy is removed from his parents’ closed, protected Mumbai household and travels to the United States to visit his good friend and chess buddy, Jack Deacon.  In the first book of the series, Let’s Play with the Horny Teen, Ajay Shah-Gupta encounters a host of morally deficient western women on the plane who seduce, strip and use the virginal boy, an Indian teen sex machine, throughout the fourteen hour flight.  Ajay feels like he had suddenly become an Indian porn star!  Losing one’s virginity to strange horny American women has never been like this!


Book Two

The Ties That Bind

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The second book of the series, The Ties That Bind (click), takes place the day after his sex-filled flight.  The jet-lagged near virgin meets Nadine and another new character, the voluptuous Cleopatra Nikashian.  His sexual education continues, his Indian sex is used aggressively as the girls present him with one tough BDSM challenge after another.  Throughout, the young Indian teen sex machine remained so sexually excited that despite one orgasm after another, his prick remained bone hard; he and it never had it so good.

All books are available directly through the publisher, Smashwords Publishing.  Smashwords is an excellent publisher of UNCENSORED erotica.  You can check Smashwords out here:  SMASHWORDS(click).  Each book has simple-to-follow links (where you would “click”) back to Smashwords where you can easily download it either to read the first 20% or purchase it in its entirety.  All outbound links (clicks) in this website go to Smashwords and Smashwords only, my publisher, so you should have no fear of clicking on a link to a  malicious site.  All books are priced inexpensively at $3.99 each.



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Book One

Let’s Play with the Horny Teen

Ajay Shah-Gupta, in the first novel of the series, Let’s Play with the Horny Teen, is exposed to the debouched world of western civilization almost as soon as he steps onto the State-side bound plane.  Intent on making his way to Boston on the long flight from Mumbai, he is seated between two attractive but morally deficient women.  His first sexual crisis develops when the nasty cougars toy with the erection that pops up inside his slacks while he’s napping.  While surreptitiously poking and stroking the rude, obvious eight inch throbber through his pants, it suddenly begins to pulse.  They look at one another in shock: they had given Ajay a mile-high wet dream; a wet dream so copious that it quickly soaks through to his linen slacks and silk shirt.  Ajay handles this crisis well though it meant having to exchange his slacks for a pair of deliberately obscene, extremely low cut torn jeans.  Predictably, the sexy jeans and lack of a shirt make the now horny women hornier.  They will stop at nothing to have him.  They find that there is no better way to spend fourteen hours on a plane than by drinking cognac while stripping the innocent boy and playing with his hot, buff body for hours on end.  When the three of them squeeze into one of the tiny toilets for a robust menage a tois, turning his Indian teen sex machine on high, Ajay finally realizes what sex fiends American women really are.

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Ajay, paying her little mind, watched Gia set up their drinks.  He was breathing harshly, sweat beaded his brow.  His bone hard prick positively sizzled with need.  Seconds from his first hand job climax, Gia saved the day.  Darlene’s hand primly slipped out from under his jacket and away from his cock as Gia walked up.  Felix let go of his nipples, now at stiff attention, to close up the front of his jacket.  He calmed quickly, thankful for the brief reprieve as Darlene paid for the drinks.

As Gia moved off, Darlene slipped Ajay’s jacket back off of his body.  Both women lay on their sides on either side of the nude boy, leisurely eying him up, glasses in hand, sipping their cognac.  Like cats playing with a mouse.  Once again his cock stood rudely stiff and exposed, there for anyone to see.  Ajay was beyond being embarrassed.  But there was nothing he could do about it as long as they held him down.

Playing with the boy’s cock was not entirely lost on Darlene’s sexually aroused body.  In fact, she had been seriously turned on now for at least the last three hours.  That little damp spot on the front of her panties had grown to soak the entire gusset.  They were now of no use and uncomfortably wet.  She grinned, thinking.  If he’s a virgin then he probably has never licked or smelled pussy.  Now wouldn’t that be a great thing to introduce him to right now: the mysteries of the female of the species.  Putting her drink down, she shimmied out of her wet pink panties.

That last drink was hitting her like a pile of bricks.  Fuck, she never got this toasted on a flight before.  It was all this Ajay’s fault.  She caressed his smooth cheek, then stuck three fingers in his mouth.

“So, Ajay,” Darlene began, “Needless to say party boys like you have spent long hours between girls’ legs.  Not just fucking them but giving pleasure with those sexy lips and that long nasty tongue.”  She fingered his tongue as she spoke, wondering how good the boy would give head the first time out.

“Have you ever smelled a western woman’s pussy?” she said in a quiet undertone, “Or licked one?”  She fell slow motion half on top of him, licking his cheek, kissing his ear.  Her breathe disturbed the fine hairs curling around his ears.

“Boys tell me that my cunt tastes like the finest sake’,” Felicity sighed in memory.  To Darlene she asked, “Why is it he gets all the action.  Can’t we get him to eat us out?”

“I wish,” Darlene answered, “You think I haven’t thought of that?  No room.”  She looked back to Ajay.  “So have you?  Would you like to?”  Ajay was starting to panic.  What was this crazy lady going to do?  Sit on his face?

“Don’t do anything rash,” he cautioned.

Darlene giggled.  “Rash?  Me?”  As Darlene reached for her soiled panties, Felix, head spinning from that last drink, plopped her head heavily on his shoulder.  When she closed her eyes Ajay thought she had passed out.  Until he felt her free hand passionately traveling his body, pulling nipples, fingering his six pack, stroking his cock, scratching his balls.  It was heavenly.  It was hell.

Darlene, head propped in hand, watched Ajay intently as he watched her drag her wet panties up his body from his thigh to his face.  Felix’s insistent caresses had him squirming again.  Good.  Keep him distracted.  She pressed the soaked gusset against his nose.

“Smell me,” she whispered in a secret voice, “Smell my pussy.  Does it smell like Indian pussy?”  Ajay’s prick quivered in excitement as he inhaled the scent of a woman for the first time.  It smelled nothing like the evil smells his sisters sometimes smelled like when they hadn’t washed for several days.

“You smell wonderful,” Ajay gushed, taking another deep whiff.  “So fresh and…aroused?”

“Oh, I’m aroused all right,” Darlene said, eyes on his erect manhood as Felix’s hand, denying Ajay full pleasure, stroked it merely twice and then moved on.  She watched as the hand slowly traced down the contours of Ajay’s Adonis belt, reach the top of his jeans, then slide inside under his balls and then dig deeper.  Suddenly Ajay began to buck in his seat, pistoning his hips.  Just as suddenly, his face blushed bright red.

“Tell her to stop!” Ajay hissed desperately as Felix, her legs wrapped around his right leg, pulled it out wider.  “Ooooohhhh!!!!” he gasped, “Tell her to….OOOOooohhhh NO!!!” he squeaked.

“What’s she doing,” she asked, already fairly certain what was going on.

“She, she’s Ooooohhhh!!!” he groaned deep in his throat, “Aaahhh!  Aaach!! Ouch!!!”

Felix lifted her head from Ajay’s shoulder, grinning malevolently.  She kissed him on the cheek.  “How does it feel to have three fingers up your ass,” she said to the quivering boy.  As she lay her head back down on his shoulder she said, “Tell me how you like having your prostate massaged.”

“Aaaaaah fuck no!” he repeated, again too loudly, his hips sexily rotating.  This was way too hot to end too quickly, Darlene thought, just because the boy couldn’t keep quiet.  She bunched up her panties and waited for her chance.

Darlene smirked when Felix started to aggressively fuck Ajay’s ass.  Her hand began moving rapidly inside his jeans.  His eyes flew open in alarm, face distressed, twisted.  He took a deep breath, opened his mouth, and you just knew he was going to scream.  Before he could even peep, she had her sopping panties deep in his wide open mouth, ballooning his cheeks.

“Does my pussy taste like Indian pussy, party boy?” she asked.

“Mumummenum un omom!” he cried incoherently.  Suddenly a shadow crossed his head.  Oh sweet Vishnu, what now, Ajay thought, still pumping his hips, trying to get those awful fingers out of his ass as the brand new flavor of pussy spread throughout his mouth.  He froze when he looked up.  Another western woman was looking down on him, caressing his body with her eyes.  Where’d she come from, he wondered.  The woman reached for his prick.

“I’ve been watching you entertain these attractive women for the last ten hours now,” she began.  “You sure are sexy,” she said as she stroked his cock.

“He’s an Indian party boy,” Darlene said as Ajay deeply blushed.

“That would explain a lot,” the woman murmured thoughtfully.  So he’s a rent boy.

Until he got on the plane, Ajay had no idea that there were so many great and greater levels of embarrassment.  It was one thing after another, each successive embarrassment was more awful than the next.  It was bad enough to be forcibly held down for hours while his body was molested, but then to have a perfect stranger walk up to him and, cold as brass, start fondling him as well…  It was too much.

Website illustration f

The woman, making eye contact with both Felicity and Darlene, muttered “Excuse me…,” bent over Felix’s body and with no fanfare sucked Ajay’s hard cock into her mouth.  The instant she had his cock crown captured she began to suck maniacally, sliding her tongue viciously against the underside of it, rasping his virgin cleft and all the nerves it contained.  As if that wasn’t enough, as she whipped her head back and forth making wet sucking sounds, she grabbed hold of his fat nipples and while twisting them cruelly, pulled them two inches from his body.

Ajay trembled so provocatively, oozing such youthful vitality, that he inadvertently spurred the woman on to inflict some real abuse.  An Indian party boy?  She savagely squeezed those fat prominent nipples.  The muffled screams from his panty packed mouth were so arousing.  Party boys were used to a little pain when they climaxed so that was exactly what she was going to give him.  He impotently writhed from their combined ongoing abuse.  His trembling grew more pronounced.  Like that of a wino sucking down an early morning Mad Dog.  Like an ancient Egyptian temple subjected to an 8.4 earthquake.  Like Obama realizing what a shit job he was doing as President.  He was completely overwhelmed.  Defensless.  Helpless.  Not only were these two western women abusing him but now random women on the plane were coming over to get a taste and a feel of him.  But it was the first time a woman had sucked his cock into her mouth.  The first time!  It was so warm and wet and her tongue was wonderfully everywhere!  If felt so perfect and right compared to the nightmare he was living.

“Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!” he screamed again, perfectly muffled by his mouth full of panty.  That fucking bitch Felix kept shoving more fingers in his ass.  How many did she have, anyway.  He wished he could spit those wet panties out of his mouth.  He didn’t care, he would scream until they let him go.  However, despite all the rough handling, he felt his choad rising for a big blast.  It was so utterly embarrassing.  He wanted to jump off the plane, away from these western women.  He had no control of himself.  He was going to cum in this strange ladies’ mouth.  He didn’t even know her name!  And she was his first!

The woman-with-no-name gagged slightly as Ajay shot off.  She pulled hard on his nips as splooge pulsed eagerly from his cock head.  With an eye on his sexy cum face, she rasped her tongue as fast as she could against the prick spurting between her lips.  The red hot boy writhed so appealingly; lust making his features look, for the moment, much more experienced than he was.  She smiled when the two other women, half in the bag, finally realized what she did.  She stole their boy’s spunk.  Shouldn’t play with your food too long, bitches.  Gotcha!!

Ajay felt his body break out in a cold sweat as the snap of his release overwhelmed his senses.  That nasty woman forced him to clench with all his soul with every pass of her tongue across his screaming cock crown.  He doubted that even the most sexually experienced Gods had knowledge of this kind of intense painful pleasure.  Her tongue flicked rapidly, too rapidly; he saw stars as she ground her tongue into his piss slit.  For an instant she stopped.  He thankfully relaxed his too-long-held clench.  Felix sensed the boy’s sphincter relaxing around her fingers as well.  Taking the opportunity, bracing herself, giggling into the boy’s strong shoulder, she shoved hard.  She smiled the satisfied smile of a job well done when all but her thumb disappeared into his snug ass.  Felix was doubly rewarded with more muffled heart-felt screams as she twisted her hand in the tight slot, loosening it up.

The woman, finishing up, sucked on Ajay’s rapidly sensitizing cock crown even harder.  Beyond anything Ajay had ever felt coming from his cock and ass before, and still held fast by the other women, he swiftly arched up.  The strange woman stayed right with him.  Still sucking as hard as she could, the boy’s desperate muffled cries were music to her ears.  She abandoned her nipple abuse and with both hands under his ass, held him up in an extreme arch against her face as she continued to chow down on his tormented, inflamed prick.  He writhed arched in her grasp, the other two women still inadvertently helping her by anchoring his limbs.  The frantic boy rotated those fine hips with even more gusto when she added two fingers of her own to the hand Felix already had inside of him.  His muffled screams, hearty and lively, came to a crescendo as the two women twisted their fingers in his tight hole.  When he stopped shooting that fine fresh Indian jizz, the woman released him.  He dropped back into his seat as if he were dead.  Without a word she turned, walked back to a group of eight other women, all still awake, all drinking, all buzzed like her.  They whooped and high fived all round as she licked random strands of jizz off her lips.  The proud woman was treated like a rock star.

“What the fuck,” Felix said indignantly, pulling her hand out of Ajay’s asshole.  “She took my jizz.”

“No, my jizz,” Darlene said bitterly, pulling her panties out of Ajay’s mouth.

Coughing once, head spinning, grateful his butt was no longer full of fingers, Ajay contradicted them both.  “That was my jizz she took.”

Darlene glared at the woman who was sitting on the aisle two rows back from them.  She glared right back, unapologetic.

“He’s a teen,” the woman called out needlessly.  “And a party boy to boot.  He’s good for at least two more cums.  Deal with it.”

“Fuck you.”

“No, fuck you.”  She turned to her companions and murmured some crude comment that broke them up into raucous laughter.

“Fucking bitch,” Darlene grumbled, turning back to the boy.  Grudgingly she had to agree.  Ajay was good for at least two more cums.  They had ninety minutes before the plane landed at Logan.

“Let’s go, Felix,” Darlene said, determined to get this boys hard prick into her sopping coochie.

“Huh?” the younger girl muttered.  Flicking Ajay’s prick with a finger to make him start, she was watching it slowly go limp.

“Let’s go!” she repeated.  “Don’t you want your taste of Indian jizz?  We need to get him to the toilet.  Like now.”

“But she just…”

“Yes, yes,” Darlene interrupted.  “But he has plenty more where that came from.  Come on.  Before the plane lands.”   She got out of her seat and stood.  Grumbling, woozy and tired, Felix did the same.

End of excerpt

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 Final 3B BB only

Book Two

The Ties That Bind (click)

Oh boy. Poor Ajay. You think he had it rough on the jet? One of Jack’s friends-with-benefits, Nadine Tiberius, not a morning person, makes it rougher the following day. She decides first thing to give the newly devirginized jetlagged teen a four hour crash course in cunnilingus. While she did her best to keep the bruising to a minimum, it was still quite a trial by fire for the inexperienced boy. After the experience, his junk well-used and sore, he realizes that he would not have had it any other way.

After lunch, though still on the warpath, the buff, deeply tanned Nadine consents to put on a sex show with the athletic, blonde Jack…to the utter delight of the other four. Just off the patio, lit by the sun, the well-oiled couple makes slow, sensuous love on a low, round hassock. The other four, though sated after their morning of non-stop sex, quickly respond to the erotic sight and pair up.

Later in the story Nadine stakes Jack spread-eagle to the lawn. Her abuse is legendary as she forces him to give it up for the fifth time that day. The pain and pleasure he receives from her post-orgasm polishing is so intense, so sublime, so over-the-top, that as it continues to ramp up he happily faints dead away.

Presented with dry wit, these brief descriptions describe merely a small part of the erotic goings on that take place in this 64,000 word book.


In The Ties That Bind, Ajay is at the Brookline Massachusetts home of his friend, Jack.  Pissed that she has to train a virgin how to eat pussy, Nadine breaks in the boy on Jack’s outdoor trampoline.  Failing one BDSM challenge after another, Ajay finally earns Nadine’s grudging respect.  He gives her an energetic four hour marathon fuck that has her cumming repeatedly.  And all before lunch?!? Yikes!

Available NOW!!!

The Ties That Bind (click)


Available at Smashwords or your favorite e-book retailer!!!


 Buy it here:  (click) The Ties That Bind (click)



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Book Three

Urban Legend: The Curious Tale of Naughty Alphonso’s Adult Videos and Toys(click)

Available now!!

Cover final for 3c

Urban legends. There are thousands of them. But few are as odd…or as humorous… as the chain of events that took place on that fateful day in August.

It is summer vacation in Brookline, Massachusetts. The boys are buff and the girls are beautiful. They had been enthusiastically going at it in Jack’s “Yard of Debauchery” on a strategically hidden Olympic-sized outdoor trampoline since school let out two months ago. Their single-minded pursuit of over-the-top sexual pleasures had kept them very busy indeed. Far from being sexually exhausted, the deeply tanned bodies of the three girls and three boys thrummed with unfulfilled desire. It seemed only logical that, at some point that summer, they would pay a visit to Naughty Al’s, Brookline’s only sex shop. And what a visit it was! They had no idea that their laid-back vacation would take an abrupt twist for the surreal once they walked across the threshold.

Six horny, uninhibited teens are given free rein to try out everything and anything in a well-stocked sex shop. What could possibly go wrong?  Just ask Ajay, the Indian sex machine.  He is tied spread-eagled onto a cross while his hard cock is sucked off by a mechanical sucker.  Just ask the poor, exhausted, well used store clerk that the girls tied face-up to a leather covered sex horse. He was witness to the bizarre events and as the girls immobilized sex toy, became an inadvertent party to them.

Find herein the complete unedited urban legend. The tale of exactly what took place before, after and during their extraordinarily visit. Naughty Al, before he left, encouraged the group to “try out anything and everything. My store is your store.” Did they take him up on his offer? Oh yes…in ways that even Naughty Al could not have imagined.

This witty fast read is as entertaining as it is erotic. Urban Legend: The Curious Tale of Naughty Al’s Sex Shop is the summer read of 2016!

Available at Smashwords or your favorite e-book retailer except for Kindle!


Buy it here: (click) Urban Legend: The Curious Tale of Naughty Alphonso’s Adult Videos and Toys(click) 



Final 3D BB only




The book opens with Jack’s mother, Kathleen, making her third attempt in as many days at seducing their live-in foreign exchange student, the Indian sex machine Ajay. Not finding him in his bedroom, she hunts for him in the mansion. Kathleen finds Ajay nude, as well as Jack and Bert, sleeping off alcohol and pot in a guest bedroom. It was obvious that they had an orgy; evidence of the female sex was everywhere in the wrecked, disheveled room. Furious, Kathleen ties the boys up and blindfolds them to remain anonymous. In an inspired rut she uses both Bert and Ajay repeatedly, taking out her ire by mercilessly abusing them. Jack, also, is “taught” a painful lesson. Was she right in doing so? Sure! As a psychiatrist catering to a clientele of emotionally crippled Harvard University and Beacon Hill luminaires, she knew exactly what she was doing.
Finally rescued by Nadine and Anita, Jack recounts to the girls the orgy of the night before. Starring in the no-holes-barred mattress-mambo is the petite sixty-seven pound Chinese gymnast, Sue. Two years older than the boys and as beautiful and as buff as a college bound girl could be, she enthusiastically joins the fray. Double teamed by Bert and Ajay, the athletic girl has the time of her life.

Available at Smashwords or your favorite e-book retailer except Kimble.

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Book Six

Queen Elizabeth Goes Bughouse on Beacon Hill

Cover for 4A final

In this ingeniously exaggerated story, Jack and Ajay pay a visit to Rebecca at her Beacon Hill mansion, one of the women who abused Ajay so mercilessly on the jet from Mumbai in “Let’s Play with the Horny Teen”. They ostensibly visit for an enthusiastic one-off liaison. Little do they know that her two guests are sado-masochistic lovers. The sadist of the pair, known in New York fetish circles as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, is a Mistress to avoid. Aggravated assault complaints litter her past. She keeps her aggressiveness under control with strong medication. Unfortunately she leaves her meds at home.

While Paris, the masochist, takes Ajay on a very painful but entirely sexual roll down the main staircase, Elizabeth morphs into the psycho Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. As the last of the medication’s control wanes, Her Majesty’s long missed ethereal voices return, particularly the voice of the senile, bats-in-the-belfry Queen Victoria with cameos from Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlain.

Then, while Ajay introduces Paris to the Vulcan Nerve Pinch as a unique addition to their sexual repertoire, the elder Queen insists that Queen Elizabeth brand both Jack and Rebecca’s privates with her custom branding irons (a ‘Q’ and an ‘E’). Queen Victoria simply loves the way the smell of burned flesh goes so well with a snifter of port. Pandemonium ensues resulting in Jack and Rebecca bound together in a network of silk ropes, swinging helplessly from a chandelier hook, legs tied in a wide split. With the branding irons heating in the fireplace and Jack’s plums the constant focus of Queen Elizabeth’s nine lashed whip (which, quite unexpectedly, he enjoys very much), they expect the worst.

When the daft, bughouse Queen leaves the room, Jack manages to call his beautiful no-nonsense lover for help. Nadine Tiberius, a descendant of Caesar Tiberius with fighting skills rivaling those of 007, is the only person with the considerable cunning necessary to extricate Jack and Rebecca from their seemingly hopeless fate. Does she get there in time? Can she prevent the psycho, schizoid Queen Elizabeth from mutilating Jack and Rebecca? With suspense as thick as the wit, the full length novel will be available September 3, 2016.

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